Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 6

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Let’s start..

Recap : Dev and Sonakshi had an accident. Sonakshi gets recovered easily but Dev gets seriously injured. They both confess their love for each other and Dev has to stay in the hospital

Next day in the hospital Sonakshi is feeding Dev fruits
Sonakshi : Dev eat it
Dev makes faces
Dev : No I don’t want to eat ghas-phus(vegies/fruits)
Sonakshi : Eat it now
She shows her eyes and he obeys her like a loyal puppy
Ishwari : Beta now go home ur here from last night
Sonakshi : Fine I’ll go
Dev : Ma please
Ishwari : U stay here she has to go let her freshen up she’ll come back
Dev : Fine
Sonakshi reaches home
Asha : Sona beta where were u all night
Sonakshi : Nothing ma there was work in the classes
Asha : Fine go freshen up
Sonakshi goes freshens up and again reaches the hospital
Dev : Ma I need to go for my meeting
Ishwari : Arey no stay here
Dev : No ma
Ishwari : Kya musibat hai agar Sona beta hoti toh acha hota

Dev suddenly sits still like a small baby with finger on his lips
Ishwari : Kya hua
He does some actions and tells her tha Sonakshi is behind
Ishwari : Wah ur here ab tu he ise sambal anyway what u did to make him like this
Sonakshi : I threatened him
Ishwari : Wah beta what I couldn’t do in years u did it in days
Sonakshi smiles
Sonakshi : Dev eat this fruit
Dev : Chee no. What full day fruits
Ishwari : Dekha Sona beta yeh mera Dev ziddiyon ka bhi baap hai
Dev : Maa..
Ishwari : What ma
Sonakshi : Quiet eat this
Ishwari : (thinks) Ab yeh mere Dev ko sida karegi
Ishwari : Achha I’ll go lot of work
Dev : Ok ma
Ishwari leaves the hospital
Dev : Come here
Sonakshi : No
Dev tries to get up
Sonakshi : Dev what r u doing
Dev : Ur not coming so I’m coming to u
Sonakshi : Sit I’m coming what is it
Doctor comes
Doctor : Dev I’ll cut ur plaster and u’ll try to walk
He cuts the plaster and Dev tries walk. 2 days pass Dev can walk properly and doctor told him that he can get discharged

Doctor : Sonakshi please come fill the discharge formalities
Sonakshi : Dev sit here I’ll come
Dev nods his head. After sometime the discharge formalities are done Sonakshi takes Dev home
Ishwari : Arey tu agya beta
Sonakshi : Ha aunty apka Dev agya
Ishwari : Beta zara ise apne kamre mein to chod
Sonakshi leaves Dev to his room
Sonakshi : U rest I’ll go
Ishwari comes up
Ishwari : Sona, Dev go pick up ur cousins
Both r acting weird
Sonakshi : Elena
Ishwari : Yes abhi tumhare ma ka phone aya Elena ko airport se pick karne ke liye aur Dev Vicky ko bhi pick karna uska terminal 6 hai
Sonakshi : Elena ka bhi terminal number 6 hai
Ishwari : Both of u go now together it will be better
They both reach the airport waitin for Vicky and Elena they both come and see Devakshi

Elena : Di
Runs to her
Elena : Bye Vicky
Dev : Vicky here
Sonakshi : Tum Vicky ko kese janti ho
Elena : Di we were together in school
Vicky : Hi bhai
Dev : Come let’s go Sonakshi Vicky Elena let’s go
Elena : Ok
Dev drops them home
Dev : Bye Elena, Sonakshi
Vicky : Bye Elena Sona di
They all smile
Elena : Waise di aap Dev ko kaise jante ho
Sonakshi tells her everything
Elena : Accident aap theek to hai
Sonakshi : Shut up don’t speak loud ma doen’t know about it
Elena : Ok

Precap : Devakshi breakup and Vicky and Elena proposal
Sorry if it was short please I’m sorry again for being late really hope u all like it drop ur valuable comments

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  1. awesome and amazing???❤???❤???????????……….but the precap a bit scary…….??❤??…….but I hope everything ends well……????????❤?❤?????

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks maleeha

  2. Aaru

    Wat!! Devakshi breakup!! Why?? Kyu?? Kahin ki??

    1. Bharti123456

      just for the sake of a story aaru

  3. Angel20

    Awesome part but what’s the precap????? post the next part soon please!!

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks maria I’m working on the next part

  4. Oh god why breakup?? ??????
    By the way cute episode. ?

  5. Manya

    But the precap??plzzz post soon ??
    Love love?

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks ayushi

  6. Hey Bharti di!
    Wonderful episode! Short but sweet???
    Aaaawwww….the way Dev put his finger in his mouth on seeing Sona was simply????
    Seeing Vicky’s character, I assume he’s a positive character. Hope so??
    The precap is soooooo damn freaky! I’m so scared! Why does this always happen to our Devakshi? Hope they unite soon…
    Badly waiting for the next one! Post soon!

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks anshita
      yes vicky is surely positive. will post soon

      1. Phew! I’m soooo damn relieved knowing Vicky won’t be playing a negative character! Guess we’ve had enough of him in the serial???

  7. Awesome

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks princess

  8. Erina

    Epi was awesomeeeee but precape…… No what devakshi breakup swtheart abhi to vo mile hi the…… So what…. Of course post soon swtheart i’m dying to know what happened between them that they broken their relation nd u broken my heart….

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks erina u’ll find out soon working on it

  9. Fantastic???❤??????……….
    But, I’m afraid about the scary precap???????????????????……….


  10. Rj12

    Very good Bharti But precap ??

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks rithika

  11. Saheli

    Good story line…but aisakaisa precap…anyways will wait for twist and turns

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks saheli

  12. Manyaa

    OMG….break up….pls don’t do that…btw the epi was soo cutee… soon

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