Hello guyz so here is the first part of kuch iss tarah


Scene 1
A boy of 6 yrs was running in the mension n a lady was running behind him with a glass of milk….suddenly the boy saw another lady n hide himself behind her n said”dadi plz save me mumma is trying k mai milk pee loon chiiiii…
Lady: sharmishtha if he doest want to drink thn let it be na he will drnk two glasses at night(winks at adi,yup that was aditya gadodia)
Aditya was very angry n said :if you guyz are forcing me thenn….i will drnk this yukky thing bt promise me you wont ask me to drnk this at night its my birthday n u hv to listen me…
Shomi n dadi simles “ok for today we are leaving u bt nt frm tmrow”

Scene 2
At an office two mam were standing …
One man: dp ji you r coming for the party n thats final
Dp- bt shekhar ji how could i….(interepted by shekhar)”sanskar n aadarsh would luv to come n play with adi so no more excuses u r comng”
Dp: ok then fine…

Scenr 3
At gadodia mension
Everyone was enjiyng n adi sanky n aadarsh were plyng together …..ap ,shomi n sujata were talking n ap tries to make laksh sleep …
Cake cutting ceremony was over only GF n MF were in mrnsion …suddenly some ppl enterd the mension …n a man shouts “paarvati gadodia now your game is over”
Dadi(parvati) n dadaji were hell shoxked tosee them..
They were janki’s parents
Badrinath singh(janki’s father said)- we hv found u n u hv to accept our daughter what u think u can easily Escape n we will not even try to find you guyz itz been a long tym ….hai na samdhanji…
Everyone was looking at dadi n shekhar asked her – ma do u kno them who are they n why are tgey adresng u sandhanji….????
Before parvati could say amthng sita janki’s mother enterpted her n said – i will tell u damadji dont worry…(smile evely)
Then parvati told everything to them n everyone was hell shocked to hear the truth shomi fell on ground with a thud n adi ran towards her mother who was cryng bitterly….
27 yrs ago when ahekhar was 3 n janki was 1 they both use to live in a vollage of rajasthan n villagers were practicing child marriages wwhivh results in janki n shekhar’s marriage then after some time due to riots both the familes left village n save their lives gadodia’s shifted to kolkata n singh’s were reported dead….as tym paases shekhar fell for shomi n they were duly married n leading a happy life no one has ever told them abot the child marriage as they think they dont need to…
shekhar – that marriage was not legal n now i n shomi are legally weaded husband n wife..u can get janki marry to some good person
Badrinath- no way u r my son in law n u hv to remarry my daughter
Shekhar firmly say no never..
Then some ppl enternd in their house they were from the “samaj” they said he hv to leve shomi or else they will not them live…they started breaking things adi who was very much afraid of all this hides himself behind his Father n hold his clothes tightly….shekhar looks at dp with hope as he is the head of samaj in kolkata he may help them..
Dp-stop it..cant u see kids here….n order ap n sujata to take adi sanky lucky n adarsh with them …they noded positively n go frm there
Dp was tryng to convence janki’s father as the ppl frm samaj said we willback off if badrinath ji agrees….
But badrinath being a stubborn says no negosiation…
Days passes n goons were attacking shekhar regularly…at last parvati’s patience breaks when they try to miss behave with shomi and thy also hitted adi which makes parvati furious n she said to shekhar….Dadi-shekhar thare ko or sharmishtha ko alg hona he hoga…
Shekhar- but ma ….we love each other n what about aditya he is just 6..
Dadi-i dont want to listen anything you guyz have to seperate or else they will not let us live neigther me nor you…
Aditya was watching all this crying silently…

Shomi-shekhar we dont hv any ootion left we hv to do this
Shekhar-shomi how could you think i can marry some one else that too after 7 yrs of marriage..
Shomi- shekhar we hv to think practically they will not leave us think about aditya ma n baba if something happens to you then how can we live( cries)
Scene 3
Shekhar taking vows with janki…
Sharmistha n aditya watching all this n crying bitterly….
After marriage janki n shekhar were in room n feeling awkrad janki in mind”shekhar ji dont worry i will make sure that you n sharmishtha ji reunite as soon as possible…
Itz been 4 monthes post their marriage n now janki n shekhar becomes good frnds meanwhile they also come to kno that shekhar n shomi are expecting their 2nd baby n shomi stays with maheshwari’s as ap n dp force her not to stay alone in this condition….
One day sita come to visit her daughter n were surprised to kno that shekhar n janki sleeps on differnt beds…she went to kitchen n mixes smthng in water bottel n give that bottle to janki.smiles evely n thinks(beta today you willbeome his wife too)
Both janki n shekhar were unaware of the spiked water n both drink that n loose cntrol n unknowingly sleep together
Next day when they wake up..they found themselves in each others embrace n were shocked as wlll as guilty..
He told everything to shomi….she was shattred but she knows that he has done that out of his senses cz in his senses he will never ever touch any lady n also accepted that janki is his wife n said-u hv done nothng wrong aftrrall she is ur wife(lesves the place)…
A week later…
Janki listend to her parents coversation n come to kno how her mother spiked the water….janki was cryng n said to her parents-how could u ma papa…how could u do this to me only cz of u now shekharji n me cant face eachother…u hv ruined my lyf comletely i will nvr forgive u both for this….

Time passes and shomi give birth to swara…n till the tym they also come to kno abt That janki was also expecting a child …
4 monthes later
Janki gives birth to ragini but still cant recover n her condition was getting worse….
When ragini was a month old she died but before dyng she ask shekhar n shomi to re marry as she knew that shomi can take care of ragini lyk her own daugher..

In the whole incident adi was happy as he was unaware of janki’s deth n all but he was happy to get two little sisters….
In these yrs maheshwari’s n gadodia’s came more closer thy hv bought two bunglows actullu the two bunglows were having common entry cmon garden n they hv rebuilt that in a .” U” shaped one….
Then one day everything got changed both the families parted their ways….

Esa kyu hua tha jo do parivar alg hue janne kye pdhe nxt part 😛

Guyz do u want me to write precap or not…n plz do tell me hows it…..
N to be honest you guyz may found one or two episodes of starting boaring but only an epi or two…past is also important na 🙂

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