Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update Hapu Singh in central jail

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Vibhu blame Hapu for their situation,Vibhu Tiwari reach jail and Anu Angoori escape from jail,they reach colony, Prem and Hapu meets them,Prem tells Vibhu and Tiwari are in jail. Imandar comes with Vibhu and Tiwari on bike and says we had an investigation and found they are innocent and iits all Hapu,Hapu says please forgive me,please give me one chance,and also i will help you cure your cervical problem and my kids are waiting for me,Imandar says ok give it a try, Hapu tries his hand but Vibhu ppinches him and it goes wrong, and Imandars neck gets all crooked.

Boys says we had no cure from medicine except this beauty spot,all kiss eachother.
Hapu watering plants in jail and says what will my wife and kids do now,he finds an opening and gets out of it which opens in jail

and imandar looking at him,Hapu says this place looks similar to me and sees Imandar.

Vibhu on call says what you getting gulfamkali,dont even try,Anu has installed cctv cameras and watches live footage,Rambha walks in and says sir this is a special cream our company sells and i hope your wife isnt home,Vibhu asks why is that, Rambha says because she would be angry,Vibhu says she isnt home,Rambha says using this cream you can wwoe any women, Vibhu ssayz please i dont believe all this,Rambha says hheres demo,and applies cream to Vibhu and says sir i love you.

Angoori and Tiwari uneasy because of pesticides smell,Tilu says i feel like sparying on you, Tiwari says shutup,Angoori says come let’s visit Mishra house.Vibhu says im married man please leave,Rambha goes and closes the door and says if i won’t leave then, come attack me and then i will accuse you of molestation,Vibhu says what nonsense is this,you are blackmailing me,you arent sales girl,Rambha says right oh my head massage it or else i will shout,door knocks,she asks is it your wife,Vibhu says shut-up and asks who it is,Tiwari says its me,Vibhu says we dont entertain beggars at this hour,Angoori says what nonsense are you talking, Vibhu says God i have no option and opens the door and says sorry it took long to open door iim sorry, Angoori says no worries let us in now,Vibhu says ccant im busy I will see you later,and closes door,Tiwari says there is some problem.

Rambha says pay me 10 lac and i will leave, Vibhu says im certified jobless i cant help,Rambha says what you got then,Vibbu starts crying and says i got no money,she says ok give 5000 atleast, Vibhu says i have just 5₹,rambha says you won’t listen like this and starts shouting,Angoori and Tiwari hear that and go in through kitchen and save Rambha,Vibhu says im the innocent not her,Angoori say dont fool i saw everything.

Rambha says ask him to pay me 5 lac compensation,Tiwari says pay her,Vibhu say i just have 5 rs, Hapu walk in and says what all is this and sees Rambha and says you are here,she is very smart girl cons men, he calls police station to send women support abd leaves with Rambha,Angoori apologize.

pre cap: Krishna says I love you to Angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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