Judaai- ek past esi bhi – swasan ff (episode-4)

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*** ***
san: so ready to jump.
Swa: y
san: car is not stoping.
Swa: what.
San: ya. Nw when i count 3 we will jump.
Swa: are u sure sanskar
san: ya. Ready. 1…2…3
both jamped but swara take something from car. They folls on jugle.
Swa: aaahhh.
San: are u ok.
Swa: ahh ma thats why ahh m shou ahh ting.
San: plz wait.
Swa: stay away u blo*dy boys just can hurt nothing else.
Sanky didnt say anything. Just took her in arm. Swara is socked.
Swa: idot leave me.
San: so clam down but shut ur mouth.
Swa: listhen.
But sanky did not lishten. Swara starts to beat him with hands.
San: ur soft hands would not effect me.
Swa: leave me.
San: i will not leave u untill i die.
Swara look at him then down.
Swa: so think i will spoil my life.
San: u have töo.
Swa: lets see.
There were silence between them. Sanky was walking taking swara in his arms. Silnce. Just the footstape of swasan cool breze are blowing.

The sky is overcast with thick clouds.
San: i think rain can come at anytime.
Swa: ya.
Rain ka naam liya rain hazir. Small drops of rain are folling on swaras face. Moon lights are folling in her face. Sanskar is blsed to see this.sanskar make her stnd .sanskar stand near Big tree tried to take swara also but she didnt come. Rains drops are folling on her. Her dress hug her.
(a/n: plz read the song)
kabhi jo bddal barse, dekho tujee ankhi barki
to lak muje barrish ki duaa.
… Sanky is coming step by step. He also drenced in rain…
Tere pehlo me reh loo tho gam dei ya khusia sehlo sathya
… swara look at him. He was so closer to her. They can feel each others heartbeat…
Oooooo oooo aaaa
…there forhead are meeting. Then nose.
Koi nehi tere seva mera yaha
manzele koi to aye yaha
betaye jab yada fesle chaho meto khud me jhaklo
… Finaly thier lips meet…
Mehoo vo payar.
Oooo oooaaa.
After some time they broke the kiss.
San: m sorry.
Swara didnt say anything just hands over him a paper.
Swa: divorse papers. Court gives us 6 months.
Tears droped from sanskar’s eyes.

Precape:truth. Are swasan married. Divorse swasan.

Will reaveled on next cappy. From now my shock is started. Cmnt cmnt cmnt. M sad with resonce. If it continues then my story will not continue. I will finish it in 5 epi. Desition is urs.

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