Kriyam- THE ARRANGED LOVE- By-Mayesha (part-6)

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Hello is Mayesha with the 6th part..Thnkx all for commenting and supporting me…I know it’s quiiittteeee late….Let’s start…

The next day..

At 8:23 A.M

Krishna woke up yawning and looked at the clock..was shocked sooo much..

Get up from the with a spark..

Krishna:’s 8:25!!!

Looked around and saw the children sleeping ..

Looked at the couch..but was shocked as Sayyam was not there!!!

Krishna: Where did he go? OMG ..looks like he had already woke up…shit..!!!

Suddenly Sayyam came from the washroom….was wearing a blue shirt with jeans…

Krishna felt relief seeing Sayyam…

Sayyam: oo..u woke up..

Krishna: yea..let me change..

Sayyam: yes,of change kar lije..I will try to wake up them..

Krishna: no no no..let them sleep na..they look soo cutie while sleeping…

Krishna carees their hair and kissed smoothly their forehead..

Sayyam simpered a little with a immense pleasure..

Sayyam: ok..I will wait in the hall room..

Krishna tilt her head positively..

After few mins Krishna changed her cloth..she was wearing a purple coloured saree with some simple embroidery..did no makeup..wore earrings and a chain in her neck..while she noticed her mangalsutra..

Krishna: (MIND) Don’t know if I will be able to keep the meaning of this or not!!!! (closed her eyes and took a
deep breath)

Krishna came at the hall..she saw Suhani with Yuvaani and Ayza..both of them were in casual dress..

Krishna: sorry ,ma..I got late 2day..

Suhani: no,pblm beta…if yuvaan,yuvaani and sayyam can sleep till late, why can’t u?
I never considered my bahu as a typical saas but by daughter…

Suhani saw Krishna having some problem while standing…

Suhani: wht happened beta?

Krishna: actually ma..I am not used to wear saree ..soo..

Suhani: (smiling) then why did u wear this?
u go and change..

Krishna:’s already late.. I think there is a rasam called 1st rasoi..and u all must be waiting for that..

Suhani: don’t worry at all beta..u go and u r looking tensed!!?

Krishna: actually I don’t know how to make food..not even a cup of tea…

Suhani: kya?? U don’t know anything..not a single tea..
wht kind of bahu have I gotten?
we r waiting since morning..we don’t have anything till now for breakfast..and u..
(with a angrrryyyyy face)

Krishna was almost shaking due to the rebuke..about to cry..

All on a sudden, all of birla family started to laugh…

Krishna was damn shocked..

Suhani: koi baat nehi beta..actually yuvraaj and yuvaan had some works in the office, so they went out early..
I have already make the don’t take tension at all…(with a smily and innocent face)

Krishna was overwhelmed seeing this and was about to cry…

Unknown person: tan tana…(loud)..I have come…

Suhani: lo mera aur ek beta aa geya…

Sparsh: aree aunty … I got the smell of ur handmade food from the can I not come??

Suhani: paagal..chal ur breakfast..

Sparsh saw Krishna with a crying face..take Sayyam aside and asked him..Sayyam told him about the convo
In the morning betwn suhani and krishna..

Sparsh smirks and hit upon a plan..took Sayyam to the table ..

After breakfast…

Sparsh: Vabi..2day is ur 1st Let me help u..

Krishna was silent…

Sparsh: aree..vabi don’t worry at all…I am a masterchef..once u will taste my food na..u will never forget it..

Sayyam: yea..ur food is sooo plain that we can never forget its taste..

Suhani: ooho ..Sayyam..don’t tease him..yea Krishna ..really Sparsh cooks very well..

Sparsh: see vabi..I told u na..I will teach u every thing..just wait and watch…But Sayyam, u have to help us..

Before sayyam could utter a word..

Suhani: of course he will..r8?

Sayyam just tilt his head..suhani went towards her room..

Yuvaabh and Ayaan: yeaaaaa……today we will also help u..plz..

Yuvaani and Ayza: noo..not at all..

Yuvaabh and Ayaan: plz..plz..

Yuvaabh: muchu..plz tell them na..

Ayyan: yes..michi..plz u tell them..they will listen to u…just like u both do last n8..

Yuvaabh: we slept with u last n8..we will also work with u 2day..

Sparsh was shocked..opened his jaws looking at Sayyam..

Krishna: di, vabi..let them na..

Yuvaani and Ayza: ok..if u insist..but u 2, don’t disturb them..

Krishna take them to the kitchen..

Sparsh: Sayyam, the 2 slept with u ??? Matlab?

Sayyam: yeah..those 2 come and insist to sleep

Sparsh: then what about ur 1st n8..

Sayyam: nothing..she slept on the bed..and I on the couch..

Sparsh: yea dono bhi na..BTW..listen did vabi say something?

Sayyam: yea..

Sparsh: oohho..looks like some were becoming romantic..(tickling in Sayyam’s stomach)

Sayyam: soo funny..(pout)..she said that she needs tym..and so I..

Sparsh: wo…ok..let’s go to kitchen..

Sparsh, Sayyam ,Krishna with the children were working..but after sometym,those 2 children become tired and went to their room…

Krishna was doing something with flour..when her phone was on the table..

Sparsh: let me bring that..

Sparsh takes the mobile on hand and suddenly his phone rang..

Sparsh: Sayyam,dude take it na plz..

Sayyam took the phone and walked towards Krishna..but Krishna was unaware that it was Sayyam.

Krishna: my hand is off..plz hold the phone for me..

Sayyam took the phone towards Krishna’s ear..

Krishna: hello,ma how r u?

Soumya: gd,beta..and u?

Krishna: I am also well.

Soumya: have any problem..?

Krishna: no ma..not at all..(she described every thing happened in the morning)

Sayyam saw Krishna talking soo peacefully and simpered…

Soumya: ( about to cry ) U r soo lucky my baccha…I am soo happy for to ur papa..

Krishna talked to his father ..while talking, she become emotional and cry a little but together herself..

Krishna: taake the medi on tym papa..plz..

Kishan: yes..u too take care of ur self..bye..

Krishna: bye…

Sayyam became sad seeing Krishna’s condition…was thinking something..

Krishna: Thank u Sparsh..(turn aback)..

As Sayyam was pondering,he didn’t see carefully and both of them got a takkar…

The blue shirt of Sayyam got white Krishna’s hands were on his chest..

And SAYYAM’S HAND??? (guess where?)

On Krishna’s waist as Krishna was about to fall..

Krishna was shocked but become overwhelmed seeing Sayyam’s eyes..

The depth of his eyes..with the innocent one..

Sayyam was also overwhelmed seeing Krishna’s was full of tears..Sayyam’s heart began to sink…

Sayyam: sorry…

Krishna: it’s alright..

In the meantym, Sparsh returned and the trios began to work…

While working, often Sayyam looked at Krishna who was crying secretly…

In the lunch, the whole family praised the trios a the foooddd wass sooo yummy..

Krishna was haappyy seeing the family tym…

But something was fishy….

Guess what??

Sayyam glared a angry look toward other trios!!!


The trios was eating with weren’t aware of their danger…

After the lunch, the young gen went to terrace to gossip…

Sayyam: vabi..what did u do on ur 1st n8??

Ayza: aaaa…wwoo..(actually yuvaan,yuvaani, ayza and abhay were in the same team to tease Sayyam)

Sayyam: aur app tino bhi??

All of them kept silent…they were looking at each other…

Suddenly Sayyam laughed loudly…

They were damn shocked..

Sayyam: oohh…I mean!!! Seriously..u all can lie in such a way!!…(again laughing)

Yuvaan: yea..but seriously.. U can be sooo foolish!!!

Now all started laughing except Sayyam..

Sayyam: (a lill shy)’s not like that..

Abhay: to shale sahab..what did “U” do in ur 1st n8??(lifting his eyebrow)

Sayyam: nothi..(stop suddenly analyzing the situation and their teasing)

Yuvaan: kya kaha???( teasing cutely)

Sayyam: why to tell u?

Ayza:, why to tell us…u don’t need us now..Now u ve ur princess, ur queen…u may have no interest to
gossip here,r8?

Sayyam was turning red hearing this..

Yuvaani: aree wht would these 2 do? There were our bicchu na…!! ( wink to Ayza )

Sayyam: (shocked and with a opened mouth) that was also ur plan!!!

All of them laughed except Sayyam again….

Then they tease Sayyam a little more and went towards their respective rooms…

After sometym, Sayyam came back from Suhani’s room with a smile on his face…

In Kriyam’s room..

Sayyam: umm..Krishna!

Krishna: ji?

Sayyam: I was thinking to go outside..wht do u think?

Krishna: (confused a little) outside?

Sayyam: yea..but only u don’t have any problem..

Krishna: ok..when?

Sayyam: at 5 P.M..

Krishna: ji..but ma?

Sayyam: don’t worry.I’ve already asked her..

Krishna: oo..ok..then I will be ready..

At 5 P.M.

Sayyam was waiting outside their house standing with his back on the car…

Krishna came there wearing a red-cream coloured anarkali with the loose hair..She was just mervalous..with her
Simple and cute looks..

Sayyam was mesmerized seeing her simpliness just like her mother Suhani..Though he don’t express that..

Sayyam and Krishna both get on the car and went somewhere…

Suddenly, Sayyam stop the car..

Sayyam: umm..Krishna, I have a req..

Krishna: ji, kahiye..

Sayyam: Can I blindfold u?

Krishna: ji,matlab?

Sayyam: actually I wanna give u surprise…(with a cute pleading face)

Krishna: (don’t understand wht to do)..uummm..Okkay..

Sayyam blindfolded Krishna and Again started the car..

After sometym,he stopped the car..getting out of the car, he run quickly towards Krishna’s door..

He opened the door….But hesitate to hold Krishna’s hand…

Krishna was waiting for Sayyam about wht to do?

Krishna: now,what?

Sayyam: u have to get down..

Krishna was trying to get down from the car herself but stumbled

AND quickly Sayyam hold her hand..

Krishna felt like a Strong current of the BAY OF BENGAL went through her spinal cord….

Krishna: thnkx..

wanted to take off her hand from Sayyam, but couldn’t ..As Sayyam was holding that quite strongly..

As Sayyam don’t want to see any trouble over krishna..even he himself was unaware of that…

Dhere Dhere se….Sayyam took Krishna at a place..and opened her eyes…

Krishna: MA,,PAPA….(shout a lottt)

Quickly hugged them..and also Souhan….

Soumya: thank u beta for bringing her here..we were really missing her…( to Sayyam)

Kishan: yes..beta..U don’t know how much pain I was facing in absence of my princess..

Saying this they again gave a family hug..and Kishan called Sayyam to join the THE Sayyam did..

They have their dinner was the departure tym…

They again hugged each other..a little cry..but they were happy to meet each other..

In the car..

Krishna: thank u…

Sayyam: y?

Krishna: for whatever u have done 2day..

Sayyam: u r friend, r8? Then u this thnkx??

Krishna: yea, I know but yet..

Sayyam: Ok..I u wanna give me “thnkx”, then give me a treat…

Krishna: ooppss..Ok..say..wht treat?

Sayyam: what about the ice cream one?

Krishna: reallyyy…!!!!! That’s my fav..

Sayyam: (was smiling seeing a demanding Krishna) ok..then let’s go..

They go to a ice cream parlour..enjoyed their company..and at last returned home..

At 12:00 A.M.

They were still awake..Sayyam was working on the laptop and Krishna was reading a book…

At 1:00 A.M

They were still still awake….Sayyam was going through some files and Krishna was on laptop..

At 2:30 A.M.

They were still still still awake….both of them were reading books and was drowsing…

At 3:30 A.M

Krishna was on the couch..

Sayyam: Krishna..u should sleep now..It’s quite late,now..(with a drowsy face..and couldn’t control anymore)

Krishna: yea..u should also..I will sleep on this couch…

Sayyam: uumm..woo..I will sleep on the couch..u can sleep on the bed..(was cearising his own hair..)

Krishna: will be on the couch..No problem..

Sayyam: no..i told naa..i will be on the couch..

Krishna: no..i will be..

Sayyam: no.. I ..

Krishna: No means no..

Sayyam: I am also telling noooo…

Krishna: Uff…Ok..let’s sleep on the bed together..

Sayyam: what!!!

Krishna: yes..i mean..We r friends, r8? So I don’t have any problem..aur aise bhi..i wont like seeing u on the couch..nor will it’s better that…(couldn’t end )

Sayyam: r u sure??

Krishna: yes.i’m..

Sayyam: pakka na?

Krishna: ha??…ha ha..

Then Sayyam and Krishna slept on the same bed..on two other sides ..facing their back in front…

The TWO were much uncomfortable ..

Krishna was rubbing her hand continuously…

Sayyam was sweating continuously….

But after sometym they it was 4:20 A.M..

PERCAP: Kriyam is abandoned from the family!!! Why??
A surprise for Krishna on behalf of Sayyam..what can it be?
Can u say guess? Or any sug?


Sorryyyy…guys…I am extremely sorryyyy..sorry to keep u waiting..

I was just doomed in my xms..So a long one to compensate..

It was so much tiring giving the xms…I have 6 more to go…

Don’t know how will they go?

BTW..plz forgive me…May b I won’t be able to post regularly in the coming week…hope u can understand my situation….plz guys..


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