Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking Nikita is showing him attitude and would have say sorry atleast. He thinks he have to make her come down on earth, and make her say sorry. Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi got angry on her and hoping to hear sorry. Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks where was you? Abhi says my mood was off and that’s why went for a long drive. Aaliya blames receptionist and says she has ruined everything, says she will get her fired from job and will ask Sethi to fire her. Abhi says it is okay, and says we shall not get her fired. He says it is her seniors mistake, and says Saira and others would have checked CD, says everyone is careless. Aaliya thinks Abhi is reacting calmly and thinks she has to do something big to make Abhi react and fire her from the job.

Pragya comes

to office and thinks about Abhi’s anger. Saira comes and asks why did you come to office? Pragya asks why? Saira says because of yesterday happening. She asks her not to come infront of Abhi today, and says she don’t want boss to fire you. Pragya says I will handle him. Saira repeats her words. Aaliya is thinking about the idea. Tanu says I can help you out. Aaliya says a guy and a girl are meeting each other, and says someone don’t want them to meet, and asks her to give a solution to separate them. Tanu asks her to prove girl characterless infront of guy. Aaliya says no bad, and praises her dumb mind. Tanu asks who are they? Aaliya says you don’t know them. She thinks to prove Pragya’s characterless.

Abhi comes to office and thinks he will not talk to Nikita now, and thinks she is showing me ego and not apologizing to me. He goes to reception and sees other girl. He asks who are you. She says she is Pooja? Abhi asks if she is fired. Saira says no sir/yes sir. Abhi thinks they might have fired her. Pragya comes and gives papers to Saira. Abhi thinks she is here and have changed her work place being scared with me. He sings of fuggi….asks Saira if the recording room is ready. Saira says yes. He starts walking off. Pragya calls him and smiles. Abhi thinks now she will apologize to me.

Sarla tells Beeji that Abhi and Pragya might be fighting in office. Beeji asks her to do whatever she wants. Purab comes and says I brought good news for you. Beeji asks did you get a new job with double salary. Sarla asks did you buy new home. Purab says no. Beeji asks did you decide to marry? Purab says no. He says Pragya and Abhi came face to face and nothing happened to Abhi. Sarla and Beeji don’t pay attention. Purab asks what happened? Beeji says it is old news. Sarla says we know this. Purab says I have no importance in this house and asks what is my relation with you. I will not come back. He goes. Beeji tells Sarla that he will return and asks her to relax.

Abhi is in the recording room. He thinks she called me from behind, but didn’t apologize. She haven’t bring coffee also till now. Pragya comes and says peon went to get sugar as it is over. Abhi asks do you have to say something. Pragya asks what you was singing…fuggi..She asks from where did that word come in your mind. She asks who is she? Abhi says it is my girl friend’s name. Pragya says it is your girl friend name and blushes. Abhi says I called her fuggy by love. Abhi thinks why she is looking at me as if I called her my girl friend. He thinks to undo his words by ctr Z and says that word came in my mind while sleeping and I kept it in my song. Pragya smiles. He asks her to say sorry and asks if she is mad? Pragya says sorry, and says you are so cute…Abhi thinks unbelievable. She said sorry so soon, but why did she smile? He wonders……

Purab comes back and says you people did wrong, and have hidden truth from me. Beeji says we know that you will come. Purab misses Bulbul and says she would have told me if she was alive. He asks what do you think that I have problem with their meeting. He says he is happy. Sarla tells him that she didn’t tell him as she was afraid about Aaliya threat. Beeji says I didn’t tell as Pragya asked me not to tell you.

Abhi tells Saira that she is efficient and goes on praising her, but his words are for Pragya. Pragya looks on smiling.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good going abhigya cute fights r super

  2. Good going
    Abhigya cute fights r super

  3. Hai frds first i want to share yesterday episode, its really cute and amazing episode i enjoy alot. I didnot expect from cvs. Great guys (cvs) keep it up. Abhi so sweet of u man how cute you are , really rocking. Guys yen nu therila enoda comment section yesterdayla irunthu open agala, enoda feelingsa unka kuda share pannikavum mudiyala and ungaloda thoughts theringukavum mudiyala, really i feel bad for me. I think now a days i adict for this section. Gud nit frds sweet dreams

  4. Abhigya scenes were awesome…..??????

  5. What a bunch of crap!! This show is producing enough crap to stink up the air.

  6. After a funfilled and lovely episode, again we came back in reality. It was like a dream world when abhigya interacts with each other but when abhi ahain starts calling her as a fan and starts thinking to treat her as his fan only, then it again makes us upset and we starts thinking that when he will actaully realized his fwelings and love for pragya and when he will start conaidering her more than his fan in his life. Abhi’s present condition and thought probably same as past when he had started feeling for pragya but he has not realized it that he is falling for pragya, when purab makes him realized his love for pragya then only he got to know and become sure that he loves pragya. Same condition he has in present time, he feels for pragya but he haven’t this realization that what means of these feelings? At that time, he thought his love as his gudness, humanity, kindness, responsibility etc towards her. And his biggest wall was tanu, with whom he thought committed becoz of which he can’t accept pragya. Today things r bit different. He thinks pragya as his die- hard fan and his feelings for pragya r just casual gestures according to him,which any celebrity could have and biggest wall between his realization of his feelings for pragya is his care about his status and position, which is made by aliya in his mind. So overall situations didn’t changed but only little differences has created. Abhi is on the way of love for pragya or can say that he is at the door of love and needs to recognize that way or to open it’s door but he will not realized it until he will not have any correct guidance like he had by purab in past. Poor pragya, she needs to teach all the things again to abhi again from starting. Although abhi have still some image of his past personality which was changed by pragya’s love, like he behaves nicely with everyone, gives respect to others and their feelings etc, but still she needs to change his money minded and status loving attitude. I liked purab’s sequence with sarla maa and beeji. Purab always looks perfect and sweet as a son and son-in-law for aroras as well as perfect for all relationships. Poor guy needs perfect match for him too. I just love purab’s character. God knows when CVS will give Bulbul’s re-entry or new entry for him. Let’s talk about taaliya so how could we forgot that a characterless girl like tanu only can give this idea to prove another girl characterless and her best friend aliya will never think a once to opt such disgusting things for her benefit. These two evil souls will never changed. In past track, tanu’s character has fallen down so much and mow it’s turn of aliya’s character. After tanu now she is annoying the audience.

    1. Yes prathiksha, nowadays alia looks more and more disgusting, Irritating…
      Prathiksha, I feel it’s quite early for abhi to realise his love pragya. It might be hardly 3or 4weeks now, since the new track has started. So what I feel, we have to wait for some more time for abhi to realise his love for pragya. This time ya, tanu was not a barrier between them, but at anytime the CVS may take a U-turn and irritate us..
      You are absolutely right, that last time, purab was there to make him realise. But this time, just now he has come to know about, abhigya used to meet often. So here then only, he has to start screwing abhi’s mind.
      I have one doubt, the CVS made abhi to meet tanu. And the have showed, abhi ignoring Pragya at one point and he was thinking about tanu, and he was eager to know her number, wanted to go for a date. But, why they left that track. After that, they didn’t show any such things.,.. why I am saying this is, it’s important to know, what in his mind about tanu too.
      If again abhi see tanu will he roam around her???

      1. Shobhna abhi’s present state of mind is materialistic. He is unknown from true values and feelings. First of all, his this mindset needs to change then only he can fall for pragya and realize the means of his feelings and off course it will take time to happen. Abhi still needs so much time to spend with pragya so he could realize her gudness and and his materialistic mindset needs to change so when he start dating tanu, he could make difference and comparison between tanu and pragya with better mindset. So then he could realize it that what diamond pragya is and what stone tanu is? So it’s better that tanu stay away from abhi until pragya’s effect doesn’t gets filled in abhi’s mind and heart all over. So after it when tanu tries to pull abhi towards her, abhi do not affected, in fact he avoid her so tanu could not get that right ever, becoz of which she could claim on abhi like before. For make this happen, it will take time offcourse.

      2. Exactly prathiksha, what you have said is absolutely true…and I think, like you said..while abhi dating tanu, he should feel the difference, for that he has to spend more time pragya..maybe for this reason only cvs would have deliberately kept tanu far from abhi.. anyways, keeping tanu away from abhi, is giving happy.. let’s see for how many days, cvs are going to give this happiness to us…

      3. Sandarsha and nithi, abhi talks about pragya from saira in front of pragya to keep pragya as his assistant. He asks from saira to suggest someone who is able for his assistant. Saira suggests her name but abhi wants pragya as his assistant. He don’t want to express his wish directly to pragya that’s why he talks with saira and indirectly approaches pragya for his assistant.

      4. Kkb is still on it’s number-1 position in trp ratings of last week.

      5. New segment update-
        Aliya warns pragya to stay away from abhi.
        Full update- While leaving of pragya from office, aliya stops her and comes to warn her to stay way from abhi becoz she will never get abhi as abhi will never meet with her after finishing his album’s recording with love life company in two-three days. So her dream will get break. Pragya gives back to aliya. Aliya threatens her to stay away from abhi otherwise consequences will b worst and sheay not only lose abhi even her job too. Aloya challenges pragya. Pragya accepts aliya’s challenge and doesn’t gets scared from her. Shikha told to reporters that her CD’s changing plan got failed against pragya, abhi got angry with her but his anger gets cold in just next moment and he has soft corner for pragya. So she is amgry with pragya and wants to finish that soft corner from abhi’s heart for pragya. For which, she wants to plan something big, very big. Aliya says that pragya and aliya’s fight keep continue till the end and pragya will get abhi or not but she will get aliya fir sure. She jokes and laughs. Sriti told to reporters, that aliya’s fact is right that she can’t meet with abhi after finishing his recording with love life company in two-three days so her dreams could never complete. Reporter says that aliya is ready with her next plan against pragya, before which she is giving warning pragya and about which we will soon get to know and will see it happen.

      6. Prathiksha, if alia again plans against pragya means, abhi didn’t believe on promo…or it can be like this too. This segment will come before promo scenes. Since, maybe alia would’ve warned Pragya before executing her plan… I think today’s episode will confirm what they are up to.

      7. New segment update-
        Aliya warns and threatens pragya for stay away from abhi.
        Full update-
        While leaving of pragya from office, aliya comes and stops pragya. She taunts pragya that her dream will never completed as abhi will not meet with her after completing his recording with her company. Pragya gives her back, in which reply aliya challenges pragya to stay away from abhi otherwise, she will not only lose abhi even she will lose her job too. Aliya tries to threaten pragya but pragya doesn’t get scared and accepts her challenge.
        Shikha told to reporter that her plan of CD’s changing got failed, abhi gets angry on pragya but his anger gets cold so soon too as hr has a soft corner for pragya. That’s why aliya is angry with pragya as abhi is getting closure with her in every meeting. So aliya wants to ruined pragya’s impression on abhi and finish that soft corner in his heart for pragya,for which she have to do something big, very big. She jokes that aliya and pragya’s fight will never end till end and pragya will get abhi or not but she will aliya for sure. She laughs.
        Sriti told to reporters that aliya’s fact is right that her dream will get break, once abhi’s contract will finish with her company. Reporter says that aliya is ready with her plan, before executing which, she is giving warning to pragya and about which we will get to know soon.

    2. Pratiksha, Abhi falling in love with Pragya is a long process. Its been only one month for season2 which means even less time in their timeline. As of now he is only seeing Pragya as a fan girl but since he has only 2 more days of work at the studio, the writers as per precap are making Pragya as Abhi’s assistance. So he already searching for excuses to keep her near to him.

      And though Abhi is not spelling it out, he feels some connect, some curiosity towards Pragya. That I think we need to look at a general tendency anyone has when u find attracted suddenly to some person.
      He may be saying it as RS and fan connect for now, but that attitude of his will slowly change with time. But right now whatever Abhi is saying makes sense, even if he is not a RS. Just consider them as 2 individuals and with 5-6 meets and spending little time with each other, no one ever falls in love. Whatever is Pragya’s character and behavior will be known to Abhi and he may like her atleast after knowing her for say 6-9 months or more. And then they need to meet often, chat often, share their views and opinions. I mean Pragya already knows Abhi but for Abhi he hardly knows Pragya.

      Last time around it was different as they had a relation called marriage between them and they both were bound for sake of their mother and Daadi respectively. So they were living in same room, speaking to each other, fighting, smiling, so a relation bloomed slowly since they were together even for the sake of it.They were saving each other based on circumstances.

      I think Abhi wanting to have Pragya as his assistance and trying to keep her close might irk Aaliya and thats when we will see the promo scenes. Let us see.

      1. Completely agree with u sahithi. That’s what I was trying to say too. Off course it will take time to abhi to fall for pragya as abhi knows pragya just from some days, according to his memory. Even nobody will fall truely for anyone in just few days meetings. That’s why I said that abhi needs more time to know more about pragya. It is abhi’s heart who is pushing him again and again towards pragya otherwise according to his present materialistic state of mind, he never gets attracted towards her in just few meetings. Although he got attracted towards tanu too but that attraction is temporary. Abhi got attracted towards tanu becoz aliya and his materialistic mindset. It’s normal for a guy in present time, to get attracted towards show piece type girls who makes a guy attract by their external beauty and social status and with whom guys thinks to date, for their reputation and it goes on and gets changes time to time if they finds someone more better than first one. So it is that type of attraction and thinking of abhi towards tanu. Best thing is that, abhi found difference in pragya than other girls, which he thinks about ownself too and which he didn’t mention and found about tanu. But towards pragya, he is going in right way, from where, he will reach for true love, for pragya. But ya it will take time to happen but the way abhi is getting attach with pragya, i hope it will not take year for abhi to fall in love with her. Once he will fall in love with pragya then it will b seen that if this time, he realizes it by ownself or again purab or others needs to make him realize it.

      2. I dont think Abhi was attracted towards Tanu also. Its more of Aaliya playing a little mind game and trying to manipulate him and increase his curiosity towards Tanu. May be thats the reason why he didnt ask about her after that first meeting. Initially also it is shown that Abhi is not a guy who will love anyone, he didnt really have any genuine feelings for Tanu at that time.

        Let us see how his next meeting with Tanu will go, as Tanu will also be careful like the way in first meeting she was acting and speaking very carefully. Just acting too busy and successful, speaking very sweetly to Abhi n asking about his wellness after the accident. And that blah blah. Otherwise just a month back she was screeching n blaming Abhi for her lost child. Or how she would always try to dominate and manipulate him emotionally.

        Now after his memory is lost she is speaking in an entirely different way.

      3. Sahithi here from attraction I mean to say is impression. I m saying it that abhi got impressed with tanu by her status and moreover by aliya’s manipulation. I too said this at that time when abhi met with tanu, it was clear that aliya was pushing abhi towards tanu by her fake appreciation in exaggerated manner. Abhi got attracted towards tanu by created impression of taaliya in abhi’s mind towards But as i said that this attraction is temporary so definetly pragya’s love will win upon this temporary attraction of tanu which is artificial and can’t develop true love feelings in abhi’s heart and can’t make a strong relationship for whole life.

  7. Atlast, its Tanu’s cheap plan… Only for her , these kind of ideas will ?.
    Now on seeing episode, I think abhi wont believe, the promo..lets see..
    This epic was so cute, both abhigya’s scenes and purab’s. On the whole, I liked it very much..

  8. Nice Episode…hope ur bhi better ho…plz realise abhi that he love her..

  9. Did anyone saw the expression in abhi’s face when pragya asked why he told fuggy. Abhi is so cute as pragya said.

  10. Wen is this nonsense going to stop

  11. Why can’t the team think of a better game rather than this characterless game?

  12. oh no…the CVS are pshyco… how many time’s a girl has to prove herself as good in front of bad…the b*t*h’s are shouting as they are patre vatras…feed up of this shit… if u CVS don’t have any idea of how to torture the lead actress by fake MMS …fake illegal affair’s… destroying her family happiness… just kill her and show bad always wins with the title “THE END” …very thankful

  13. How many years this crap will continue


  15. Seriously… Kya bakwas.. Kisiko itna mushkil Hota pyar ke sat rehna????

  16. So exactly when are we gonna see endless abhigya scenes filled with endless fun and loving…..Aliya needs exiting as well as Tanu.

    And please, give Abhi some personality! So it appears he lost all thatPragya nuetured him with after his memory loss.

  17. What rubbish are we watching. See serials are a waste. Of our money.

  18. Irritating and guys abhi had fake memory loss

  19. Hey guys! Can i join your group?

    1. Sure kunwar, your are most welcome…..

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hello kunwar… Welcome to our team….

  20. Murder, kidnapping, fake pregnancy & fake fatherhood, stealing money, framing innocent people, fake boyfriends, crocodile tears, memory loss, coma, sickening stupid repeating plots to murder, blackmail, hired corporators, and lots more that you all can help me to fill are the most used recipe for the mentally retarded CVS of KKB. How do you call this a family show with husband having affair with model and supported by family to marry a cheap bxxch and rock star cheated time and again by witch sister. Yet this illogical and insane storylines has managed to survive so long – I think mainly due to viewers who can tolerate lack of logic & insanity and the chemistry of the two lead actors that will help this series go on for another 300 episodes with TRP manipulated carefully by Ekta!!!! So now the next few episodes will be to kill Pragya and the repeat sequence will go on….same old same old crap

  21. well said ash, i too feel the same………. disgusting……….

  22. Superb

  23. Love it

  24. Haiii …. Can anyone give me the link for new promo please

    1. Hi Suma, here is the link for new promo

      1. Thank u Shobana. Have a good day

  25. Thank u Shobana. Have a good day

  26. Hi guys iam back sahithi belated happy birthday .frnds precap is different I think abhi asked saira for an assistant by praising her .Then she shows pragya .can u guyz clear it for me.pratiksha,shobhana,reji,asmitha

    1. ImRagela

      Sandy hasan didnt give precap clearly !..i will make it clear for you !
      Precap update – Abhi tells Saira that you’re the manager here, if you come as my assistant will you feel good? Who will handle the office on your absence? Pragya is in her own world smiling. Abhi continues Mr.Sethi, this is not in his capability, send someone who is free, sensible (he’s indicating Pragya ??) efficient. Saira looks at Pragya and points at her. Abhi makes a face like yeah she’ll do. Pragya turns and is still smiling and looking at him (she’s not heard this conversation)
      Abhi is indirectly asking pragya to be his assistant !!????

  27. Hi guys, Yday Abigya’s scene was good to see.
    Purab have a perfect relationship to all. But when the cvs are going to take back bulbul or introduce new pair for him……???

  28. Hi prathiksha I think from yesterday episode the last part wat Abhi thinking about Pragya n talked sumthibg himself..it is not given in d written update.

    can u plz tell wat he is telling I mean he was talking himself

  29. Sandarsha and nithi, abhi talks about pragya from saira in front of pragya to keep pragya as his assistant. He asks from saira to suggest someone who is able for his assistant. Saira suggests her name but abhi wants pragya as his assistant. He don’t want to express his wish directly to pragya that’s why he talks with saira and indirectly approaches pragya for his assistant.

  30. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi guys! Yesterday u all gave an intro about yourselves…. Thats so sweet of u guys…..
    Coming to kkb.. Yesterdays episode was nice.. But y abhi is always roaming around pragya.
    Afterall pragya is just a receptionist and y rockstar cares for a receptionist.. Abhis ml may not be true… They are showing romance btw abhigaya amd we r getting satisfied by seeing this shots…..

  31. Ratings for last week out and show continues at top slot, but there is good fall in numbers. Now the show at second slot has only a small margin. May be this was effect of introducing Tanu last week .. hehehe

    1. Hehe ??

      1. Wow, the most expected one ??

    2. ImRagela

      True i agree !!.????

  32. In today sbas segment ratings out kkb is on 3rd position n sakthi is on 1st position sath nibana saathiya in 2nd position

  33. KKB is the 3rd one last week according to the TRP ratings.. Due to Tanu’s entry.. see. no one even like her to give a small slot .. 😀


  34. ImRagela

    Hi guys !..Sahithi i think you would have enjoyed your birthday well !..i felt really happy for your yesterday’s reply !..??..Thank u so for that sweet words hereafter lets keep chatting ?..And coming to kkb guys today i think you would have watched that Saira abhi scene abhi asked abt the receptionist (pragya)..Then saira manages after that pragya comes out .Saira showed signal to her saying pragya !..But abhi didnt react to it !..May be this also will be a clue !and like shobana i also these stupid plans and idea only tanu will get so she said her idea to degrade pragya’s image before abhi !..And like aishwarya said today in SBS segment they showed KKb 3rd position . 2nd SNS and 1st place Shakti !!..I think SBS will always give true updates !..Pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha and guys !!whether this trp report is true ?..And shobana i wanted to say you something i checked last episode’s page.really i was surprised and shocked that you are shona !!.????????..Really i didn’t expect !..I liked your ff very much and a big fan of yours !!..i would always think in my mind God pls atleast onetime i want to talk with roli aka shona !!..But my mind said she is already your frnd !And it turns out to be shobana !.Serious ah ethirpaakave illa !.You gave a very big surprise !..And i liked that name Shona and Roli how did you get these name ??..and ithaiyen enkitta munnadiye sollala ?..Unga pechu ka !!????..OK just for fun naa summa sonnen !.I liked your ff very much but cant comment properly sorry !!?..Then guys i read a spoiler somewhere saying about the promo Aliya will prove pragya as characterless and try to slap her then abhi holds her hand he believes pragya and slaps aliya !..I think its not true just a prediction or guess !..But it will be very nice if it happens like that !!..Already numbers are decreasing and CVS r increasing their draggings !!..Hope at least the trp will be increased !!..lets wait and watch

  35. Hye partiksha,aishwarya! I hope you all fine. Guyz i m new one .

    1. ImRagela

      Hi Rachna !!..Welcome to this comment section !..I am Reji ! I am fine how r u ??

    2. Hi rachna. I m gud. How r u? Welcome on telly updates.

    3. Hiiii rachna welcome i m so happy that u have noticed me yes i m fine how r u???

      1. M fine. U tell.? U all indians??

  36. ImRagela

    Guys today we had a SBS segment .It was a scene between Aliya and Pragya . Aliya taunts Pragya that soon Abhi’s contract will be finished and you cant meet him again . She taunts her about losing her love again . Then we had a off screen int of Shikha and Sriti . Guys i think that this scene before aliya’s plan what do u think guys ??..

    Link – http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4taf84

    1. Reji I have also posted segment’s full update but don’t know why it didn’t posted as new and it has posted with above comments. Reji off course this scene will b before execution of aliya’s plan of proving her characterless. Don’t know what’s this confusion in trp chart of last week. Somebody says that kkb is on number-1 position and somebody says that it is on number-3 position. I think in rural, kkb is on -1st position and in urban, it is on 3rd position and urban is official so it means kkb is on number-3 position in last week’s trp. I think audience r not liking tanu’s re-entry for separating abhigya and not liking abhi’s liking and considering pragya just as his fan, plus aliya r too giving annoy feeling. So these could b the reasons of decreased trp of last week. From this week, new show “namkaran” have started to telecast so let’s see what happens with upcoming trps when CVS will show such a disgusting sequence.

    2. Pratiksha, overall the show is number 1. But in rural and urban separately it is not at 1. The ratings for urban are somehow being publicized. people are not taking in to account rural ratings. The details I mentioned are based on ratings published by BARC.

      Obviously other show fans and supporters would be eager to see KKB come down as it had been topping charts for last 10 weeks in a row. And they would like to see their favorite show topping. So they are doing some false celebrations.

      Also, unlike a lot of other show actors I never saw the leads try to promote the show or boast about it. Someone else in their place whose show is topping would have come and tried to add more fire to such discussion as I saw people were fighting like anything today over last week ratings.

  37. I mean srsly.. Dese ppl can do nething to make d seriel going.. It’s crap.. How unreal.. How cum in every soap opera one or d other actor hs t have a memory loss.. Does it happen in real lyf.. And den lyk repeating d whole story again.. Srsly wash up ur brain nd thnk f something else..

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