Hello Pratibha 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Hello Pratibha 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi and her mother celebrate together.
The kids question Mahen why he let Pratibha leave, why he didn’t stop her.
Sunidhi says to maa that she hopes Pratibha comes back soon. Her mama says then who will do the house chores. Her mama says it won’t be easy calling her back. Sunidhi says she will plan something else.
Sunidhi gets Pratibha’s message, pratibha says she accepts her defeat, she can’t live without her husband and children, now Sunidhi can help her into the house. Her mama says she now has someone to use and bring Pratibha in the house again. Her mama asks her to plan and meet Pratibha. Sunidhi says they must let Pratibha decide where and how she comes and pleads her.
Pratibha stood in the room thinking about everyone’s words. Sushma brings food for her, Pratibha says she doesn’t feel well and can’t eat it.
Next morning, Pratibha comes to temple. Sunidhi also comes there. Pratibha prays while Sunidhi comes from behind and smiles evily watching Pratibha there. She walks to stand with Pratibha. She says to Pratibha that for the first time she has seen the defeat of right against wrong. Pratibha says she was wrong that she wanted to go against Sunidhi, she just want to live in her home and manage the kitchen. She accepts that she is a simple house wife, she couldn’t be a blackmailer. Sunidhi says she did a lot of spying, but she couldn’t find anything against Sunidhi, because Sunidhi is innocent. She says that had she done something wrong, she must have left a proof. Pratibha says that proofs are left by amateurs, and she isn’t an amateur. Sunidhi says it was all very easy for her, blackmailers were already there, she just joined her plan with theirs. She says it is a deed of clever to take advantage out of petty things. Pratibha says wow, she accepts her now, the way she even hid the magazines… Sunidhi laughs that yes she removed the magazines from the place because Pratibha had warned her before about it. Sunidhi laughs that she couldn’t know about it as well. Pratibha says she was so much after singing, she didn’t concentrate on anything at home. She says she couldn’t plan anything in front of Sunidhi’s planning. Sunidhi gets curt, she says it all started with her singing. Everyone was just praising her singing, she resolved that she will bring Pratibha back on floor from the sky. Sunidhi she says shook hands from the blackmailers and disturbed Peehu so much that she had to run away. She was boasting and Pratibha only listened. Sunidhi laughs loud and watches behind her to find the whole family standing there. Sunidhi tries to explain but Sanjeev stops her and says she is a betrayer and she has betrayed his family. Mahen hugs Pratibha, remembering how he had said to Pratibha that Sunidhi is lying and only she can make her say everything herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Thank god that Evil Sunidhi has been revealed, I refuse to even watch this program any further, I cannot tolerate tat Evil can win ova good , just no way!!!!!! I thought of havin my say wen I read 18th chapter, very 🙂

  2. Omg…what will happen next? Do they kick out Sunidhi now?

  3. thank goodness sunidi was caught now give her what is coming to her throw her out of the house the same way she did protibha

  4. thank god she is expose hope they do something about her like havin she doing all prabitha chores and let prabitha be the one going to spa n dress up or just throw her out of the house even if they decide to do that prabitha with her kind heart will say to forgive n give her a next change

    1. mistake chance not change

  5. It’s a dream..,.

    1. I agree…… Sunidi is dreaming…

    2. HAHAHA
      She’s not dreaming -_-

  6. tufah bintu yussuf

    great episode finally de evil sunidhi z revealed I am happy for pratipha

  7. falmata Gutti

    Thank God,at last sunidhi u have nothing 2 say 2 ur evil act,sunidhi evil act never last, prabitha plz don,t forgive sunidhi.mother in law is tym 2 throw sunidhi out of d house.

  8. Where diD Sunidhi’s voice go Lol, I just loved the Episode, Sunidhi shud be thrown out of the house as she does not deserve to be a wife as she has no love in her heart for her family, its all about competing wit 1 another. She is a Demon a monster!!!!!!!!!!

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