The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 11

RECAP: Sita gets angry with Ram, the vanvaas trio build a hut.

Cold sweat on her forehead, Sita wakes up from a nightmare. She suddenly feels like a disaster is going to happen. So she goes outside and wakes her Raghunandagn.
Sita- Swami, Raghunandan! Wake up!
(Lightning begins to flash and rain falls)
Ram- Sitae, whats the matter? Why this sudden change in weather?
Sita- Swami, we must leave from here! Its important, I’ll explain to you….
Ram- But Sita we just built the hut, we cant abandon it…
Sita- Raghunandan we must go!
Ram- All right….

They run to a high plateau, and watch as the torrents of rain wash away their beautiful home. Sita begins to cry, while Lakshman is shocked. Ram goes and hugs Sita to comfort her.

Lakshman decides to repent, and consults Sita this time on the location of the hut. He begins work on a new house.
Ram does dhyaan, when Sita goes astray looking for a deer, and sees a plant bursting with sweet fruit. She decides to taste them so that her Raghunandan will only get the sweetest ones. Ram finishes his Dhyaan, and does not see his beloved Sitae. He searches hard for her, but he only discovers her ring…

Two demons sneak up and try to kill Sita while she is plucking fruits. She stares at them frightened, is saved by her Raghunandan, who chases them away.
Ram- Why did u come here without me Sitae? Pls understand that you would have not been to protect yourself if I hadn’t come. What if those demons had succeeded in their evil endeavour? Why cant you stay close and remember the dangers here?
Sita- (cries)(tongue-tied)
Ram- Sitae…. Im sorry for speaking harshly, but think from my point of view for once…. What will I do if you get hurt?
Sita- (wipes her tears) Swami, your words were filled with love and care for me. Also, I am your wife. You possess every right to scold or shout at me…..
Ram- No, I shouldn’t have hurted you…. (with a childish look in his eye) Whats that, Sitae?
Sita- Uh, fruits…? I’ve tasted them….
Ram- So what? They’ll be extra tasty if u selected them! Will u feed me some?
Sita- (laughing and popping the fruit into his mouth) Sure Swami!

A few days later, Sita notices a bird interrupting her talks with her Swami. It is none other than Jayant, son of Indra. He fancies Sita and begins to stalk her.
Jayant- Sita, as I looked at you, I fell in love with you. I am waiting for when I shall have you….
Sita- JAYANT! Mind your words. I am a pativrata, and I will curse you!
Jayant- You spurned me? You spurned the great Jayant, son of Indra? Then Jayant shall have his revenge…
He hurts her on the chest and flies away…

Sita complains about him to her Raghunandan, Rams blood boils at seeing Sita hurt and in pain.

PRECAP: Jayant is punished….

AUTHORS NOTE: its been very long since the last episode so I’m attaching a link to the episode 10 hope u liked this episode

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow awesome dearie. Just loved dis epi a lot ???. Waiting for next epi…

  2. Vanshika

    It’s superb dearie.. Bt pls update asap pls love you ?

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