Kriyyam OS ‘O Re Piya’

Hey Guys, Muniya here, again back to disturb u all with my crazy ideas?.

This is Diwali special story for all Kriyyamites. Hope u all enjoyed a safe and prosperous Diwali and now enjoy this story too and relive the essence of Diwali season. I know I m too late for Diwali…I wrote this one long ago…but than some mishap occurred in my personal life and I had no time to post…sorry about that.
Hope u guys will like it.

***So Here We Go***

Sayyam and Krishna, both comes to know about the devilish truth of Sambhav and death of Saumya. They both were literally broken.

At night

Kriyyam’s room

Krishna was sitting on the couch while crying badly looking at Saumya’s photo in her hand.
Sayyam comes to the room. He was miserable. His eyes were bloodshot.
They look at eachother. Sayyam was more guilty than sad and Krishna’s tearful eyes fuel his that. His guilt was increased. He sat on the bed keeping his head in his hands.

Time passes in silence.

Sayyam slowly gets up and goes to Krishna who was still crying. They look at eachother. Soon Sayyam avoided her gaze and somehow manages to speak up after trying hard to bring out his voice.

Sayyam: Krishna…go and sleep on the bed.

Krishna’s eyes furrows in confusion. Sayyam turns to her and again said

Sayyam: Plz…

His eyes and voice, both were pleading, as if he is pleading to Krishna to help him to decrease the level of his guilt by sleeping on the bed.
Krishna feels something different. She couldn’t ignore that plead in his eyes and slowly gets up to go to the bed without saying anything. Sayyam stands there for few minutes and than lies down on the couch and both spent the night, sleepless.

Time Passes to some weeks.

Things are quiet settled now. All tried to forget the bitter past and start everything new.

Kriyyam also thought the same. As time passes, they both fall head over heel in Love with each other. Love is in the air. Now they understands eachother well and hv a sweet sour relationship.

One beautiful morning

Sayyam comes out of the washroom after bathe. He was drying his hair with towel, so didn’t notice Krishna who was also coming that way while seeing something on her phone. They collide and fall on the couch and hv a cute eyelock. Sayyam was on top of Krishna.
Krishna grows weak on nerves smelling the refreshing fragrance of his shower gel. Water drips on her face from Sayyam’s wet hair. Sayyam gently wipes the water droplet from her cheek. Krishna blushes cutely but suddenly her expression changed. She gets up at once making Sayyam move from her and stands in front of him. She touches his forehead and was shocked to feel his temperature.

Krishna: Sayyam tumhe toh bohut tez bukhaar hai…

Sayyam got irritated. He goes to the wardrobe. Krishna follows him.

Sayyam: It’s nothing.

Krishna: What nothing? U hv high fever and u r saying its nothing?…No…I won’t listen to u…u hv go to doctor…now.

Sayyam wear his shirt and got ready for office. Krishna continues.

Krishna: Where r u going?…If u r going to doctor than I’ll also come with u.

Sayyam turns to her.

Sayyam: No thanks…I don’t need ur help…and by the way…I m going to office…and not to doctor.

Krishna: What?…but how can u?…u r hving really high fever Sayyam…plz…ok..if u don’t hv to go to doctor…than at least stay home…I’ll call the doctor here only.

Sayyam: I said right… I don’t need ur help.

Saying that he leaves. Krishna became upset.

Krishna: Why doesn’t he understand?…why doesn’t he listen to me?..He didn’t even take his breakfast…I can’t let it go on…I hv to talk to auntie.

At night

Krishna goes to Suhani.

Kishna: Auntie…I hv to talk to u.

Suhani: Haan..bolo.

Krishna: Aunty…actually wo…Sayyam…usse tez bukhar hai…aur wo theek se khana bhi nahi kha raha…maine usse kaha bhi tha doctor ke paas jaane ke liye…but he doesn’t listen to me…par agar aap bolengi toh wo maan jayega.

Suhani got tensed.

Suhani: What?…Theek hai…hum kal subah Sayyam se baat karenge.

Krishna hugs her.

Krishna: Thank u auntie…I know…he’ll listen to u.

They smile.

Next morning

Sayyam got ready for office. Suhani calls him.

Sayyam: Haan maa…did u call me?

Suhani: Beta..tumhe bukhaar hai…toh tum doctor ke paas kyun nahi jaa rahe ho?

Sayyam: Maa it’s nothing serious… but Aap ko kisne kaha?

Suhani: Tum toh humein bataoge nahi…toh off course Krishna ne bataya.

Sayyam glares at Krishna who was peeping from the kitchen. As soon as Sayyam looks at her she hides.

Yuvraaj: Haan..Sayyam..u should take care of ur health…wait…Suhani…U call the doctor here only.

Suhani: Yes…I’ll call.

She dials doctor’s number but Sayyam stops her.

Sayyam: No no Maa its ok…I’ll go.

Suhani: Sure?

Sayyam nods.

He leaves from there after glaring at Krishna, angrily, when Krishna hides behind the pillar of the kitchen.

Sayyam had no way left. He goes to Doctor. Doctor checks him and prescribed some tests and asks him to come after two days to collect the reports.

Sayyam comes back at night and when Krishna comes to room, they hv a cute argument over the morning incident.

After two days

Sayyam reluctantly goes to the doctor to collect the report. He was leaving without checking them when doctor stops him.

Doctor: Wait Mr Sayyam…I hv to say something serious about ur report.

Sayyam stops and comes back to sit.

Sayyam: Yea…tell me…what happened?

Doctor: Actually… after all the tests done…ur report is very serious…u r hving brain cancer…and treatment should be start very quick…otherwise it’ll be late.

Sayyam felt the doctor’s words to be bolt from the blue. The earth quivered under his feet. There was no movement in him. He couldn’t choose the perfect emotion to suit the situation. He didn’t know either he should be sad or happy or what.

Doctor: Has anyone come with u?

Sayyam comes to sense to hear the doctor’s question and nods in negative.

Doctor: Ok…than go to home and tell ur family members about this and start treatment as soon as possible…there is not enough time left.

Sayyam doesn’t reply and leaves from there.

He comes back home late at night. Krishna was not there in the room. He hides the report carefully in the drawer and goes to washroom.

Krishna comes to room with his food as it became late. Sayyam comes out of the washroom. Krishna serves him dinner.

Krishna: Sayyam…why r so late today?…Did u go to bring the reports?

Sayyam was shocked and lies to Krishna.

Sayyam: No…reports abhi nahi aaye…it will take few days.

Krishna: But they said it’ll come after two days…right?..Than?

Sayyam doesn’t reply and starts to eat to avoid Krishna’s questions. Krishna also thinks to ask him later as it became late.

Krishna goes and sits on the bed resting her back on the headboard and stretching her legs. She was reading some magazine.

Sayyam eats only few bites. He goes to the bedside table and drinks some water. Then he lies down on the bed horizontally, keeping his head on Krishna’s lap. Krishna was shocked.

Krishna: Sayyam… kya hua tumhe?

Sayyam: I m tired Krishna…hving a bad headache.

Krishna was way too much surprised by his action but doesn’t say anything. She keeps the magazine aside and caresses his hair.

Krishna: Theek hai…main tumhara sar daba deti hoon…tum so jao.

Krishna massages his head lovingly. Sayyam closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep. Krishna massages his head for long time, than she also falls asleep while sitting in the same position.

Two days passes

Sayyam doesn’t say anything at home about his report and secretly starts to take medicines.

One morning Kriyyam go to market. They buy all things and come back to the car. Sayyam remembers that he forgot his wallet on the shop counter. He goes back to bring it. Krishna was standing alone near the car when three goons come there and tease her. Krishna got scared and tries to avoid them. But they continue teasing her. Krishna starts to run to the shop and the goons also follow her. Krishna runs and bumped into Sayyam’s arm and he holds her. Krishna feels safe and hides behind him.

The goons dared to snatch Krishna from Sayyam and as a result received several punches from him and leaves being injured.

Krishna turns to Sayyam happily and faced an angry Sayyam. Sayyam was angry with her.

Sayyam: Krishna…try to stand for urself…main hamesha nahi rahunga tumhe bachane ke liye.

He was angry, but his voice didn’t seem to be that much angry, rather it was calm. Krishna feels his voice to be something different, as if it had a touch of sadness. She unknowingly said

Krishna: Par tum the na…

Sayyam: I m also saying that…aaj main yahan tha…par sayad kal nahi rahunga…tab tum kya karogi?

Krishna was hurt to hear that Sayyam won’t be with her.

Krishna: Kyun? Kyun nahi rahoge tum?

Sayyam: Kyun ki main…

Sayyam was being irritated with her questions and was about to blurt out the truth but somehow controls himself. He leaves from there angrily.

Krishna sees him going and follows him. Sayyam starts the car and they commence their way to home in silence.

A beautiful evening

Dadi’s birthday party was arranged in BH.

Krishna was in her room, trying to drape the saree as was being instructed in the video, but was failing again and again. She becomes really frustrated after trying for more than 20 minutes and decides to wear Salwar. She starts to open the saree when suddenly Sayyam comes into the room and saw her in that state. Her Saree was half open and her front part was uncovered, half part of saree was in her hand.
Krishna was frozen shocked to see Sayyam and closed her eyes tightly. Sayyam too felt awkward. There prevails a silence other than the voice of the girl instructing in the video Saree draping video.

Sayyam thinks for a second and slowly goes to Krishna. He shut down the laptop and takes the saree from her hand. Krishna opens her eyes being shocked as she thought Sayyam may be gone from the room. Sayyam was looking at her.

Krishna felt uncomfortable in front of him. But Sayyam didn’t look anywhere else other than her eyes, as if his eyes were stuck in hers. He took the saree from her hand and started to drape it around her body, without breaking the eye-lock.

Krishna felt an immense happiness. A little curve forms on her lips as Sayyam kneels down in front of her to stuck the pleats of saree near her belly. She closes her eyes feeling the touch of his cold finger against her skin. Sayyam gets up and took the left portion of the saree pleats and pins it up on her shoulder. Krishna now opens her eyes and sees herself in the mirror.

Sayyam stands behind her and looks at her. Krishna smiles seeing herself completely ready in Saree and looks at Sayyam.

Krishna: Thank u.

Sayyam: Apna kaam khud karna sikho…I won’t be always there to help u.

Krishna expected him to smile or to make any lite teasing comment on her disability as per his nature but he didn’t say anything like that. Rather Krishna got again hurt by his words.

Sayyam left the room. Krishna stands there hurt.

Krishna: Why does he say same thing again and again?…Why doesn’t he understand it hurts me?…It hurts me a lot.

Her immense pleasure of few minutes back turned into sadness that formed some tear droplets in her eyes. After sometime she composes herself and goes out.

Time passes

Only few days were left for Diwali. They all started to clean house for Diwali.

One morning Krishna was cleaning her room. It almost took her whole day to clean room. In the evening she was rearranging all the things. She keeps some files and important documents of Sayyam in the drawer. She was about to close the drawer when something caught her sight. She again opened the half closed drawer and takes out an envelop. She becomes curious to see Sayyam’s name typed on it.

Krishna: Sayyam ke reports aa gaye kya?..But Sayyam ne toh kaha tha reports aane mein do din lagenge…phir ye kya hai?

It was Sayyam’s medical report. She opens it being curious and was shocked.

Krishna collapses on the floor. Silent tear droplets spills out of her eyes. Her gaze got fixed at an empty distance. She could see all her dreams, which she started to weave in her heart with Love and care, were being shuddered one by one in front of her eyes. She had no control over her tears, that now started to flow down her throat.

Krishna had no idea of how long she was sitting there, trying to gather the broken pieces of her dreams and wishes in vain.

Sayyam comes back. He enters the room and sees Krishna sitting on the floor, back facing the door. There was no movement in her body. Sayyam gets confused to see her sitting like that. He goes to her.

Sayyam: Krishna…Kya hua tumhe?…Yahan pe kyun baithi ho?

Krishna neither moves nor gives any reply. Sayyam got tensed. He slowly goes near her and was shocked to see his reports in her hands. Krishna slowly turns and looks at him. Sayyam lowered his gaze and takes the reports from her hand.

Sayyam: Krishna…

Krishna stands up with trembling feet. Sayyam goes to hold her hand as she was about to fall. But Krishna moves his hand and balances herself.

Krishna: No…I don’t need ur help…I hv to learn to walk alone.

Sayyam: Krishna…listen to me…I would tell u…but…

Krishna: Plz Sayyam…I don’t want ur excuses.

She turns to go out. Sayyam tries to stop her. But they both got shocked to see Yuvraaj and Suhani standing at the door.

Krishna couldn’t control herself and runs to them. She hugs them and cries hard. YuvAni got shocked.

They ask Krishna what happened to her and why is she crying. But Krishna doesn’t reply and keeps on crying on their arms. YuvAni was really tensed. Yuvraaj goes to Sayyam and asks him.
Sayyam had no answers. He was silent. But he also knew that he had no way left to escape from this situation. He forwards the reports to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj got confused. He took the papers and was shocked.

Suhani: Anyone…for god sake… tell me something.

Yuvraaj goes to her and shows her the reports and she gets shocked.

Suhani: What?… kaise ho sakta hai?

She goes to Sayyam.

Suhani: Sayyam…Sayyam ye kya hai?…Tumhe…tumhe brain cancer…?

She breaks down crying on Sayyam’s arms. Sayyam felt weak.

Sayyam: Maa…plz stop crying.

Yuvraaj: Sayyam..why didn’t u tell us?

Sayyam couldn’t say anything. His heart was piercing to hear the sobbing of the two most important persons of his life. The atmosphere of the room got heavy. Suddenly Sayym’s phone rings. He was not in any mood to talk with anybody but saw that the call was from the doctor, under whose treatment he was. So he took the call.

Sayyam: Hello… doctor.

Suhani, Yuvraaj and Krishna became curious to hear doctor’s name.

Doctor: Hello Mr. Sayyam…can u plz come to hospital now?…actually…there is something important to tell u.

Sayyam: Ok I’ll come.

He cuts the call and tells them that he has to go to hospital. They all got tensed.

Yuvraaj: Why?..what happened?

Sayyam: I don’t know…doctor said it’s important to go.

Yuvraaj: Ok…than I’ll also come with u.

Suhani: Hum aur Krishna bhi jayenge.

Sayyam: No maa…I’ll go.

Yuvraaj: Sayyam…u hv done what u hv to…now let us do what we think is right…ok?

Sayyam couldn’t say anything else and he agrees and they leave.

All were tensed and no one uttered a single word on their way to hospital. Krishna’s silent tears didn’t stop. Sayyam continuously looks at her from sideways of his eyes, but she doesn’t look back. They reach there and goes to the doctor. Krishna holds Suhani’s hand.

The doctor asks them to sit.

Sayyam: Yes doctor…now tell me…why did u call me so urgently?

Doctor: Actually…Mr. Sayyam…there occurred a big misunderstanding…or I must say big mistake.

Yuvraaj: Doctor…plz make it clear.

Doctor: Yea…actually…the reports which we provided to Mr. Sayyam…those r wrong…I mean…that’s not his reports.

They all were shocked.

Sayyam: What?…what r u saying doctor?…How is this possible?

Doctor: We r extremely sorry about that…but this is true…actually…the pathological lab is responsible for this mistake…somehow ur blood sample got exchanged with another person and all these happened.

They all were more shocked. Suhani asked

Suhani: But what do u mean by that?…Is that mean Sayyam doesn’t hv brain cancer? Is he fine?

Doctor: Exactly…U r right…he doesn’t hv brain cancer.

Now all were happily shocked. Their happiness became unbounded. Krishna hugs Suhani and cries in joy. Suhani also do the same.

Sayyam, this time didn’t fall in any dilemma to choose the perfect emotion for the situation. He smiles. Yuvraaj hugs him. He felt so happy and hugs him back.

Kriyyam look at eachother. Sayyam smiled at Krishna. But she didn’t smiled back, rather averted her gaze.

Suhani: But Doctor…than what about Sayyam’s actual reports?

Doctor: I hv got his reports…he was hving Typhoid germs…that’s why he was hving high fever…but don’t worry… he is absolutely fine now.

Yuvraaj: How can they be so irresponsible when it’s about someone’s life?

Doctor: We r extremely sorry.

Suhani: Let it go Yuvraaj…my son is fine…and that’s enough for me.

She goes to Sayyam and hugs him. They smile. Krishna was standing afar, looking at them. They leave from there after some time.

All were happy but still Krishna was somewhat upset. They reach home and find all others waiting for them. Yuvraaj tells them everything. All were stunned. Pratima, Sharad and Bhavna affectionately scold Sayyam for not telling them anything. But they all were happy.

They all were talking when Sayyam noticed Krishna standing afar from all and was upset. He goes to her. Krishna saw him and again looks away.

Sayyam: Krishna I m sorry…I should hv told u…but I

Sayyam was saying further but Krishna left from there, as if she didn’t notice him. Sayyam stands there confused and puzzled. Krishna goes to Suhani.

Krishna: Auntie…mujhe nanu ke ghar jaana hai.

Sayyam and all other looks at her confused.

Suhani: What?…Nanu ke ghar jaana hai?…iss waqt?

Krishna: Haan..

Suhani: But Krishna…this is late night. U can go tomorrow morning.

Krishna: No auntie…I want to go now…plz.

Suhani was about to say something but Pratima stops her.

Pratima: Its ok..Krishna..u can go.

Krishna smiles and hugs her.

Krishna: Thank u dadi.

Pratima asks Sayyam to go with her. Sayyam agrees but Krishna denies.

Krishna: No Dadi…mujhe Daidu ke saath jaana hai.

Sayyam now gets angry. Pratima understands that Krishna is upset with Sayyam. She asks Yuvraaj to go with Krishna.

Kriyyam look at eachother before Krishna leaves with Yuvraaj for Pankaj and Lata’s home.

After some time

Sayyam was in his room. He was thinking about Krishna’s sudden change of behavior.

Sayyam: What’s her problem?…Is she mad or what?..Itni raat ko nanu ke ghar jaana zaroori tha kya?…Couldn’t she even wait for morning?

He was so angry on Krishna and was saying all these to himself. Yuvaani comes to him.

Yuvaani: Sayyam…kya bol rahe ho tum?

Sayyam turns to her.

Sayyam: Yuvaani…come…u only tell me…what was the need to go to nanu’s home…that too at this time of night?…They must be sleeping and she went to disturb them…and above that…she didn’t go with me…and went with papa…he also must be tired na…stupid girl…doesn’t think of anyone…she will only do what she want….How can she do that?

Yuvaani’s eyes got wide open. She was so happy to know about Sayyam’s concern for all. She smiles happily and looks at him. Now only Sayyam gets what he said in front of Yuvaani and felt embarrassed. He was trying to say something but Yuvaani stops him.

Yuvaani: U don’t need to say anything…I can understand…tum Krishna ko miss kar rahe ho na?

Sayyam: Off course not…why would I miss her?

Yuvaani: Sayyam…mujhse toh jhut mat bolo…I know…tum Krishna se bohut pyaar karte ho…hai na?

Sayyam was shocked to hear that from Yuvaani. He gets up from the bed and tries to avoid her question.

Sayyam: Are u mad Yuvaani?…What r u saying?…I don’t love her or anything.

Yuvaani: Really…than look at me and say.

Yuvaani gets up and turns him toward her. Sayyam was annoyed.

Sayyam: Yuvaani plz…

Yuvaani: No…u hv to say…don’t u love Krishna?

She keeps on asking him again and again. Sayyam gets really irritated and blurts out.

Sayyam: Yes…I Love her…I do.

Yuvaani was cheered up. She hugs him. Sayyam was again embarrassed.

Yuvaani: Yea…I told u…I knew it.

She looks at him happily. Sayyam looks away.

Yuvaani: So…My bro is in love?….wow…. I m so happy for u Sayyam.

Sayyam looks at her. He knew he can’t get away from her so easily. He smiles. Yuvaani once again hugs him.

Yuvaani: But Sayyam…Krishna is upset with u…so u must hv to do something for her.

Sayyam: What?

Yuvaani: I’ll think something…now u go and sleep…good night.

She goes. Sayyam smiles to himself and lies down. He was so happy for the first time in his life. He slowly falls asleep while looking at Krishna’s photo in his phone.

Next day

It was the day before Diwali. Yuvaani comes to Sayyam with so many crazy ideas but finally none of them worked out.

At night

It’s right that Krishna was angry on Sayyam but that doesn’t mean she was not concerned for him. However she came to nanu’s house being angry, she was worried for him. She manages to spend whole day, but couldn’t bear it anymore at night. She was really worried about his health. So thinks to call Yuvaani.

Krishna: Hello Yuvaani…kya kar rahi ho?…Dinner ho gaya?

Yuvaani: Haan…ho gaya.

Krishna: Sab logo ne dinner kar liya?

Yuvaani: Yes Krishna…

Krishna was hesitating to ask about Sayyam. Yuvaani understands that and thinks to tease her. She comes out of her room and starts to walk towards Sayyam’s room.

Yuvaani: By the way..Krishna…tune sirf ye janne ke liye call kiya?

Krishna’s chain of thought was interrupted by Yuvaani. She stammers.

Krishna: No…I mean…yes…wo…Did he take his dinner?

Yuvaani: Whom r u talking about?

Krishna: Wo…tumhara bhai.

Yuvaani: Mera bhai ?…oh Yuvaan…yes he took his dinner…but why r u asking about him?

Krishna: Yuvaani…I am not asking about Yuvaan…

Yuvaani enters Sayyam’s room and goes to him. Sayyam was wandering what is Yuvaani up to at this time of night. She sits beside him and put her phone on speaker. Sayyam was really wandering about her behavior when he heard Krishna’s voice from other side and Yuvaani winked at him.

Yuvaani: Than?

Krishna was getting really angry.

Krishna: Yuvaani..tumhara ek aur bhai hai na…wo mera khadoos pati…I m asking about him.

Yuvaani suppressed her laughter while Sayyam got up and stands afar. He was happy to know Krishna asking about him. Yuvaani continues her teasing.

Yuvaani: Ohh…toh aisa bol na…no he didn’t took his dinner..

Sayyam turns to her being shocked as Yuvaani lies to Krishna and she again winks at him. On the other side Krishna got tensed to know that.

Krishna: Kya?…but why?…what happened? Is he not feeling well…Is he hving fever again??…Yuvaani plz tell me kya hua Sayyam ko??…

Sayyam was once again shocked to hear Krishna’s tensed voice. In the meantime Yuvaani hands Sayyam her phone and leaves showing him thumbs up. Sayyam was totally confused by her action and above that Krishna’s uncounted questions over the phone about his health. He couldn’t take it anymore and said in his usual tone

Sayyam: I m alright Krishna…Mujhe kuch nahi hua.

And that was it. Krishna’s blabbering was stopped at once to hear Sayyam’s voice. And in a fraction of second various emotion goes through both of their minds and made them speechless.

Both kept silent and felt other’s sound of breath. Sayyam speaks first.

Sayyam: Krishna…r u there?…can u hear me?

Sayyam keeps on asking. Krishna still doesn’t reply.

Sayyam: Krishna…plz kuch toh bolo.

Unknowingly a flood of tears breaks in her eyes and her voice was chocked. She wanted to talk with him, ask him about his health, take out all her complaints against him, but couldn’t utter a word. Sayyam waits for her but she couldn’t reply.

Sayyam: Ok Krishna…if u don’t want to talk to me…I won’t force u…good night…take care.

He cuts the call disappointedly and lies down. Krishna too do the same. Both think of the other while tossing and turning on the bed whole night.

Next morning

It was the prosperous day of Diwali. All were happy. Yuvaani comes to Sayyam and gets to know that Krishna didn’t speak to him. She got tensed.

Yuvaani: But Sayyam…u can’t sit like this…u hv to do something…dekho…aaj Diwali hai na…so mumma told me to ask u to go to bring Krishna back…and I know…Krishna will also expect u to do so…she’ll also want this day to spend with u…aur tumbhi toh yahi chahte ho na…than what r u waiting for? Go and bring her back.

Sayyam becomes really happy. He hugs Yuvaani and thanks her.

Time passes to afternoon. It was almost 5 p.m. Krishna was in the room and as Yuvaani said, she was expecting Sayyam but he didn’t come or call her. She was now angry on herself.

Krishna: Krishna…tu na ek no. ki buddhu hai…kya zaroorat thi itna gussa karne ki?…now see…u spoiled ur Diwali bcz of that… pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha…if I would not come here and talk to Sayyam…things would sorted out…he even said sorry…but no…I had to show attitude…and above that I didn’t even talk to him last night…than why will he come?…

Krishna was saying all these to herself when suddenly heard a knocking sound from the window. She was first confused but than ignores it. But again heard the knocking sound. She goes to open the window and her eyes got wide open to see Sayyam clinging from there.

Krishna: Sayyam…tum?….tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?…Yahan kaise pahunche?

Sayyam forwards his hand.

Sayyam: Krishna…first help me to get in…than I’ll answer all ur questions.

Krishna was about to hold his hand but stops.

Krishna: No…why will I help u?…u don’t need my help… right?

Sayyam: Krishna…plz help…otherwise I’ll fall from here…and this time I’ll surely die…in real.

Krishna was now fully raged to again hear from him about his death. She goes to him and pulls him by his hand. Sayyam comes inside and Krishna leaves his hand. She goes from there. Sayyam somehow prevents himself from falling down.

Sayyam: Thanks Krishna.

Krishna: To hell with ur thanks…kyun aaye ho yahan?…Jaao yahan se.

Sayyam: Why would I go?…I hv come to meet my nanu and nani.

Krishna: Than go to them…mere kamre mein kya kar rahe ho?

Sayyam smiles and goes to her. He holds her hand and turns her towards him. Krishna tries to get away but Sayyam holds her tight. Krishna looks at him.

Sayyam: Abhi bhi gussa ho?

Krishna looks away to hide her glistened eyes. Sayyam feels bad. He turns her face.

Sayyam: I m really sorry Krishna.

Krishna gets away from him.

Krishna: Tum sorry kyun bol rahe ho?…tumhe jo sahi laga…tumne wo kiya…aur waise bhi…why will u tell me anything?…I hv no rights to know.

Sayyam: No Krishna…it’s nothing like that.

Krishna: Its ok Sayyam…I can understand…now go to meet nanu and nani…they’ll be happy.

Sayyam again holds her hand and brings her to him.

Sayyam: I’ll meet them later…first I want to tell u something.

Krishna looks at him confused.

Sayyam: I hv come here to take u back Krishna… I want to make this Diwali…the most memorable Diwali of our life…and I need ur help to do so.

Krishna was surprised. Sayyam brings her closer and holds her face in his hands. Krishna was lost in him.

Sayyam: U fight with me, scold me, stop talking to me…do whatever u want…but plz Krishna…don’t ever leave me like this… I can’t live without u.

Krishna’s eyes were now filled.

Krishna: Ab pata chala mujhe kaisa lagta hai?…U too did same with me…U were saying to leave me forever?

Sayyam holds her hands in his and kneels down in front of her. Krishna was again surprised.

Sayyam: I m sorry.

Krishna too kneels down by his side and cups his face.

Krishna: Tum mere paas nahi ho… mere saath nahi ho…ye sochte hi meri saansein ruk jaati hai Sayyam…meri zindagi wahi pe khatam ho jaati hai…tum ye kyun nahi samajhte?…main har kadam pe tumhare saath chalna chahti hoon…chahe wo kitna bhi bura waqt ho…par tumne itni badi baat mujhe batane ki zaroorat nahi samjhi?

Sayyam: It’s not that Krishna…I just didn’t know how to tell u.

He wipes her tears and smiles.

Sayyam: Now just leave it Krishna…u get ready and come with me…all r waiting for u.

They get up. Krishna smiles.

Krishna: But I hv nothing to wear…I didn’t go to shopping…that’s bcz of u.

Sayyam: That’s not a problem…I hv brought everything for u…dekhlo…tumhe pasand hai ya nahi.

Krishna becomes so happy. Sayyam takes out a packet and opens it. Krishna’s eyes beams with happiness to see the beautifully stone worked light orange Lehenga. She looks at him and hugs him in happiness.

Krishna: Thank u so much Sayyam…I love this.

Sayyam can feel her excitement and hugs her back. Now only Krishna understands that she hugged Sayyam and feels embarrassed. She breaks the hug and looks away. Sayyam too understands that and smiles.

Sayyam: Now get ready.

Krishna smiles and leaves from there. After sometime, she comes out wearing that Lehenga and was looking gorgeous. Sayyam feels his heart beat raised to see her. He was lost in her beauty. Krishna blushes.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door which brings them back to sense. Krishna opens the door and it was Yuvaani. They hug eachother. And as usual Yuvaani teased Kriyyam. Sayyam left from there. Yuvaani laughed and than leaves with Krishna.

Whole Birla Family was out, in the drawing room. They all become happy to see Krishna and hug her. They complete Diwali puja. Kriyyam were asked to do Aarti together.

Than they all go out and lit up Diya and candles. All were so happy. Kriyyam burns fuljhari together. Sayyam carefully holds Krishna to protect her from fire. They hv cute eyelocks.

After sometime they all go back to BH and light up Diyas around there too. All enjoy a lot. Kriyyam were embarrassed several times by Yuvaani’s teasing comments.

Time passes

Kriyyam and all other complete dinner and disperse to their own rooms. Kriyyam also go to their room. Krishna was very happy to come to her room. Sayyam comes behind her. Krishna looks at him and smiles. Sayyam holds her hand to bring her closer to him. Krishna becomes nervous.

Krishna: Sayyam…tum..

Sayyam: I told u right that I’ll make this Diwali most memorable Diwali of our life…than let me fulfill my promise.

He brings her more closer and holds her tightly by her waist. Krishna pants heavily being more nervous. Sayyam looks deeply at her eyes.

Sayyam: I Love u Krishna.

Krishna’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe her ears. Unknowingly her eyes were filled. Sayyam smiles and touched her cheek. Krishna closed her eyes. A long trail of tear runs down her cheek.

Sayyam: I really do Krishna.

Krishna opened her eyes. She hides herself in his arms and whispered.

Krishna: I Love u too Sayyam…I Love u too.

Sayyam too hugs her tight. They both became lost in that moment. They both find the solace of their hearts in eachothers arms which they never felt.

Sayyam breaks the hug and cups Krishna’s face. They smile happily and hv an eyelock. Sayyam slowly leans to her and softly touches her lips with his. Krishna shivered. Sayyam thought he did wrong. He leaves her and turns to other side.

Sayyam: Sorry Krishna…I didn’t ask u…if u r comfortable…I mean…I m really sorry…

Krishna became irritated as she was waiting for him to continue. She pulls him back and Sayyam loses his balance. They fall on the bed. Sayyam was on top. He was too much shocked to Krishna’s action. But he didn’t get enough time to think as Krishna turns him on the bed and comes upon him. And this was the first time Sayyam became so much tensed and felt so helpless.

Sayyam: Kya…kya hua Krishna?…I said sorry na…I m really sorry…I should hv asked u…I..

Krishna now becomes enraged as Sayyam says sorry for kissing her. She listened to him impatiently for few seconds. But then lose her patience. She rests her palm on his cheek while leaning closer to him and finally reached her desired destination, that is obviously to Sayyam’s lips.

Sayyam was interrupted in the middle as his lips were being deeply tasted by his angry bird wife. He was first shocked but soon he also joins. He tightly holds Krishna’s waist and gently caresses her half open smooth back. Krishna closed her eyes more tightly feeling his touch.

The kiss became deeper with every passing moment. Sayyam turned Krishna over the bed as they finally break the kiss after a really long time and again comes over her. Krishna was still closing her eyes. Sayyam smiles and rubs his nose on hers. Krishna opens her eyes. She was blushing like anything. Sayyam whispered.

Sayyam: Krishna…don’t blush this much…or I won’t be able to control myself.

Krishna giggled and locked her arms around his neck to pull him closer.

Krishna: And who told u to control urself ?

Sayyam smirked as he got what she meant.

Sayyam: U’ll repent Krishna.

Krishna: I don’t mind.

Sayyam’s eyes were wide open to hear her reply. Krishna laughed. Sayyam smirked and slowly dips his face on her neck. Krishna hold him more tightly as he continues.

The blissful Diwali night turned into their First Night of Love in eachother’s warm embrace. The prosperous night witnessed their intense moments and turned it to be the most beautiful night ever of their life.


So guys that’s it. Hope u all like it.

Awaiting ur valuable and motivating comments, that will give me immense pleasure and I’ll be able to keep smiling. Plz feel free to share ur views and if possible plz mention which part of the story u like most…off course if u like the story.
I had a question to u guys…Is my Hindi ok or is there anything wrong…if so…then plz help me to correct it.
Many many thanks to Fidato, Annie, Sabana, Aman, Kriyyam fan, Tejaswi, Mithila, Jenita, Bonna, Aarti, Shreya, Fenil Bhai, Shagufta, Isha, Ishika, Rehmat, Dewdrop, Naymaz, Sravya,

Thank u so much.

Love u all.

Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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  1. Fenil

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    Fabulous OS.Speechless KriYaam.

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Bahi…
      Glad that u like it…
      And really that it became toooo long….first i removed 2-3 parts…but then story was not getting in shape…that’s why had to add it again…and it became long….So Sorry about that…

  2. Awesome it’s superb
    Come back soon

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  4. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful os. I loved ur os so much it’s so amazing. Update the os of Kriyam like this only. U can make os when sayyam is angry on Krishna for blaming Suhani in Suhani pregnancy it’s just my idea if u can please make the os. I loved ur os so much

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  6. Wow so nice ur os is so awesome and wonderful and amazing I loved ur os so much.write os of Kriyam like this only. I have one suggestion u can write os on sayyam was angry at Krishna for blaming Suhani in Suhani pregnancy it’s just my idea.

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much for lovely comment dear….
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      And ur idea is really amazing…i’ll definitely try to write on it…
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  7. After a long time…… Ooo best Diwali gift…. Thank you… And not one part I loved the whole story…. ?

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    Wonderful os dear.. Really loved reading it.. And ur hindi is very good.. And just can’t really tell which part was best coz whole story was beautifull..

    1. Muniya

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  9. Dear,i was waiting for ur OS. B4 i had told u much i love ur write but this time u broke my expectation level. What u wrote!!! I was crying when read about saiyaam brain cancer really that moment I was anger on u (so forgive me though I known it’s a story). Then ur writing pattern made me cool ?. Really ur a superb writer. I read this at early morning but couldn’t comment due to wifi prblm but ur writing forced me to come here again ??. Love u a lot?n waiting for ur next dhamaka OS ?

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  11. Fidato

    Hi… Muniya… Such a beautiful… OS dear… this Diwali gift is really precious… Really loved it whole…. I really liked the Hindi dialogue Krishna said to Sayyam… Simple but elegant way of proposing…. Your Hindi or English kuch bhi… chalega… yaar.. it’s your way of writing… It’s amazing….loved it to the core..

    1. Muniya

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  13. I wonder how u get such new and amazing ideas Di.. Loved the idea of this os. I loved each and every part of the story. My fav part is kriyam romances and when the doctor says the reports were wrong…I felt very happy after reading the os. Such a good one. Thanks a lot for this gift Di…

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Tejaswi dear…
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    1. *happened

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