Kaleerein 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Meets Pammi Kapoor Finally

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Vivan asks Meera why did she risk her life and save his life. She says his mother saved his life and takes him to gurdwara. Vivan asks who is his mother. Meera says let us search her inside. They pray at gurdwara. Meera prays to send Vivan’s mother Pammi Kapoor somehow. Vivan prays to not let Meera go away from him as he realized his love for her. Meera walks out of gurdwara and searches Mrs. Singh. Vivan comes out and asks where is Pammi Kapoor. Meera says Mrs. Singh is Pammi Kapoor. Vivan reminisces Mrs. Singh showering motherly love on him often. Meera says Pammi ji always protected and helped him. Vivan gets a call that Pammi is kidnapped and if he wants to free her, he should come to some dargah. He informs Meera. Meera says she will accompany him. He says it is his issue and he

cannot risk her life, so she should stay at home while he goes there and frees his mother.

Vivan reaches dargah and searches for clue. Sheri walks in disguised in burqa. Ya Ali Madad Ya Ali song plays in the background. He sees a burqa clad girl standing in front of him. woman shows her face, and Vivan is shocked to see Roma. Roma walks to him and asks if he is shocked. He asks if she is the one who attacked Amaya, attacked him and Meera, etc. She says he is right and Meera always failed her plan, but not anymore. She asks if he does not want to meet his mother. He eagerly says yes. He asks to follow her.

Vivan follows Roma eagerly. Romaa stops and asks to him to wait, if he wants his mother, he should sign property papers. Vivan asks to call his mother first. Sheri brings Pammi. Vivan says maa. Roma says emotional drama started and warns him to sign papers first. Pammi asks not to. Roma asks her goons to beat Vivan till he agrees. Meera runs around gurdwara searching Pammi. She takes binoculars from a kid and sees goons beating Vivan. She runs and with holy flag hits goon’s hand and goon drops gun. Pammi pushes Sheri. Meera picks gun and warns Roma to spare Vivan. Vivan pins Roma to a wall and says she was ruining his life all along, asks Meera to go away with maa. Meera asks how can she leaving him in danger. He asks not to bother about him and save maaa. Roma pushes him and he falls on Meeera. Meera drops gun. Pammi picks gun and shoots at Vivan. Pammi bears bullet. Vivan shouts maa..

Precap: Vivan holding Pammi’s hand in hospital hopes she would have come earlier in his life. He sees Pammi’s condition getting critical and calls doctors.

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  1. Beautiful Episode. Roma is exposed.

  2. Thanks to the writers for transforming the hot tempered and insensitive business tycoon into a compassionate and loving husband of every girl’s dreams….I always knew there would be an adorable guy behind his angry ,ill tempered and indifferent facade and the writers haven’t disappointed me…Unless the writers have an obsession for Roma and want to continue with her,her chapter should be closed in the upcoming few episodes….if so ,I wonder what will be the next track…

  3. Naz,even I had a crush on this handsome guy Shiney Ahuja,,,,But as we know he has spoilt his career with his own hands by doing unspeakable things, thereby becoming a controversial / disgraceful actor….Anyways some sort of satisfaction here…the writers are quickly bringing this lengthy ordeal to a closure by redeeming Vivaan’s character and exposing Roma …Let us hope to see a happy union between son and mother provided Pammi survives the bullet injury…Though I am not commenting on the forums,I started watching ISA and Aapke Aa Jane se…..I want to see how Zara is going to make Kabir realise that women are not just beautiful objects fit just to become a wife and a mother….He should be made to understand that along with her family responsibilities ,she can play a bigger role in the society and therefore deserves the same rights both religiously and socially….I really appreciate the makers of ISA to take up this subject and I hope someone will take up the inequalities that exist in Hindu Society also ….As for Sahil’s quest to find out Vedika,it is really heart wrenching…Everywhere villains in the way of love…And what is going on in FIFA is nothing but a comedy of wonders/ errors ..South Korea scoring two goals against defending champions Germany and bringing the proud team down to Mother Earth shows that no one can live on past glory…Thankfully Arjentina survived and so did Messy….let us see what upsets are in store in the round of 16…Naz,I really miss chatting with you…hope the new serial will start soon and hope it will be a great love story so that we can be on the same forum..

    1. Lakshmi, I did think that I’d ask you to watch the new serial too…it looks good, kinda reminds me of RamLeela with DP and RS… I love the visual backdrop that I’m seeing. Anyways… Yesterday Lionel Messi went home and I was satisfied to see Christiano Ronaldo exit as well..i need to see new teams reaching far as the predecessors, it becomes boring to see the same teams winning umpteenth times….but the games going forward now are exciting matches, I don’t want to miss any… Lakshmi, there are two viewers on ISA , especially one, who sides with Kabir’s temperament and character, I’m kinda suspicious that the latter viewer could be a male but then I could be wrong, while she’s somewhat right that’s there’s inequality in Ayesha’s treatment of both bahus, Ayesha’s obvious love for Zara is not unjustified, Zeenat has always subtly insulted her MIL…and no one can forget Zeenat’s role in helping her sister in the Kashmir fiasco.. Concerning AKAJS, I love this serial to bits, don’t ask me why, but I just love all of the cast and the story itself, if only men were like Sahil, no woman on earth would be unhappy in life.. Only this weekend we are seeing the movie style movie of AKAJS and the creative team has done a magnificent job of explaining to us the current premise of the older woman younger man angle…Full justice!!! Now here, I’m happy now that Vivaan is mellow and becoming romantic..i was longing for that ?????.. Now I want to see Vivaan and Amaaya spend time with their mother and Roma’s true face is revealed to Vivaan so what’s going to be his next move? I hope that the writers kill us with romantic moments from now on… I do love Arjit in hot passionate scenes, never mind he was at loggerheads with Meera, his passion was still discernible through his anger and frustration… I await good things to come… And oh yes, I to missed chatting with you and now that things are back on track here, we’ll catch up…. Gotta make lunch early, two matches lined up for today… Chat soon ????

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