Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 8th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nidhi is walking in the alley of KGH n CB and DB come n inquire the matter with BB! Nidhi says.. that.. BB had headache and finally fainted..! CB asks the diagnosis n Nidhi says..waiting for result of tests.. ! DB-CB pray that all is well and ask for Ashu! Nidhi says.. went home to freshen up! Nidhi comes to her cabin to inquire on BBs report..! She is in tears and composes herself and calls the testing agency! The person says. wardboy is on the way with the reports..! There is a knock at her door and the ward boy gives her the reports..!

Right then Ashu calls .. ! He asks if BBs reports have come and that he consulted other docs..! He asks if she needs anything? Nidhi is checking the reports and freezes..! Ashu asks the matter! Nidhi says.. what.. ! Ashu asks when reports will come? Nidhi says.. not yet..! Ashu says..he is rushing to the hosp .. Nidhi asks him to stay put and that she is coming home..! Nidhi breakdown seeing the report..!

She walks out of her cabin in a daze..! DB asks what happened? Nidhi is about to say but stops n then breaksdown and says.. BB has brain tumor..! DB asks if Ashu knows? Nidhi says.. no..and that she din have courage to tell him! CB says.. she has to tell him as he will decide future course..! Nidhi says..she is going home and will tell him ..there n then.. cant say on phone! DB says fine and that they are here to keep vigil..! Nidhi in tears !

At home, Ashu checks a pic of his and BB ..! Nidhi comes and is standing still..! Ashu rushes to her and calls out ..! He asks the matter..! Nidhi says nothing..! Ashu asks where are the reports and what is it? Nidhi says..she saw.. n he does not need to see..! Ashu asks what is there in the reports? Nidhi is quiet n Ashu fumes.! He snatches the report and starts to open but Nidhi tries to stop him…! She breaksdown and says.. BBs tumor is malignant.. he has cancer..! Ashu says.. not possible.. and then reads the report..! He refuses to believe it.. and says.. Docs jump to conclusions.! He says.. he will get all the tests redone.. n reports could be wrong.. method of testing could be wrong.. ! He says.. its not possible. .! Nidhi says.. they need to accept the truth..! Ashu says.. its not the truth.. he will get all the tests redone..! Ashu walks off..! Nidhi watches helpless..!

At KGH .. Ashu fires Doc. Mathur and asks if he has carried out the tests from all angels.. n if there is no scope of error..! He says…dun think so.! Ashu asks how many times he verified? He says.. once..! Ashu fires him for writing a report by verifying just once..! Doc. Mathur tells to confirm with Radiologist.. Doc. Chauhan..! Ashu asks where he is? He says.. will be there soon! Ashu asks him to come rightaway ..! Nidhi comes to the hosp..! Ashu asks why BBs reports were not verified twice.! Chauhan says..results dun change..! Ashu says ..how can he be sure. its possible.. if the reports change..! Chauhan says..there is no scope of doubt.. so why verify? Ashu fires that young Docs .. graduate…and open clinics to mint money no ethics at all! He says.. Ashu is crossing the line..! Ashu says.. its a fact.. youngsters dun have experience and do all this..! Chauhan says.. he respects Ashu .. but he did his best! Nidhi defends Chauhan and says..he is the best radiologist… why doubt him? Ashu says how can she support.. them and not him? He says..he will get a report.. twice.. thrice.. tripple times verified if needed..! Ashu walks off in a huff..! Nidhi apologises to Chauhan..!

Part 2

Nidhi asks BB if he is awake? BB says..waiting for lunch .. as breakfast was nice..! Nidhi says..good someone liked breakfast..! She asks him how he is feeling? BB says.. the headache is refusing to go .. like unwanted guest..! Nidhi offers to give head massage..! BB Says..her mom used to give him massage too so he sleeps and she doesnt need to study! DB comes and says.. jokes around.. she says..he doesnt look sick! BB jokes and says..that he was tired getting AshNi serving him ..so making the staff serve him! DB offers to go home and come back .. to give BB company but Nidhi says..she will stay back! BB inquires about report and DB says..he is just as anxious as if waiting for his exam results..! BB says.. it is a result..! All get serious! BB asks where is Ashu? Nidhi says.. Ashu has gone to get second verification of his reports..! BB says..thats like a good doc..! He asks what came in the reports? Nidhi lies saying. .nothing serious..! BB diverts the attention and says.. in old age..they can discuss their sickness only!

Ashu is on the phone with Doc. Philip and asks for his opinion.. and says..he sent the report to other Docs too and will wait for their opinion..! Nidhi comes in Ashus cabin .. with coffee..! She asks him to take it.. but Ashu refuses..! Nidhi says.. second opinion will come.. he needs to take care of himself too..! Ashu says..thanks .. !Nidhi tells him that BB asked about the report..!

Part 3

Ashu asks.. what she said? Nidhi says..BB knows that he has tumor and was sent for biopsy..! She says.. BB was joking but he has doubt that reports are not ok! Ashu asks what she said? Nidhi says..that.. she shared that reports are not serious and Ashu has sent for double verification! Ashu says..thank god! Nidhi says.. that they need to accept the truth.. n if he knows what it means? Ashu fumes..that he knows..! Nidhi says.. if they dun accept.. what will they do ahead? Ashu says.. what will they do? Work miracles? Save BB.. nothing can be done! Nidhi says..then does he want to overlook all these things. .assume it never happened? Ashu says.. no. .he says..they need to conclude after taking.. second opinion …! He says..he is senior Doc.. and has right to his opinion! Nidhi says..she knows.. he is senior Doc.. n loves BB.. so finding hard to accept..! Ashu says.. it will be proved that he was right.. when report comes..! Nidhi says..he is talking like BB’s Ashu .. ! Ashu says.. BB was lost once.. after ages he got him back. .he does not want to lose him! Nidhi says.. BB was asking for him.. n he should meet him…! Ashu says..he will . .BB is not going anywhere! Nidhi breaksdown..!

Precap — Nidhi tells Ashu that if he cant trust others .. its ok.. but she knows one Doc.. whom he has to trust as he is best neurosurgeon..! Ashu asks her to tell his name and that he will meet that Doc..! Nidhi says.. Ashu… !!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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