Kumkum Bhagya 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya get connected in jungle while goons follow them

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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking if she told much to Abhi and thinks how to tell him truth. Abhi says I don’t care for those who doesn’t matter to me, I don’t like you. He says I ignored your talks. Pragya says didn’t you feel bad? Abhi says no and tells that his responsibility is Neha and Tarun, and you are just extra. He sees Neha and Tarun holding each other hands and walking and tries to stop them. Neha says they are passing their time just. Abhi says ok. Pragya hears some sound and stops. Abhi asks her to come. Boss asks Aaliya to tell the number for ransom money. Aaliya says you will not get number or ransom money. Boss shoots at their car and tells Aaliya that he needs money to take his men to hospital. He asks Tiger to shoot them if they don’t give money. Tanu asks how can

you shoot us. Boss says my name is Bhupi and can kill anyone. He shoots at his own man and tells that his man was weak and old, so he shot him. Tanu tells Boss that she will call someone and asks him to arrange money. Boss gives his phone to her. He tells his men to kill Pragya, Neha and Tarun, but bring Abhi alive, as he needs to settle down score with him. Informer tells the address. Tiger says we are coming there. In the morning, Abhi, Pragya, Neha and Tarun are still walking in the jungle.

Informer is following them. Abhi thanks Pragya for running her mind wisely and asks her to thank him for complimenting her. Pragya says you never praise me. Neha asks Pragya to thank him and says I know he fights with you always. Abhi asks what are you saying, you said I fight with her. Tarun says she said almost all the time. Abhi says meaning doesn’t change if told in English. Pragya argues. Abhi asks them to tell the truth. He says I am blamed and taunted, what wrong did I do? He says I said that you use your mind wisely. He asks if it was best idea, now goons are not behind us, and I thought I shall appreciate her seeing destination infront of us. He says she is blaming me that I am scolding her and says now Panchayat will sit. He asks Neha and Tarun to say. Neha and Tarun take Abhi’s side. Pragya gets irked and tells Abhi that Tarun said that as he is afraid of him. She starts walking and falls. She gets up and starts walking.

Neha asks Abhi until when they have to walk. Abhi says a little more as seen in map. Neha asks him to call taxi. He says they have to walk a bit. Boss brings Aaliya and Tanu to the haveli. Boss asks Tanu to call the person and ask to arrange money. Tanu says she will call Nikhil. Aaliya says he doesn’t have money and will increase our problems. Tanu says I will call Purab, but he doesn’t pick the call. She says she will call Disha. She calls Disha and asks Aaliya to talk to her. Disha gives call to Dasi. Dasi says they are busy and ends the call. Tanu calls again and tells Disha that they all are kidnapped and acts as goons are shooting Pragya and asks not to kill her. Disha says we are coming there. Boss appreciates Tanu’s acting and asks her to join them. He tells his goons to kill them as they have seen their faces. Aaliya says if you kill us, then you will be exposed and arrested. Boss says my name is Bhupi and I will become famous by killing you. I will kill you both for sure.

Abhi, Pragya and others walk in jungle. Tarun sits down. Abhi asks if he sat to do potty. Neha climbs on his feet. Tarun gets up holding her on his back. Pragya appreciates them. Abhi thinks she will refuse his help. Pragya thinks he knows that she is hurt, but then also he is not helpful. Abhi lifts her in his lap and asks her not to talk. Pragya asks him to keep her down. Abhi says I lift you as you are having problem to walk. He says I lifted you so that we get out of this jungle soon. He lifts her again and asks her to hold him tightly. Pragya says you are a superman. Allah wariyan plays…She thinks you are mine and of Kiara. Informer is still following them. Goons come there. Tiger, Sonu and others are with the informer. Boss tells that they are going towards the other end and will kill them. Abhi is walking lifting Pragya and ask if she had asked the kids to walk holding her. Pragya says I am fine now and asks him to drop her. Pragya hears goons’ voice and alerts Abhi. Abhi asks Tarun and Neha to run and asks him not to let anything happen to her. Pragya tells Abhi that they shall hide and distract them. Goons search for them. Abhi and Pragya hide.

Disha comes to the haveli and see Tanu and Aaliya tied. Aaliya asks her to run. Goon aims gun at Disha. Someone asks Abhi and Pragya to attend a wedding. Abhi says this is a good chance to escape.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey Cathy, Naz, Maria and friends so what do you think? I am identifying with the look on Tarun’s face. It’s as if he is more than a little tired of the games that the silly ‘adults’ are playing. As if he is wondering, “Why can’t you two just get on with it! Stop wasting time!”. I noticed that the jungle had some meadow to wander through. The head goonda involved seems more like a real goonda than a cartoon goonda, as in the past. But otherwise I am not feeling any anticipation. Granted, the pace has picked up a little bit but it’s like watching re-runs. I have a strong suspicion that as soon as awards season is finished Aliyah/Tuna salad will reign supreme again. Miss Ekta and this epicaricacy is more than difficult to accept as the viewers themselves are a part of the equation.
    So, Cathy, I am still tying up knots on my end and in case you do not see me commenting here, I will make a point of commenting on Nov 9 in order to stay in touch. Please let me know through the comments, if you read this and will make a point to check nov 9.

    1. Akituster… You know when you are so tired at night and when you wake up in the morning and can’t find the strength to even think much less get up from the bed?? That’s how I feel when my keyboard comes up when I think I want to write a comment on this forum… I don’t have the zeal so I just crawl out back… When I read the update, it comes across as sane as possible but when I actually view the episode, I don’t know if I’m watching a teen serial or an upcoming breakthrough teenage drama.. Abhigya’s actions when they are together, leaves me speechless and more confused as ever, are they adolescents or mature people? I tried using Pragya’s body language and eye movements a couple days ago when she was snuggling up to Abhi when the alien creature was terrifying them, and it wasn’t pleasant at all, I felt like an underage moron in an adult body… That’s embarrassing, I wonder if Sriti watches her performance on the serial.. If she does, she needs some introspection immediately. I’m yet to see her with a REAL passionate expression on her face for the man she’s been with for all these years.. .. I also think that she’s very ungrateful to King, so ungrateful to this good man who took her off the streets so to speak and gave her a reason to continue living with her daughter. We do not know of the missing years after man child Abhi threw her away so it’s safe to say so till we know what happened within that time frame… As it looks now Akituster, this is coming along as a comedy and I who know how to analyze a story, am finding it difficult to comment on the actual episode content, the best I can do is analyze details on the periphery and that’s damn boring, that is why I’m on and off… I came on to chat with you instead… I know you would understand…

      1. Huh! Naz I do empathise! The teenage thing I have felt from the very beginning. I have always believed that Sritri Jha was the consummate professional but began to wonder after the media incident with her alien salad friend. But really Naz, how can anyone act passionately with the script she’s given? I am hoping that in a sense she is also getting bored with her work because really, it is the same scene over and over again. At least Abhi gets to have some changes. Idiot, Kind Man, Three year old Brat. Brutal creepy Man. But since Pragya lost her sense of self (the day she accepted Abhi’s abuse as cute) she’s pretty much been going down the road to perfect, pathetic victimhood. Worse, I have a sense that Miss Kapoor has convinced herself that she is providing some mystery by withholding the 7 year missing events. It’s supposed to keep us interested. You know those people who withhold important information simply because it makes them feel very powerful? Regardless of the fact that the information is vital to the success of the project. I have worked with people who do this. They are petty little power brokers. They live for the moments when everyone else is asking for the info. Personally I view this as childish. And yes, I would love to see Pragya paired with King. Pragya is capable of great passion and there has to be something to Kings obvious simmering sensuality. I know that Pragya can be passionate as seen in some of her dance performances with Abhi. I would like to see Pragya/King together. Too much of Abhi’s silly and often cruel thinking, rather lack of thinking has left him, for me, a horribly UNsympathetic character. I often wonder if Miss Ekta is just frightened of real men. Boy do I understand where you are coming from. That is clearly the basis of my comments! As well, I have a written article on one of the subjects you brought up… so I didn’t say much. Sorry. But it will be on the website. Allright… details on the periphery. I like that. I believe that is what I have been doing as well. What to do? The main course is devoid of nutrition and the beautiful, colourful and aromatic presentation has become stale. I’m not sure that dessert will arrive. They say the chef is drunk and lying on the kitchen floor with a fist full of cash and a whole bunch of whipped cream all over herself waiting for something. ; ) Likely fake olive oil and unhealthy snacks. Sorry, the images that are popping into my head (always) tend to be, well a little wild… I wish I could share them here. I will wait for that meeting with you and Cathy. If you are able to reach Cathy, would you let her know about my Nov 9 thing? Thx Naz… in anticipation. I’m not always able to take my normal break these days (when I would watch and write) but I will keep watching. Less than 3 weeks left for the project to complete and then we’ll see.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Boss only blinking raising our hopes up…just kill dem already. But sadly know these two r gonna b around till d end of dis show howerver long dat may still b hmmmm

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