Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 78


The episode starts with ankita trying to take water from the fridge at late night when dev comes to the kitchen.dev thinks it’s Sona and hugs her from the back.ankita screams and on’s the light.
Dev:ankita????oh my I’m so sorry I thought you were..
Ankita:sona Di?
Ankita:arae it’s ok mistakes happen.it was also dark,and me and Sona Di look the same!
Dev:by the way,when did I become your Jiju?
Ankita:when Sona became my Sister?
Dev:sona has only one Sister,Elena.
Ankita:sona is not my Sister,she is my Cousin.distant one.
Dev:I have never heard of u!
Ankita:*lowers her vol sadly*thats because,sona’s mum couldn’t accept me…
Dev:why?maa is really sweet.
Ankita:papa was in the army..and he died..in line of duty…papa married twice,or maybe divorced my 1 st ma and re married.im the 2 nd Ma’s child.so you can say I’m illegimate..
Dev:how are you related to Sona.
Ankita:*teary eyes*sona’s mum was my 1 st mum’s Sister,and when papa died,maashi(sona’s mum)had to take care of me..I ran away from home when I was 14,I couldn’t take it anymore…I went to roshan’ house(my Friend)and…and I lived there until I was 24..I married..I divorced..and I’m completely tired now..then I thought of meeting my Sona..I found out she was married from Elena and there I came looking for dixit house!nice house!
Dev:Ankita,after whatever happened,actually if I was in your shoes,I couldn’t have taken it..but..you’re very strong..
Sona comes down:*rubbing her eyes*dev?anki?what happened?
Ankita:nothing Di..we were just talking..
Sona:oh k..go to sleep..anki u need to go to work tmrw..dev u too..and me too..
Sona goes up…
Dev:work?u work here?that means you live here in Delhi?
Ankita:hahahahah Jiju no!i live in arkansas somewhere in Texas,round rock.i live there with my deepu.
Ankita:my deepu?deepika.my only life,my baby.she is 4.she wanted to go to meet her grandparents,so I left her in Bengal and came to Delhi.i have been sent for training.i specialise in human rights.
Dev:oh wow!thats interesting!human rights.hmm..why don’t you try finding cases in New York?they will bring great benefit for you.
Ankita:I lived in New York for 2 years,and I worked there,but deepu couldn’t cope..school was just hell for her..I mean she goes to preschool,but she had a hell of a time there!
Dev:oh..ok..ok lets go sleep now we all need to go to work tmrw..
Ankita:good night jiju!

On the other side shravan and suman’s bedroom is really quiet..shraman is sleeping..
Preethi,puskhar,vandy,Varun,lalaji,kaamini,raamnath and Nirmala surround their bed..
Together:happy wedding anniversary!!!
Suman and shravan wake up with a jerk.
Suman:today is our anniversary!!!shravan!!shra;
Shravan is nicely sleeping,snoring.
Everyone laughs.
Suman:he will never change.
Kaamini:lo..u woke up!!happy anniversary puttar Ji!
Shravan:thank you chaachi!!!
Suman and shravan wake up and get ready for their respective work.
Suman:wait shravan!
Suman:u have a big deal today?eat this!curd will u give u luck..
Shravan:u srsly believe in all of this?
suman:ya..oh my ur just like Jiju..don’t believe in god’s power!
Shravan:whatever God did to papa..I can’t forget that..
Suman:God didn’t do anything..it was just that papa..
Shravan:don’t talk about papa..now I have one..and I’m with him.
Suman:*holds his shoulders*shravan..I won’t try to convince You..but all I can say the almighty is never at fault.

I promise ep 100 will be Maha!!until then I will write small episode?Loves ya?

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    Superb episode Nishi..

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    Ok waiting for mahaepi ? and good one Nishi ??

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