KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 18

RECAP: devakshi meets sooraj.ishu sona soa kiss.


devakshi break the hug and dev cups sona’s face.
dev:we will stay together
dev holds sona by waist and pulls her closer when nikkie enters the room
nikkie:oh sorry sorry….
nikkie:yeah i know that i should knock be4 coming in but till now u guys r not married….so control ur romance
sona blushes
nikkie:i have to go on shopping
nikkie:mom is sleeping….neha di is with ranvir bhaiyya….riya di is in office soooooooo
nikkie:sona di will come with me
nikkie:wow someone is ruling over bhaiyya
dev smiles
sona:lets leave now
nikkie grabs sona’s hand and takes her away…..


marriage preparations are on full swing….dev invites sooraj for the wedding of neha and ranvir.he agrees to come.


bride is dressed in beautiful red and golden lehnga and groom is dressed in white sherwani.bride is with a veil over her face.
groom takes bride in her arms and takes pheras.sooraj comes there’s family covers sona’s family hiding them so that sooraj couldnt see them.sooraj looks around for dev.
groom dorns mangalsutra around bride’s neck and fills her hairline.they stand up and take blessings of elders.
sooraj sees sona;s family
he goes towards them and holds bejoy’s collar.
sooraj:i had been seraching madly for u and here u r enjoying the marriage
ishu:stop it….its our house…
sooraj leaves him
sooraj:where is dev
the groom removes his sehra and its none other than DEV.sooraj is surprised
sooraj:you?u said its ur sister’s marriage
dev:it happened be4 my marriage
soorajwt do u mean?
neha and ranvir descend down the stairs with garlands in their neck andalready married.all smile
sooraj:oh so congrats….so who is my bhabhi?
dev smirks ad reveals sona’s face shocking sooraj!!
sona smiles
sooraj:u blo*dy
he raises hand to slap sona but dev holds his hand and punches him on face
dev:stay away….she z my wife
all smile
saurav slaps sooraj
saurav:its for hurting my sister….
sooraj:i will kill u
he enters and sooraj is more shocked
commisioner:what kind of act is this?u r an officer but….i didnt expect thsi from u…u had been torturing people for years and finally sm1 raised voice….u r a disgrace to police force….u r suspended
sooraj is shocked
commissioner:shut up and officers take him away
they take away sooraj who gives a dead look to winners
sona has tears of happiness in her eyes and she hugs dev.all r happy while rani and vicky make faces……..

hey guys missed me?sprry for late come back but i had met with accident.first my mom and then me….
my legs are paining badly….and i need rest….sorry……love u all………..
and yeah sona and dev’s wedding dresses are displayed in ff pic

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  1. Amazing episode that.. take care..

  2. Amazing episode .. take care..

    1. Thnk u so much

  3. OMG..first take care of ur health…ur today episode has nice twist and turn….nice finishing also…..

  4. Bhoomi

    Superb…. Haha sooraj deserves this…. Missed u alot…. Oh noo… How r u now??? plzz take care of yourself and your mothers too…. Get well soon Angel and Angel lovelly Mom ??

    1. Missed u 2….m fine

  5. Superbbb episode angel……its awesome FF …….take care of your health…..if u can upload nxt epi…but plzzz don’t stop this….it should be continued……All the bst…Take care.

    1. Thnx a lot….i m better

  6. All I can say is..wowwwww

  7. Nice one angle n yes missed u n ur ff a lot .
    Plz take care dear n get well soon .

  8. Simplesweety1

    hey its awesome and get well soon and hey i wanted to tell that im new to this forum and i have started writing a ff first time on devakshi its name is kya ma manengi ……… ? a devakshi ff please do read 2 parts are updated 🙂

  9. Oh no di!!!amazing ff but take care okay?and tell you Mother also to take care.dont take any kind of outside medication..drink haldi ka know when I’m sick,my didi makes haldi ka dood and I drink it in one’s going to be very sour..but it makes your bones very very strong..get well soon!!

  10. Asmita...

    Hi dear….please take gud care of yourself and your mom…..get well soon….???

  11. Sree

    Finally sooraj left???. Loved this ep. I missed u very much.☺??
    How were ur exams??
    How r u?? R u fine now?? Get well soon.
    And same pinch even i met with an accident??
    I know its not a thing to laugh but still i dont know why i felt like that.
    Even my legs r paining badly
    Love u dear take care??????

  12. Vry nice episode and take care

  13. Hey…. Angel i luvd this!!!!it was epic… And take care

  14. it was beautiful.. the whole ff.. get well soon… come back soon

  15. After a long wait. Really liked the episode

  16. Partho

    Lovely episode fabulous keep it up

  17. Hey Angel first take care of yourself and your mom then when you feel relaxed you think of the story. The episode was nice. Take care of yourself. Bye.

  18. Angel20

    Thank you so much for coming back! And the episode was as usual amazing. Take care of you and your mom! Okay? Then only post the next part when you feel better. Bye!

  19. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome ff dear….. take care

  20. Madhuri

    super epi. get well soon

  21. oooooo….. feeling bad for u and your mom take care of yourself and your mom …
    by the way you must drink haldi milk its helps in recovering fast.
    and plzz. can u tell me that when are u going to write the next episode ??
    i know its not the right time to ask but still ..
    take care and get well soon.

  22. This epi was awesome very happy with finally sona and dev’s marriage..
    and sooraj’s exit…
    get well soon angel

  23. Hey angel… Take care n enough rest… Get well soon recover completely n only then write… We will wait n ya awesome episode 🙂 🙂 finally sooraj is gone n devakshi marry wow! N the costumes r beautiful! Take care love u

  24. Nita D

    HHey Angel…..i missed u so much….nice episode….the wedding dresses r beautiful….take care dear…n get well soon…..

  25. Fanficoholic

    Angel di u met wth an accident???????? Di plz plz plz plz plz plz take care of urself. No prob if u dnt uoload ur epi anytime soon. We wll nt be angry as we can understand. Dnt stress ur self di. Plz upload nly whn u r completely fine. And is ur mom also fine? I hope u bth r nt bdly injured. And nw i am gonna introduce myself. I was so shocked and worried by the accident news that i had to put all those emotions first. I thought my intro can wait. I am fanficoholic di. I started commenting recently only. And reg epi itz fantastic. Finally tis villain gone. And devakshi marriage???????????
    Loved tis epi and ur ff di. Take care. Get well soon. Dnt stress urself too much.
    Lods of luv and wishes

    1. Awwwwwwww thnk u sooooooooo much….i know u i guess….u ahd given an intro in swaragini ff of mine may be….i remeber ur username,,,,yes we r fine…..thnk u

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