Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ Part 22

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Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ Part 21


In the evening

Kriyyam and YuvAni were in the hospital, others left. They were sitting outside the ICU cabin, still waiting and praying for Soumya.

Time passes to two hours

The doctor comes for Soumya’s routine check-up. Krishna becomes impatient as she thinks something wrong has happen. She looks at Sayyam, worriedly.

Sayyam understands that. He keeps a hand over Krishna’s, to assure her.

Sayyam: Nothing Krishna…its routine check-up.

Krishna gets calmed down.

YuvAni saw them. They look at each other and there was little smiles on both of their faces. This smile was of parental affection. They were happy to see their children rely on each other, they are there for each other.

Few more time passes

It was almost after half an hour, the doctor came out. YuvAni and Kriyyam look at each other and rushed to the doctor.

Yuvraaj: Doctor…how is Soumya?

They wait for a reply when the doctor smiled a bit.

Doctor: She has gained conscious…and is fine now.

The faces that were pale and worried from these three days, were brighten up at that very moment as the doctor said those words.

They look at each other, happily.

Krishna: Really doctor…can we meet her?

Doctor: Yes…she’ll be soon shifted to general ward…there u can meet her.

Suhani: Thanks doctor…

The doctor leaves. Krishna cries in happiness, looking at Sayyam, still wondering, how was he so sure about everything being fine. Her smile got wider even in between her tears.

Suhani: Thank god…Somu is fine now.

She too was overflowing with happy tears.

After sometime

YuvAni and Kriyyam go to meet Soumya. She was resting. Krishna sees her and was overwhelmed with happiness. She rushes to her.

Krishna: Mumma…

Soumya opens her eyes and sees her daughter crying badly.

Soumya: Krishna…

Krishna keeps on crying.

Soumya: Krishna…beta stop crying…see I’m fine.

Krishna looks at her.

Krishna: Mumma…why did this happen to u mumma…aapko pata hai main kitna dar gayi thi?

Soumya feels really sad to see her loving daughter is so sad for her. She caresses Krishna’s head.

Soumya: Krishna…

Krishna looks up at her with teary eyes.

Krishna: Ab main aapko kabhi akela nahi chhodungi…

She hugs her. Suhani comes to them.

Suhani: Somu…kaisi ho?

Soumya: Suhani…main theek hoon…par meri wajah se tum logon ko bohut takleef hui na?

Sayyam: Aunty…what r u saying?…we all are family…so we should always be there for eachother.

Yuvraaj: Yes Soumya…he is right.

Soumya smiles a bit. She feels so lucky to hv such persons around her daughter and herself.

Soumya gets discharged from the hospital after two days and went home. Krishna too went with her as she had to take proper care of Soumya.

Time passes to one week

Krishna was still living with Soumya. She was quite well now.

However Krishna was away from Sayyam, she always had thoughts about him on her mind. And the matter was same on Sayyam’s side too. He too was being very impatient day by day without Krishna, around him.

Whenever he had to take out his cloths by his own before going to shower, he was missing Krishna. Whenever he had to pick his lunchbox from the dining, he was missing Krishna.

Whenever he would look back at the door before getting into the car and there would be his mother, waving at him, he was missing Krishna.

When his mother or grandmother serves him his fav dessert, he misses that cute smile of Krishna, that she always flashes after serving him.

When he had to do the load of project works sitting alone in his room, he was missing Krishna’s encouraging support.

When he enters the dark empty room at the night, he misses Krishna.

When he had to sleep without a warm presence beside him or without a heaviness on his chest and a tug on his midrib, he misses Krishna.

Thus, from morning to night, with every passing second without Krishna, his life seems to be incomplete. It seems not to be worth living without her.

Sayyam was being irritated with every small thing and it was being clear to all too.

Evening, 6 pm.

Sayyam comes back from office and was going to room. Baby saw him coming. He was looking at his phone and collides with Baby.

As soon as Baby saw him, she came with a glass of water for him, as one of her evil attempts. They collide and the water spills over him.

Sayyam gets angry. Baby gets shocked.

Sayyam: What the hell?…Can’t u see?…

Baby: Sorry…actually I brought water for u…and..

She was cut off.

Sayyam: Did I ask u to bring water for me?…Did I…?…No…then?

Baby tries to clarify something but Sayyam just left from there, glaring at her, angrily. Baby stands there, puzzled for sometime, and then left.

Suhani saw them and she knew why Sayyam was being so rude all of a sudden and also what she has to do. She went to him.

Sayyam was going to change and was blabbering curses to himself.

Suhani: Sayyam…

Sayyam looked back at her. His irritation clear from his face but he tried to cover it up.

Sayyam: Haan Maa…

Suhani: Beta…I had to talk to u about something.

Sayyam: Yea…

Suhani: Bata…abhi tum free ho na?

Sayyam: Hann…u need something?

Suhani: Haan…actually…u know Somu…

Sayyam gets tensed to hear Soumya’s name as he thought may be she is again not well. It was his first thought but deep down his heart was pounding to thing if there is something wrong with Krishna. But he tries to keep himself calm in front of Suhani and asks

Sayyam: Kya hua unhe?…Is she fine?

Suhani: Yea…she is fine…

Sayyam was still not relieved as he couldn’t know yet if Suhani was going to say something about Krishna.

Suhani: U know…me, Yuvraaj and also Maa and Dadi…we all asked her to come to our place and stay here with us until she gets perfectly well…but she is not ready to listen to us…so I was thinking if u go there and ask her to come and stay with us, she can’t deny u…so…will u go?

Now Sayyam was relieved. And now his heart was pounding with lot of different emotions as he thought he’ll be able to see Krishna.

Sayyam: Yea…off course…I’ll go.

Looks like all his irritations and anger, hv been vanished in the air. He smiled at his mother and rushed to the washroom.

Suhani too smiled to see him smile. She left.

After sometime

Sayyam gets ready and left for Soumya’s house.

He reached there and meet Soumya. She was happy to see him. They hv some casual talk about her health and also Sayyam tries to make her agree to come with him.

Sayyam was talking to Soumya, but his eyes were searching only Krishna. But she was not there. Soumya also understands that. She calls Krishna. But instead of Krishna, the maid comes.

Soumya: Mina…where is Krishna?…tell her that Sayyam has come.

Mina: Krishna di is in her room…and I told her about him.

Sayyam gets a bit irritated. He thought, even after knowing that he has come, Krishna didn’t meet him.

Soumya: Sayyam…beta Krishna apne kamre mein hai…tum jaao…usse mil lo.

Sayyam nods and leaves for her room.

Krishna’s room is on upstairs.

Sayyam enters her room. He looks around but Krishna is not there. It made him more irritated. But then he hears the sound of water from the washroom and knew she is in there. He sat on the bed and looks around the room.

After few minutes

Sayyam was engrossed in his phone when there was a clicking sound of the door open and he looked up there. As soon as the door was open, a familiar scent engulfed the whole room as well as Sayyam’s mind. All his irritation was again vanished.

Krishna came out, looking gorgeous, while drying her hair with the towel, with the most beautiful smile, ever, on her face, which was defining her inner happiness.

And she was wearing the same saree, which she wore on the first day after their marriage, that yellow bordered pink saree. And it throws Sayyam’s mind up to that very day, with same emotion of newly wedding days.

It engulfed his mind, even more deeply. He forgot to blink once.

Krishna walked over to him, holding the gorgeous smile of hers. She kept the towel and went to the dresser. They hv some casual talk as Krishna asked him about family members. Sayyam keeps on staring at her. It was being difficult for him to keep his emotions controlled.

Suddenly, he got up from the bed and went to Krishna. She looks at him, surprised.

Sayyam caged Krishna’s waist with his left hand and turned her towards him. Krishna was more shocked then surprised now.

Krishna: Sayyam….

Sayyam looks deep into her eyes and hold her more tightly. Once he was ensured Krishna can’t escape the tight grasp of him, he captured her lips in his.

Krishna was again surprised. She can feel Sayyam was kissing her, softly and sweetly. She can feels his hold was being tighter and his warm breathe hitting her left cheek, sending shivers through her veins. She closed her eyes.

Sayyam hold her left hand in his right palm.

And with few more passing moments, she too was drowned in that flow of sweet love as she placed her right hand on his shoulder, then slowly ran towards his neck, caressing gently.

Sayyam and Krishna were kissing each other, deeply drowned in the moment.

They don’t had a proper talk or meeting till before Sayyam went to Delhi. And when he came back, they were tensed for Soumya and Krishna was staying with her. So it was quite long time they were separate, either physically or mentally.

And now, when they were together, alone, all the hidden emotions flashed in together and the result was a long time kiss, dipped into each other’s lips.

Sayyam stops kissing as he got that Krishna was getting out of breathe. They were panting and Sayyam pecks Krishna’s lips one last time before finally pulling out from the kiss.

Their eyes were still closed. Sayyam touched Krishna’s forehead with his and whispered

Sayyam: I missed u…

Krishna opened her eyes in this. Sayyam too did the same. They again look into each other’s eyes.

Krishna: I missed u too…

And with that, Kriyyam were locked in a warm embrace with the other.


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