Krishna Chali London 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Saajan criticizes Krishna

Krishna Chali London 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla asking Gajanan to keep a meeting with businessman. Radhe and Krishna come home. Shukla asks Gajanan is he listening. Gajanan says yes, Radhe and Krishna has come. Shukla asks what shall I do, did they do any favor on me. Bela thinks it will be fun now. She goes to tell Radhe’s mum/Shuklain. Radhe says I will take some rest. Shukla scolds him. Krishna gets sad. Shukla asks Shuklain to make litti choka today. Krishna says Bua has sent few things. Shuklain comes and makes Krishna move with a jerk. The basket falls. Shuklain sees biscuits and asks what’s all this. Krishna picks it and says Bua has sent namkeen for everyone. Shuklain asks her to keep it in her room and eat it. Krishna says what did I do mummy ji. Shuklain says I m Radhe’s mum, not yours, mum is

mum, and mum-in-law is mum-in-law. Krishna agrees. Lali says go to your room, I will handle this.

Saajan says I m not able to talk to Radhe, he is not answering me, I will go and see. He runs. His wife looks on. Radhe sees the bike pics. Krishna comes to room. She gives him tshirt. He quickly wears it. She helps him when his kada gets stuck in the sleeve. He looks at her. He says you take rest, you would have got much tired. He goes out. Shuklain sees him and calls him out. He goes. She says I m making litti choka, listen. Saajan comes and asks what happened to you, if you are sad, will you stop talking to me. Krishna looks on. Radhe says I don’t want to listen. Saajan says you have my bike, take it. Radhe says its not about bike, do I have any respect in life, I got respect from Dubey and family, dad has beaten me in front of them, what would Krishna think, will he beat me in front of my children. Saajan says no. Radhe says I try to keep everyone happy, but nobody is happy, leave me alone. He goes. Saajan sees Krishna.

He goes to her. Krishna asks him to come in and sit. He says no, I m not educated like you to talk to you, but its imp, so I have come, i was three years old when my dad got transferred to Kanpur, I came in this locality, no one used to play with me, I used to just sit, then Radhe came in my life, he gave me all the marbles and never asked, since then I m with him, he is a fool, I wish to beat him, but I didn’t beat him, you know why, he is my world. He cries and says I lost my parents, Radhe didn’t let me feel this that I m lonely, he comes to my house anytime, he beats me, cries, he shares everything, but today, he didn’t do this, he used to smile all the time, you have snatched his smile, you made him cry.

Krishna cries and says I didn’t do anything, no one is understanding, I just said my feelings. He asks did you try to know his feelings, he is mad about you, he loves you, you just came in his life, the bike which got sold, he started dreaming about it since many years, see this bike pic, he used to make me mad, he asked me to teach bike riding, he got it and then it got sold, he didn’t wish anything else, bike was just his dream, Radhe didn’t demand the bike, Matuk demanded it for the groom, Radhe didn’t say anything, who got beaten, Radhe got beaten and insulted, he is sad, you are my friend’s wife, I want to respect you from heart, but you have to work hard a little. He goes.

She cries. She goes and sees Radhe. Radhe sits sad. Jag soona soona…plays… Radhe and Krishna recall Shukla’s beating and bike sale. Shuklain serves the food. She asks where is Radhe. Shukla says he will come when he is hungry. Lali asks shall I call Krishna. Shuklain says no, she will come when she is hungry. Lali gets food for Krishna. She says you and Radhe didn’t have food, Radhe is saying he isn’t hungry, you both are same. Krishna cries and hugs Lali. She says I m not so bad as everyone things, everything went wrong. Lali says who said you are bad, stop crying, have food and feed Radhe as well. She goes.

Matuk gets some news. Krishna says thanks, we will participate in this competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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