Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj filling Sandhya’s maang. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he won’t be able to fill her maang, as he and Bhabho are going to meet Mama, by train, Kolkata to Ajmer train. Sandhya is shocked and thinks she has to stop Bhabho and Sooraj. She drops the kerchief and he keeps it. He says don’t worry, we will come back in 2 days. She thinks to stop them and rushes to talk to Bhabho. Bhabho packs the bags and says Sooraj would have told you that we are going to Kota. Sandhya says its nearby, go by car, it won’t be any problem. Bhabho says I don’t like to waste money.

She takes the ticket and Sandhya thinks what to do, she has to stop them from boarding the train. She calls Bharat and says its big problem. He asks what. She says my mum in law and husband are going

by same train to Kota to meet Mama ji, as he is unwell. He says find the coach number. She says s4. He says it will be away from our coaches, people will not be affected, you just have one hour now, get ready and come. She says yes Sir and ends the call. Sooraj talks to Mama ji and says Bhabho and I are coming by train. Sandhya looks at him teary eyed. Sooraj says I told you we are coming for 2 days, I will call you after reaching station.

Sandhya thinks she has just one hour to stay with Sooraj, and wants to see him. He asks her not to be sad, he is going just for 2 days. She thinks don’t know how long will he have to wait for me. He says Bhabho said sindoor is good in kota, I will get it for you, and send me list of things you want, I will get it. He packs his bag and holds her seeing her sad. He asks whats the matter. He says this face is like mirror, which can’t lie to me, you know we are like Diya aur Baati, we are meaningless without each other, we can’t stay without each other and still we have lived away from each other, strange, first you went for police training, then duty when I raised Ved, but now we will be together forever after I come after 2 days, there won’t be any tears or sadness. Diya aur baati……….plays………….

He asks Lord to keep them together else he won’t talk to him. She cries and hugs him. They have a moment of peaceful love. Sandhya gets ready in her police uniform. She sees the photo album and recalls Sooraj’s words, and his promise. She does aarti and tilak to Sooraj and Bhabho.

Ved asks Bhabho why do they do tilak when person goes away. Bhabho says its for the safe return and journey. Bhabho gives the house keys to Sandhya, and asks her why is she seeing like this, she is eldest bahu and have to see home responsibilities, get habitual from today. Sandhya thinks she can’t take this responsibility. Bhabho asks her to give medicines to Babasa and control the kids, take care of them and yourself, she are strong one in my house. Sandhya wipes her tears. She asks Bhabho to bless her, to succeed as she has taken responsibility on her shoulders. Bhabho blesses her and says I m sure you will do this well. Everyone go to drop Bhabho and Sooraj. Sandhya cries seeing the keys.

Sooraj comes back inside the house. Sandhya asks what happened. He says this is not right, see this, and corrects her name badge. He holds her hand and says Sandhya wo Aini. She says Wo aini Sooraj ji. Bhabho calls him and he leaves.

The family resumes normal routine. Sandhya looks at them and thinks its time for her to leave. Ved and Misri study. Sandhya goes to Babasa and says she is leaving. He says yes, go for duty and come back soon, we will have dinner together. She says don’t wait for me, I don’t know when will I come, you have to take medicines, have food on time. He says don’t worry. She goes to kitchen and thanks Meenakshi and Emily. Meenakshi asks what did we do. Sandhya says you both take care of all the responsibilities in this house, so you keep this keys Meenakshi. Meenakshi refuses being afraid of Bhabho. Sandhya reminds Bhabho’s words and asks Meenakshi to obey her.

She asks Emily to take care of Ved, manage him. Emily asks what is she saying today, Ved is not just yours, but our son too, you go for duty, I will make Ved have food and sleep. Sandhya hugs them getting teary eyed. Meenakshi asks her to go and catch the thieves, and not worry.

Sandhya hugs Ved and kisses him. He asks why so many kisses today, is it any special day. She says she loves him a lot, and asks him to remember not to do much mischief, he is her smart son, take care of yourself and dad. Ved asks how, Papa has gone to Kota. She says yes, but till Sooraj comes back, take care of everyone at home. Ved asks will she not come tonight. She says I will be on duty. Ved gets glad that Sandhya is going too, now kids can enjoy. She walks towards the door and recalls Bhabho’s words about tilak’s importance. She cries and applies tilak to her forehead. She prays to Lord to take care of her family, she is going now as her country needs her. She wears her cap and looks at her home with tears.

Bharat calls Sandhya and asks where is she, she has to be here with him. Sandhya is in Sagarika’s getup and hides seeing Sooraj. She gets shocked seeing him in other coach.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. suraj and sandhya act was also nice.

  2. But i miss today episode becoz we are going to some where for personel work on that time. mujhe to kal tak intazar karna padega………………….

  3. I also hate this show,dragging a lot

  4. Rediculous show

  5. I only like kkb

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  7. Pls end this show

  8. Ya plsss end this show……full of dragging….so long story line……something they were confusing their story line…..idiotic serial….just hatteeeeeeee ittttttttt

  9. Ya,i also agree

  10. Totally rubbish show

  11. Just dragging..thats why very less trp

  12. Most rubbish show of sp

  13. what ever you guys think, say or advertise about this show no problem,
    because we don’t care about all stupid things.

    we fans of dabh show never qiut.

    and this series will go on…………………..

    1. yes this series will go on and it will hit also………..we dont care abt trp……we all are dabh family members……..

  14. Totally nonsence serial

    1. Ya nonsense stupid idiotic show… much of dragging…..hate it hate it hate it…just hate it………

      1. So keep problem

    2. Kk if u dnt lyk dnt watch no one r forcing u.. ..but for us it iss the beeeeeessst show…nd only this serial is differnt frm oders…not lyk oder wich dey show romance,revenge..etc but in our serial they ill b thrilling….dat we dont get frm oder …so it is a unique shw…..wich only rare ill get too…see….i am so lucky to watch thus show….

      1. really its 100 percent true………..

  15. This show is awesome & full of sacrifice…
    I like it v much…

  16. Dabh is the best serial.u guys who don’t like it pls switch to others which are thrilling and interesting.its no use saying over and over again u don’t like this.they are going to listen to u and stop the serial as long as we are it

    1. *they are not*this Google keyboard sucks

  17. Sorry for sandhya??

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