Krishna Chali London 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe enjoys his visit to Krishna’s house

Krishna Chali London 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I will pack some salwar suits too. Bua says your mum in law won’t like it, how does Radhe like you. Krishna asks will everything be according to them, ask my choice too. Bua asks is everything fine between you and Radhe. Radhe’s mum thinks of him and worries. She asks Lali to get some hot water and add salt in it. Lali gets the water. Radhe’s mum puts her feet in water and sits for relief. She says Bela was right, Radhe shouldn’t stay there, call him. Bela says maybe he got busy in his inlaws.

Radhe talks to Dubey and Bua. He says I eat very untidily. Dubey asks Bua to get mangoes for him. Krishna sees AC missing and asks where did it go. Dubey and Bua give different answers. Bua says AC got damaged, so Dubey gave it away to someone. Dubey

says yes, I didn’t like it. Pyaare says Krishna can’t eat mangoes and compete. Krishna says nobody can defeat me in competition. Radhe asks what competition. Bua says we have a competition in mango season, Krishna has been the winner always. Radhe says this is the only competition in which I excel, I m a topper when it comes to eat mangoes. Krishna and Radhe bet. They start eating the mangoes. Pyaare and Dulaare cheer for them.

Dubey and Bua smile. A man comes and asks Dubey to check his buffalo. Dubey says I will be back. He goes and gives the medicine him. The man says I m tired of extracting the milk. Krishna asks when did he buy a buffalo. Bua says he got a lottery. The man says keep the buffalo back. Krishna asks what does he mean. Bua says Dubey got buffalo here for treatment, why did you stop, have it. Dubey signs Bua. Bua says Radhe is winning. Radhe shouts I have won. Everyone claps. Krishna looks at Radhe. Radhe says sorry, I won by mistake. Krishna laughs. She says I m happy you won, I would have scolded you if you lost, go and wash your face and hands. Sonal helps him. Radhe smiles seeing Krishna and imagines a moment. Pehle nasha…..plays………. Krishna calls him out and says there are more mangoes here.

They take a mango selfie. Dubey asks where is Krishna. Krishna goes to Dubey’s clinic. He asks you here. She says you have messed up everything. He says this is how it will be, we have to get used to it. She says you wanted me to get married, now face this. He asks are you still annoyed with me. He says if everything would happen by own wish, things would have been different. He asks does everything care for you there. She recalls Radhe’s mum. She says we shall go now. He says when your mum came here as bride, we didn’t know each other, we didn’t know each other, but we got along well, marriage is nothing but how two people bond, your partner should understand you.

She says Radhe will never understand me, I m not saying that Radhe is a bad man, I m just saying that he is different, our mentalities are different. She goes. Radhe enjoys massage by Pyaare and Dulaare. Bua asks Radhe to have special juice. She says go and buy some clothes from our side. Radhe says no, I will wear the same clothes. She asks why, did we do anything wrong. He says no, I m feeling happy here, Dubey has heard my full song. Dubey says you sung well. Radhe says mum asked me to come back. Krishna says everyone is insisting, lets stay back, please. She gets Radhe’s mum’s call. Radhe’s mum says you didn’t call me after reaching there, make me talk to Radhe. She asks Radhe to leave immediately and come home if he respects her. Radhe worries. He thinks I m in big trouble. Krishna asks are we staying back.

Krishna asks Sonal to say the truth to her. She asks Radhe to just try to sell buffalo milk for a day and see the hardwork.

Update Credit to: Amena

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