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The Episode starts with Bulbul waking up in the room. Mitali checks Aaliya in her room and when she couldn’t find her, goes to Abhi’s room to check. Pandit ji asks them to take the pheras. Aaliya thinks I did it. Mitali thinks where did Aaliya go? Bulbul stands with a heavy head. Everyone showers flower petals on Aaliya and Purab as they take pheras. Aaliya smirks under the ghunghat/veil. Pandit ji asks Purab to walk infront of the bride for the remaining pheras. Abhi happens to see Aaliya’s bracelet and thinks Aaliya wears this kind of bracelet. Pragya asks Bulbul (Aaliya) to walk slowly, else Purab will fall down. Mitali thinks to check in the guest room, and thinks it was given to Bulbul. Mitali sees the reflection and shouts as if she saw ghosts. Pandit ji tells that 6th round is complete,

and tells that after 7th round, you will become husband and wife. Abhi gets suspicious, and asks them to stop. Aaliya closes her eyes and gets scared. Abhi goes to her and lifts the ghunghat shocking everyone. Everyone sees Aaliya in place of Bulbul. Abhi asks Aaliya, what are you doing here? And where is Bulbul. Aaliya tells Purab that they shall take the last phera and everything will be fine. She asks him to understand her feelings and says I love you. Once we get married, everything will be normal. She asks him to come for last round, let’s do it. Purab asks her to leave his hand. Aaliya says she won’t leave his hand all her life, and shouts. Abhi shouts at her and asks her to leave Purab’s hand. Aaliya says everything will be fine after her marriage.

Pragya asks have you gone mad? Aaliya asks her not to interfere in her family matters and says she is getting married. Abhi slaps her hard and asks her to stop her madness. He says I will forget that you are my sister and will do what you can’t think of. Aaliya says I love Purab and is marrying him. She acts madly and says no one can love Purab like me. She blames Abhi for ruining her happiness and says I don’t need this kind of brother. You are a worst brother in this world, I hate you Bhai….You have ruined my home. Abhi gets shattered and repeats her words. Pragya says she has gone mad and don’t know what she is saying. Dadi asks Abhi not to listen to her, and says she has gone mad. Pragya says Abhi is a good son and a good brother. She says he didn’t do anything wrong, but you did wrong. She says you can’t love anyone, as you might not have a heart. You might have thought about Purab’s happiness, but you have lied. We thought that you are happy with their marriage. She says you don’t deserve to be Abhi’s sister. Aaliya asks her to stop lecturing her and says it is her life and her decision. She asks Purab to take last round with her. She begs infront of him asking him to marry her.

Purab asks where is Bulbul? Aaliya says I hate her and don’t want to see her face. I told her clearly that Purab is mine, but she don’t listen to me. Abhi asks where is Bulbul? Aaliya asks him to stay out of it. Abhi slaps her repeatedly and asks where is Bulbul. Aaliya tells Bulbul is dead shocking everyone. She says I have killed her. She tells Purab that Bulbul can’t come inbetween them. She announces that she has killed her and she will not come back. She tells that Bulbul was trying to make her jealous, she lost her cool and hit on her head. Purab tries to go, but Aaliya tells that it was just Bulbul’s body. Purab asks her to shut up and goes. Abhi is angry with Aaliya.

Purab and Pragya go to guest room and see Bulbul unconscious. Bulbul tries to open her eyes. They take her downstairs. Dadi asks Aaliya, when did you do this? She says you have gone mad. Aaliya says yes, I have gone mad and can’t see anyone in between Purab and me. Dasi asks Dadi to see Bulbul.

Abhi announces that you don’t deserve to be my sister, and asks her to get out from his house right now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys…did anyone notice that in precap, only Abhi’s family is there near mandap…no other guests r there… Not even Pragya’s family…either this should be after the marriage or no marriage happened….

    1. Ya chithu I also saw that. There were no guests, only family members were there. Then I thought about promo that if guests has gone then from whom dadi was announcing pragya’s pregnancy news? Becoz all family members knows about it. Will another function held in mehra house! or purbul’s wedding will rearrange! and then this promo scene will happen. But again a question, in promo all peoples had wore this time’s wedding clothes. Will promo scene ever happen? if it will, then in which situation? Lots of questions r roaming in my mind but I didn’t found any answer. Do u guys have any idea about it?

      1. Ya nikki but onething that Tanu’s pregnancy promo scene they showed in some other place but when tat scene happens it was different. Like tat they took this promo in bulbul’s marriage. But they won’t show it now. Surely they ll show on Friday only I think so. I think they ll make some other function r media to come. I m having one doubt 2 weeks ago in telly talks they told dadi going to tell about pragya’s pregnancy to media and said that pragya and abhi fought infront of media something whether this related to tat. C how much I m confused.

      2. Priya I m confused too. Let’s see what will happen? No any on location video is mostly annoying. We couldn’t find any hint about upcoming episodes.

      3. Yeah Priya and Nikki..i think costume may differ from promo… and Nikki..i also feel that they will rearrange RaBul marriage… but anyways good..nowadays it is going bit fast…

      4. What’s gud in this chithu. They r only going fast with purbul’s track but tanu’s pregnancy track is still dragging and abhigya r still in her trap even they don’t know tanu’s truth yet not even pragya. Now this abortion promo drama will torcher us.

  2. Nice episode !

  3. Finally it was an epic episode. Finally aaliya exposed and abhi repented for trusting her blindly and pampering her. In precap he tells her to get out from the house but I feel that pragya will stop abhi from getting her out from the house. Becoz in all of members, pragya was only who was shocked by abhi’s decision and gets worried.

    1. Nikki…I just saw Leena’s latest update in insta… On set KKB… Seems to be Rabul’s Marriage rearrangement…. Mittali was also thr…costumes seems to be like that 🙂

  4. still purvi innocence is not revealed

  5. Leena is back on shooting from her vacations. She have started shooting from 11july. Leena informed about it on her twitter account. So guys get ready to tolerate tanu’s pregnancy drama, her parent’s pressure of marriage from abhi and lots of torchers again.

    1. Ohhh no.again she ll start her drama 🙁

      1. Ya PRIYA, again tanu’s drama, pragya’s dumbness and abhi’s helplessness. God knows how much we will tolerate all this and till when?

  6. NOw this is what i call a enthusiastic drama….!

  7. One more thing I just wants to share with u all that in yesterday’s episode, everybody’s acting, expressions were goou except srla maa. I m little disappoint with sarala maa’s expressions. When aaliya declared that she killed bulbul, I was thinking that now srla maa will face another heart attack or may be she will faint after listen this but she was behaving like not so much shocked and was behaving like she knows that bulbul is only injured not dead. I know off screen, she knows it but onscreen she should show that time’s acting when she faced first time heart attack when purab ran off from his wedding with aaliya with bulbul and she was scare that now pragya’s marriage will break beciz of bulbul. I mean she is Bulbul’s mother too so she should behave like she did before. What do u think guys? Am I right wrong?

    1. Yeah Nikki u r ri8… I accept with u
      Yesterday sarla maa acting was so dull….

    2. Ya nikki even Dasi dadi and each an everyone expressed something but sarla..

  8. But alliya nd abhi acting was suberb….great acting….

    1. I agree with u susi semma acting

      1. Ya Priya$…aliya…sema acting adi dhool…. Acting….avaloda character ku..sariyan acting……athey madhiri…aliya abhiya pathu enoda brother ah iruka unaku thaguthiye illa …nu sona pothu abhi Yoda expression pakkanumey……sema ..?

  9. I also was leena’s new update as chithu said. Guys tanu and mitali bhabhi both were in party dress and it seems our prediction is right. Another function is going to b held in mehra house. I m not sure if it is rabul’s remarriage or some other function but one thing is sure that a function will definetly take place in mehra house and now u m sure that abortion promo drama will happens in this function definetly for real and I think pragya will take this step becoz of tanu’s advice or tanu’s parent’s blackmailing or pressuring on abhi for make it easy for abhi.If this will happen then trips again will fall down. Pragya’s this decision means more dragging or delay of tanu’s truth revelation and it will b very bad.

  10. I see many commenting in sm other languages especially sri priya kavin etc, r u all south indians?plz tell me

  11. Gys don’t u think all if abortion promo will happen in real in the show then sarla maa will leave pragya too along with abhi’s dadi? Abortion thing is very unforgivable thing and sarla maa also was waiting for pragya’s baby since long like dadi and was similar happy like dadi. So their angers also will b same na..on this situation. So I think if abhi’s dadi will throw pragya out from the house then sarla maa also will not let her come in her house as a punishment. So some where I m feeling that abhi will not let this happen and will definetly do something. He should do something, if he will not then it will b very shameful for him and he have no right to claim of love for pragya.

  12. nikki in past tum ne likha th ki pragya drink pine ke bad nashe me abhi se apni feeling share karti he but ye episode kub aayega

    1. When I said this? sorry I don’t remember. But nothing will happen like this in future, not yet.Ya but in past there r many incidence when they both got drunk and shared their feelings. I think u also knows if u saw those episodes.

  13. Abhi is now totally heart broken becos of aliya… Now as a wife pragya wil console abi not to worry… And there we can see some abigya moments .. This is my guess…..

  14. Guys I don’t know how much is this true but I just read a spoiler of tellywood forum. They r saying that aaliya is going to take revenge from abhi by telling abhigya’s marriage truth to everyone. So then abhi get equally insult and punishment like her.They said that aaliya will b silent for sometimes but she will come again with this plan.

  15. Yeah u r ryt nikki…im also seen in tellywood forum..abhigya marraige truth to known everyone mean…i think dadi will never forgive abhi.tanu track end..aftr tat this track will be started…

    1. Kowsi akka neenga than matsh comment panringa?

    2. Kowsi. May b dadi will not forgive abhi for this but tanu’s track will end so soon,I don’t think so.

  16. Can u send me link nikki

  17. Tuesday, July 14, 2015

    Aliya to take revenge on Abhi in Kumkum Bhagya!

    Zee TV Kumkumbhagya is gearing up for high voltage drama which changes the relationdimensions of Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) and Aliya (Shikha Singh).

    Abhi who learns how obsessive her sister became towards Purab (Arjit Taneja) and slaps her for harming Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur). But still Abhi doesn’t see guiltiness in Aliya eyes which leads Abhi to throw Aliya out of his house.

    Post Aliya exit Abhi will be completely broken and Pragya (Sriti Jha) is the one who will take care of him and give a shoulder to cry.

    As per our sources Aliya who left house will reside somewhere but soon she is going to take revenge on Abhi by revealing the truth of Abhi and Pragya marriage before everyone.

    Now how will Dadi and Sarla maa (Supriya Shukla) react to this? Will they forgive Abhi?

    1. Na eppadi dan nadakkum nu edirpatten….

      But na tanu pregnany matter vashu revenge eduppanu

  18. Guys tamil la ennum one day la old tanu place was replacing by new tanu(leena).. and 2 weeks la mms epi’s start aga pogudu..

  19. wow nyc episode gud update hassan kip it up

  20. woww frnds lot of comments aftr a long tym ? frndzz ?

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