Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sona’s fake boyfriend Neil tells her she is looking pretty. Natasha says he is telling as if he is seeing her first time. He says he is meeting her after a long time and asks Sona if she would like to have a shot. Dev says as he knows docs don’t drink. Sona nods yes. Neil says last time she drank. Dev asks Neil where he works. He says at home and says his dad is Nakotia industries’ owner. Dev and Natasha are shocked and ask if he is The Neil Nakotia, business tycoon. Neil says yes and he likes to keep low profile. They continue talking. Neil says he had been for a business summit in London for 1 5 days and just came back and headed to meet Sona. Dev gets suspicious.

Elena at home nervously thinks Neil and Sona’s double date should go

well. Bejoy is busy watching cricket match and asks Asha to stand on one leg until his Kolkota team wins. Team loses and he gets sad. Sourav laughs on him.

Neha comes back from shopping and Ishwari asks how was her shopping. Neha says good. Radha panics 25,000 rs bill and asks what did she buy. Neha says makeup kit as she is meeting Ranveer tomorrow. Radha asks her to think over again as she is habituated to lavish life and anveer must not be having even 25,000 rs salary per month.

Sona goes home and tells Elena all the events happened during dinner date and how Neil acted. Elena says Neil rocks and she will call and thank him.

Dev comes home and Ishwari asks how was dinner. He says it was nice and asks if she knew about Sona’s boyfriend. She says yes, Sona had told some days ago. Dev says why didn’t Sona tell him. She asks why should she tell him. They both go to Neha’s room where Radha asks him to break Neha and Ranveer’s alliance as Ranveer is very poor and cannot keep Neha happy. Dev says Ranveer is a good man and will keep Neha happy. Ishwari says money is not everything and gives her example that she spent 10 years with her husband and those were the best years of her life, they did not have money but had loads of happiness. She is sure after marriage, Ranveer’s fate will change and they both will be happy.

Precap: Dev asks Sona how come she does not know that her boyfriend Neil was attending business summit in London 2 weeks ago and she met him here. She asks if he is interrogating her.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Tanya

    I’m very sad….as I not watch today’s epi….so I can’t express my opinions and view right now….just waiting for 1:00pm…….

  2. Date portion ws funny ??? i like dev & sonas reaction both r confused. Bejoy ur so silly, poor Asha ? & precap seems Funny ???

    …..Overall SUPERB EPISODE ☺

  3. Cheryl

    The problem with krpkab is that they don’t have that suspense in the Promo’s. And in 22 minutes there’s very less going on.. Whereas you see in edkv the promo’s are really suspensive and people cant wait to see the next episode. And there is much that goes in 21 mins and secs in edkv. But krpkab it takes more time with very less story. Story should increase more for the 22 mins and they really don’t know how to keep the promo’s. Most of them watch it cause of the actors who’re in the show. Very few watch it cause the story’s a fact. They really need to work a lot on the promo’s and try to bring that suspense and excitement in it. Whereas it’s not even 2% in this show [krpkab]

  4. VD

    Hws dis possible that kkr’s ipl match is evryday? Anything dey show….still luv krpkab and ekdv πŸ˜€

  5. Tanya 2

    Newly commenting I also am a reader in devakshi forever and HV recently started commenting there as there I already a girl with ma name I name myself Tanya 2

  6. Meena

    Cheryl has written exactly what I wanted to say.the serial is so boring.we are watching only because of its actors.what a difference between EDKV and this show!that is full of life and excitement and this is so dull and boring. It’s high time they put some life into it!!!!!

  7. Mohammed.Idris shaikh

    Hi guys am new here,Today episode is so nice..sona looking really too pretty…

  8. Savi

    Why is Natasha still so close to Dev or mostly clining to Dev? Thought Dev call off the wedding purpose but yet Natasha act like she owned n act like she is Dev Gf. Omg don’t like her too pushy type

    • Shalini

      Yes sometimes it seems that Natasha is the GF of Dev. I don’t like her acting very much.

  9. Gayatri

    Thank u Tanya & simran…I stay in kolkata ….i am if class 12 ….u guys are of which std…..

  10. Yasmin

    Hi everybody this is the first time I’m commenting ever. It was a nice episode but I wish they had more suspense. Sorry to say but neha is not going to be happy. It’s not about the money I don’t think she knows how yo save and economize. That how was so small and can she even cook and take care of others?

  11. Vaishu

    Neha wants Dev to make Ranveer rich so that she can stay happy with him.. Also Neha has asked Dev not to tell Ishwari about Neha’s demand…
    And this is the reason why Dev offered Ranveer a job in his company..

  12. simran

    Wlc all new commenting members to our fan club like gayatri muskan tanya2 fariha Mohammed idris sheikh

  13. Devarjun

    Hey I am new !!! Could I join ur group. Shall we talk about studies????
    I am from tn. I am in tenth cbse

      • Devarjun

        Shalini, how much syllabus had been completed for u ???
        I love this serial at first because of devs mother love. But move the story goes beyond. My fav actor shaheer so I read updates. But it seems to be elder s serial. But I couldn’t story reading update. And what is ur favourite subject. How many lessons had passed in ur school

      • Shalini

        In social 4 chapters, maths 2, science 2, Hindi 3, English 2 &1 from MCB. And how much syllabus is done in your school. Actually you are right the story is seeming to me like elders serial but I only read updates & I also read updates of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. It is also a nice serial.

    • Devga

      Yes u r welcom…. Hifi tn…. But elder than u dear anyways nice meeting …. Study wel 10th….

  14. Fatarajo

    Since there are many newcomers let me introduce myself I m Fatarajo but it’s not my actual name u can call me Joyee or Jo ur wish Joyee is my nickname and I m currently studying engineering 1st year and I live in singapore

  15. prit

    Hii tanya simran tara Ru priya and all dear friends. Many members had been added to our group. Good to see u all. AFter so many days i m commenting. I watch each episode of krpkab but guys what will be further episode did anyone knows. plzz tell me.

  16. Moon

    Quite boring now with very little story agreed! Even i have been feeling the same ! Ekdv much much better now!!

  17. Naina

    Hey guys… I’m new here…
    And I’m a fan of this show….
    So,can I join this fan club??

    • Devarjun

      Shalini, For us maths 3 chapters, bio-1,chemistry-2, social -6 and English- in literature we completed fully,and non detail too completed,
      R u using guides???
      Have u watched Mahabharat in star plus?
      It’s my favourite programme

      • Shalini

        Yes but only for social, science & Hindi only but only when I can’t answer any question. I don’t watch any serials except for Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah. That is why I mostly read updates of krpkab and edkv.

    • Devarjun

      Shalini, For us maths 3 chapters, bio-1,chemistry-2, social -6 and English- in literature we completed fully,and non detail too completed,
      R u using guides???
      Have u watched Mahabharat in star plus?
      It’s my favourite programme

      Some time I like this serial too, when it is not about love between dev and sona

  18. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hiiii DevAkshians…..good morning…….
    …….vry nyc episode…….nd love Dev’s jealousy part…..whn he becms jealous he looks so innocent……nd his innocence beauty……awwwww……cant describe……hv a nyc day DevAkshians……………..c u later….till then bye bye…..

  19. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hiiii DevAkshians…..good morning…….
    …….vry nyc episode…….nd love Dev’s jealousy part…..whn he becms jealous he looks so innocent……nd his innocence beauty……awwwww……cant describe……hv a nyc day DevAkshians……………..

  20. aarrre yaar DEV os soo possessive 2wrds SONA yaaar yeh luv confession kab hoga eagerly waiting 4 it

    SHAHEER u jst awys rrocckkkkkkk yaar luv u

    srry uaar late hogai comment karrne mein actually mei nani k ghar par hoo so yaha cousins k saath goo time mahi milta

  21. priya

    Love dev expression when ishwari says wo tujhe kyi bataye gi Ki uska bf hai….
    Love to see dev’s concern for sona….
    Eagerly waiting for dev realization…..

  22. Ru Bhattacharya

    Hiiiiii DevAkshians…………….
    vry nice episode……..love Dev’s jealousy part…….amazingly Shaheer looks vry innocent whn he becms jealous………nd his innocence beauty……..ohhhhhhhh……cant describe…….hv a nice day DevAkshians……

  23. prit

    Yes naina of course wlcm to devakshi fan club. And simran i also miss u all dear.some one can tell me what will happen further in krpkab if any one knows.plzz

  24. beth

    I agree , the show is dragging too much , and m watching only coz of the actors . geting really impatient.

  25. Kritika

    Hi everyone m new in this fan club.. I mean I used to read d updates n even all comments… Bt commented today..
    Srsly a big fan of devakshi.. N u all r ryt.. Srl shud leave some suspense in d promo..?

  26. Simran singh

    Can’t wait for 9 th June episode…cmon shaheer ab to confess Kr de tht u lv erica?

  27. tara

    aww i loved dev today… he looked so cool ..jealous dev..!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    bt i hated that neil..chipku kahika.. nd he looks soo yukkk ewww i mean.. joker jaisa.. lol…
    waiting to see detective dev..
    one week more for 9th june..

  28. Maria

    Hi everyone I am new here, eventhough I write ff on devakshi, I have never commented here! So a big hi to all of you!

  29. Ru Bhattacharya

    Sad 2 say…..i cant comment 4 a lng tym devakshians…….bcse i want 2 concentret on my studies……miss u guys…..nd my frnds….stay happy happy…..before bye bye i wnt 2 post a shayari 4 u DevAkshians……….

    Pyar woh nahi jis mein jeet aur har ho…..
    Pyar woh nahi jis mein izhaar aur inkaar ho….
    Asli pyar to woh hai jis me kisi k milne ki ummid bhi na ho…..
    Phir bhi intzaar ho…..

    plz say something……stay tuned….nd love DevAkshi……nd a request…..dont forget me……


    • tara

      aww ru will miss u.. even m from ICSE board.. nd now in 11 std..
      bt from kolkata..
      bt plzz come atleast once a week or twice a month…plzzz

    • Tanya

      Actually 11th books r not headache but
      Difficult to manage…..as from march after 10th I’m only enjoying…. So u can understand dear simran……well how’s ur 10th going on?????

  30. Shraman

    guys…. edkv is going much much better with the storyline…. I mean.. the storyline of the both the shows is lovely but….the magic of krpkab is fading… there are very less promos in edkv but the promos leave an impact on us.. we watch the promo and feel like i wannaa watch the show.. and plus the precaps… not good here.. .like the precaps there leave us with suspense… oh no! ab kya hoga? what will shravan do? what will sumo do? and here.. dev is just asking question and sona is answering.. in the end they leave questions like are you interrogating me?
    it’s so understood that dev will say no and make excuse… i love edkv and krpkab.. but loving edkv more now.. atleast show that neha is married.. and sona is tensed about devnat’s marriage.. show that dev said yes to nats.. show something…!!

  31. Tanya

    @ priya i used to watch krpkab and edkv togethr from 1 to 2pm which
    is my lunch time……….not on 10 because at time i m busy with books……….

  32. Tanya

    @devarjun i’m in 11sci…..and i have watched mahabharat on starplus too……..from that i m fan of shaheer…….

  33. Tanya

    @Ru very suitable shyari……u have great skills……….and yeahhh we will never forget u…….but try to comment whenever u get time….i m also doing same…….byeeee

    • Tanya

      Most wlc shochcho to devakshi fan club……on 9th June dev realizes that he’s in love with sona……..actually on that dayday dev and ng r going to engage…. That’s why what will dev do to know that everyone was excited…..

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