Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula Bua Gets Mukti and Promises Rebirth As Mohit and Dabbu’s daughter

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 5th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha and Vinay panic seeing ghost coming towards them. They switch on the lights and the ghost disappears. Vinay switches off lights and the ghost appears close to them. They shout and get scared. The lights of the house blinks. Dabbu hears the ghost shouting and gets scared.She wakes up Mohit and tells that strange voice is coming. He wakes up and says it is his phone ring tone. He picks the call and says it is Nana Bhai’s call. Dabbu hugs Mohit being scared and thinks if Bakula Bua doing this to unite us. Madhuri hears Chandu talking in sleep that he will make Madhuri happy. She thinks she has to show him to tantrik. Just then lights blinks off and on. She wakes him up and asks to check. Chandu says we shall take kids as you said we shall take them to show something good. Madhuri says kids will be scared and asks him to come. Vinay takes Rekha to front. They all gather in hall scared. Vinay accepts his mistakes and sin and tells that he was happy when Bakula died, he did cheating with Rupal etc.

Ghost scares them. Bakula Bua smiles and tells Dabbu that the ghost is fake, Jaam saab and nana bhai brought her here. They all unite and stand together. She tells that she will unite them. Bakula gets inside the fake ghost and flies in air. Everyone gets more scared. Bakula comes out of fake ghost and tells Dabbu that she got them together due to her fear strength. Fake ghost/woman think that it seems they are very scared. She will get double money from Nana Bhai and Jaam Saab. The woman asks Jaam Saab and Nana Bhai to give her 5 lakhs and then says 7 lakhs. She gets their gold things and takes their clothes also, because Bakula gets inside her. Everyone wake up at Raja Sadan.

Nana Bhai and Jaam Saab come there wearing leaves and tells that ghost has taken their clothes. They ask them to close their ears as they want to pray to God. They act to thank God and says they will not buy the haunted house now even for 25 lakhs and says nobody will buy it now. Vinay says you have to buy it anyhow. Bakula tells that her family is a fool to sell 5 crores house for 50 lakhs. Dabbu asks Mohit to do something. Mohit tells Vinay that they will not sell the house. Jaam Saab and Nana Bhai come to builder and see the woman. They tell that the woman have stolen his things. Woman refuses. Builder asks her to scare Raja Sadan people again. Jaam Saab tells that the woman will make them leave.

Everyone have food together. Aditya says we have been united because of ghost. Rekha tells that because of Madhuri, they are united and tells that she talked about selling the house. Madhuri tells that she heard her saying it. Shyam asks them to stop it. Bakula Bua tells Mani that strength or intelligence, none of them is bigger. She repents for not using the correct thing at right time. She tells that it is the chance which lets them use the right thing. Narad tells Kanha ji that she thought the right way. Yamraj gets confused when Bakula explains to him that chance is the important factor.

In Raja Sadan, everyone is sitting in hall. Bakula Bua come in the house with Dabbu and tells that now they need to act. She gets in Dabbu’s body and tells that she heard Nana Bhai and Jaam Saab talking about sending ghost here which was fake. She asks them to call them and tell that they are ready to sell the house. Jaam Saab, Nana Bhai and Kapadia come there in night itself. They say they come to buy the house. Fake ghost come there and scares them. Kapadia smiles seeing her good acting, he acts and says he don’t want to buy the house. Bakula enters the woman. She goes near kapadia and slaps him repeatedly. Kapadia says you took money from me and slapping me. Woman asks where did you see me first. Kapadia says outside crematorium ground.

Woman says I was waiting for this chance, as we will unite today and we will stay there, but you have to die. I will keep Nana and Jaam also,I will keep them as my servants. Nana Bhai tells Mohit that they don’t want advance money and also will give them 2 lakhs which he gives to Jaam. They run out of house. Aditya says I have recorded in my latest phone whatever they said. Dabbu slaps the woman. She asks aren’t you scared? Madhuri says sasumaa will beat you now. Woman gets afraid and runs.

Later everyone have icecream and cheers for Dabbu. Aditya tells Mohit that he call call from airlines for crew member interview. He tells that Dabbu motivated him to apply. They all are thankful to Dabbu for stopping them from selling the house. Rupal says Dabbu did one more wonder. Shyam tells that he read the news that his Guru ji was caught selling drugs, he felt sad when Dabbu came to him and asks him to leave sanyas and take a U turn and becomes sansari. He takes out rudraraksha. Vinay asks Dabbu to become Bakula no. 2. Dabbu says it is Rekha’s responsibility and asks her to keep the family united. Rekha says she will do and tells that she is happy. Chandu gets a call and says he will come. He tells everyone that his Papad fan is ready to invest for his papad factory. Everyone get happy. Dabbu says this is happening as we are united.

Bakula blesses Dabbu and says you have won everyone’s heart. Mohit took right decision in anger. Just then Mohit calls and she goes. Bakula talks to Kanha ji’s idol and asks him to call her, and says you didn’t call me when I was alive. Kanha ji appears infront of her and asks her to open her eyes. Bakula asks if he is joking. Kanha ji says he is standing surely. Bakula is surprised seeing him and he tells that he is surely standing infront of him. He gets bigger andbigger.

Bakula starts complaining to him and says she was living a life and married him in dreams, waited for him in night and then again wished to see him. She tells that when you came infront of me. You got angry with me. She tells that she just yearned for his darshan and tells that she did wrong with Rupal and Madhuri. She cries. Kanha ji sits beside her and keeps hand on her shoulder. Bakula says when you came infront of me, I have nothing now, not even breath. Kanha ji says as I know that you are the only one who have united Raja Sadan family. He says you got punar janam and mukti on earth. He says you have made place in my heart directly.

Bakula asks if my mukti time have come. He says yes and asks if she would like to come with her husband. Bakula asks if she can meet her family once before going with him. She says she wants them to look at her and wants to remove anger from their heart for her. Kanha ji asks again a condition. Bakula Bua tells that it is her request. Kanha ji says tathastu and says your time starts now. Rekha tells Madhuri and Rupal that she doesn’t know from where to start. Just then they hear Bakula Bua’s voice and she guides her. She guides Madhuri to take sainik out from her. She says Rupal have become hot coffee now. She comes infront of everyone and gives darshan.

Rekha says Bakula Behen. Mohit gets emotional and is about to touch her, but she stops him. Vinay says Bakula Behen. Bakula calls him fondly. Vinay says he always acted to love her. Bakula says you are younger than me, I have forgiven you. Rekha asks are you with us here? Bakula says you hear all story from Dabbu later. She asks them to be united always and tells that she is going to her husband’s house and asks to bid her bye happily. She tells that a soul have a strength to decide about the rebirth and she has decided to return as a daughter. She says she will return as Dabbu and Mohit’s daughter and gives them best wishes. They all get happy and smiles.

Show Came To An End.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Truly a great serial, kept me in fits of laughter. I hope the producers and writers come up with another great comedy. All the best and thank you.

  2. Loved the show!

  3. Plz don’t end up the story. What about chanchal and dadi ”s multi.. I love to watch it.. Missed too much

  4. Great show. With beautiful moral as well

  5. iotit was a last episode of bakula bua ka bhoot…??

  6. Is the series end?

  7. Great show…..missed too much

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