Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ Part 21

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Krishna keeps on staring the screen of her phone while smiling to herself, for some time. She then gets up and goes to get ready, after sending a same ‘good morning’ wish to Sayyam.

After sometime

Krishna goes out, in a light mood, with a cute little smile adorning her face. She made breakfast for all and joined them at the dining.

The day went on.

In the evening

Yuvraaj and others come back from office. Krishna and Bhavna serve them hot coffee with light snacks. They all sit together, while sipping the coffee and enjoying with eachother.

Suddenly Krishna’s phone rings. She glances at the screen to know it was from her mother. She smiles happily as she receives the call.

Krishna: Hello…Mumma…how r u?…

She just started speaking but soon she was stopped as she hears an afraid voice from the other side. She was shocked for few seconds. hthtThe person on the other side said such thing that it almost took her breathe. She shouts

Krishna: NO!!!

All gets shocked with her sudden scream and looks at her. Krishna was in tears.

Suhani goes to her.

Suhani: Krishna…Krishna…what happened?

Krishna can’t speak a word. Yuvraaj takes the phone from her hand and talks. He too was shocked to know the matter.

Yuvraaj: What??…Ok…u don’t worry…we r coming in few minutes…u just take care of her.

Suhani: Yuvraaj…plz tell me what happened?

Yuvraaj: Suhani…Soumya is not well…she has been fainted suddenly and is not responding…

Suhani: What?

All get shocked. Krishna cries hugging Suhani.

Yuvraaj: Yah…her maid called…so we hv to go fast…Sharad, Yuvaan come with me.

Krishna: I’ll also come with u…

Suhani: Yea… me too.

Yuvraaj agrees as he knows well what these two women are feeling after hearing such news of the most beloved person of their life.

They leave soon. Krishna runs to Soumya as soon as reach there and she tries to wake her up. But she was not moving. Krishna cries.

Yuvraaj: Krishna…let us take her to hospital first…come.

Suhani: Haan Yuvraaj…jaldi karo.

They took Soumya to hospital and she was taken under treatment. Krishna breaks down crying on the floor. Suhani too was feeling the same but she knew she had to be by Krishna’s side. She goes to Krishna and hugs her. Both cry and pray for Soumya.

After sometime

The doctor comes.

Yuvraaj: Doctor…how is Soumya? What happened to her?

Doctor: She had a stroke…

All get shocked.

Suhani: What?

Doctor: Yea…and if she was not brought to here in time…it could be dangerous.

Krishna feels the doctor’s words to be bolt from the blue. Tears flowed with a gasp from her eyes. Suhani again hugs her.

Yuvraaj: Doctor…how is she now?

Doctor: She is fine now…out of danger…but it’ll take time for her to gain the consciousness…she will be under observation.

The doctor leaves saying that.

Time passes to few hours

Yuvraaj: Suhani, Krishna…u go to home with Yuvaan…me and Sharad will be here.

Krishna: No papa…I won’t go…plz…I can’t…

Yuvraaj: But Krishna…

Krishna: Plz…Papa…plz…I can’t go.

Yuvraaj understands her state of mind. He agrees. Yuvaan and Sharad leave. Yuvraaj, Suhani and Krishna stay.

The next morning

They were still waiting for Soumya to come to sense, but she was not. Krishna’s eyes were swollen red due to heavy crying and not sleeping. But she was not ready to go home, leaving her mumma.

All other members also come to see Soumya. Bhavna and Pratima manage to make Krishna agree to go to home and get fresh. Krishna can’t deny them and agrees. She goes to home but comes back soon.

And again they all enter a long span of waiting for Soumya to get well.

On the other side

Sayyam was continuously calling Krishna but didn’t get any reply. He got tensed and calls Yuvaani. He comes to know everything and also that why Krishna was not answering his calls.

As his meeting was finished, he left from Delhi that evening.

At the hospital

Krishna was sitting on the bench. Her eyes were being heavy due to tiredness. She was about to hit the handle of the bench being half asleep when Suhani comes there and holds her. Krishna wakes up with a sudden jolt. Suhani makes her steady and sits beside her.

Krishna: Maa…

Krishna was feeling embarrassed for sleeping. Suhani understands that and smiles at her.

Krishna: Doctor ne kuch kaha?

Suhani: Nahi Krishna…but don’t worry…Soumya will be fine very soon.

Krishna becomes upset. Suhani caresses her hair while Krishna keeps her head on her shoulder. And in a split of second Krishna realizes something.

She realizes that, she is missing the most assuring support of someone, someone who dwells among the two most important persons in her life.

She was missing Sayyam and his caring support in this crisis.

Whole family was there to support her, to stand by her side, but still there was something in that loving warmth of Sayyam, her beloved husband, which no other person’s care or support can beat.

Krishna realizes that she needs Sayyam at this situation, very badly. She needs the wider shoulder of his to shed all the tears of pain and a loving warmth around herself, from him.

She looks up at Suhani.

Krishna: Maa…Sayyam…Sayyam will be coming today.

Suhani: Yea…I just talked to him…he has got into the flight and will be coming soon…

And this information provided a layer of solace to Krishna’s heart. She became somewhat light and smiled a bit after these two days.

After three hours

Sayyam comes back and he straight away goes to hospital. He saw Krishna and all others were sitting there, with pale faces.

Sayyam: Krishna…

All looks at the direction from where they heard Krishna’s name. Krishna too looks at there and saw Sayyam, approaching to them.

At that moment, Krishna felt like Sayyam was taking too long time to come near them and she couldn’t wait that long. She just ran from there, to reach the loving, protective embrace of him.

Krishna almost crushed herself with Sayyam, hugging him tightly. Sayyam was not wondered bcz he knew what Krishna was going through. He hugged her with same emotion.

Krishna cried like anything. But she was being satisfied with every passing time bcz she was receiving the same warmth of care and protection that she was expecting to get from Sayyam. It soothed a big portion of her pain.

Sayyam kept silent. He let Krishna shed all the tears so that she could be light. Suhani and others look at them, with little smiles in their faces.

Krishna stopped crying, after a time. She looks at Sayyam. He wipes the tears off of her cheeks.

Sayyam: Don’t cry…everything will be fine.

He goes to others, side hugging Krishna. Krishna keeps on staring at his face and something inside her said that, now everything will be fine. And Krishna believed that, undoubtedly.

Precap: Intense Kriyyam moments?


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