Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The thugs leave. vishesh says lets go. He extends his hand. Aashi holds his hand and stands up. She is having a difficulty in walking.

Next morning, Vishesh wakes sahil up by pouring water on him. Sahil says what are doing here at this time? Vishesh says because you are sleeping here oblivious to everything. Sahill sees aashi.he asks what happened today? vishesh sys she could be killed. she left home midnight. Prabha and Vishnu come too. prabha asks are you okay aashi? Vshesh says your daughter has gone mad. she left home at midnight to save jigyasa. Some thugs were kidnaping her. Vishnu says aashi why you left home without permission? Aashi syas I just wanted to help. Vishesh says what is I was late? Its all my mistake that I made you my pal and involved in all

this. I forgot that you a stubborn gilr who only does what she wants. Aashi geos to her rom in anger. Vishnu says you are right visehesh but sometimes your love and care conceals behind the anger.

Aashi is crying in her room. Vishesh comes to her and says is it aching? aashi says leave me room. I am stubborn mad girl who never listens to anyone. I am always the reason of your annoyance right? it was your buggest mistake to be my pal. Rectify your mistake. Vishesh says show where you got the bruis. Aashi says I didn’t. He holds her foot and does the dressing of her bruise. He says yu have to know that there are evil out there too. Its not good to risk your life for others. I know I said too much in anger but I couldn’t control. I wont be able to bear if something happens to you. Its just a sprain it will be fine. Aashi says just imagine what jigyasa is going through? visesh says if this case is bothering you this much then I wont take it, aashi syas she needs you. I promise I wont do anything without telling you. Please forgive me. He says okay.

Scene 2
ashish says mansi your tea in getting cold? wh6y are you smiling? She says I was just thinking if everything goes according to the plan then her life will be doomed. she has not idea what is about to happen to her. She says this plan is the last ray of hope for us . I see her life shatters already. No one can save her.

Scene 3
Sahil says wow the food is so tasty. aashi says yea worlds best. vishesh comes in. Aashi syas aunty’s meal is waiting for you. He asks how is your foot? she says its fine. its jigyasa she says I am in atrouble. Vishesh says please calm down and tell me whats wrong. Vishesh tells aashi that she is coming here. She was crying. aashi syas what would have her husband done to her. sahil says don’t worry she is coming here.

Jigyasa comes to aashi’s place. Aashi says hi to palak. aashi asks what happened? She says my life is ruining day by day. Everyone moment is a fear. That beast is in my life and wont let me live. Vishesh says your bad days will end soon. tell me everything in detail. she says I want to get out of this hell. vishesh says why were you crying? aashi sees a bandage on her arms. aashi says what is It? she says, yester day I was in my store room. She felt someone there. someone locked the door. Jigyasa said open the door. Ravidra came with a camera. she said please open the door. He said are you scared of dark? he said you look so beautiful when you are scared. she said please stop it and open the door I beg you. He said this fear gives me pleasure. She sat on the floor. She said, I got this cut. Vishesh says we should file a police complaint against him. she says I can’t go to cops. He will kill me, ashi says once you have to take the action. she says when my papers will be ready i will tell cops.A man comes to aashi’s house. Palak comes in and says mummy papa is here. Ranvindra comes in. he picks palak and says papa missed you so much. He says hi I am ravindra palak’s dad and igyasa’s husband. Jigyasa says how you got to know we are here? He syas when you love someone you get to know everything about them. jigyasas says they are all my friends. Ravindra says, yeah who doesn’t know them I jbalpur and you were supposed to meet them. Jigyasas says how about inviting them over lunch? He says yes you will have lunch with us on weekend. He says jigyasa I wanna talk to you. He says palak say bye. She says bye. he says go sit in the car I am coming. She leves.
Ravindra says, so you are the people who are provoking her. aashi says you are misunderstood. He says I am not over yet. He syas if if you meet her again I wont let you live on this planet. Vishesh says we are not scared to threats. He syas you have to live to be scared or not. why you wanna become a victim? He says to prabha you are elders teach them. He leaves. Aashi says see aunty he is a psyco. How can she threaten us. There was no fear in his eyes. what will he do to jigyasa now. Prabha says poor jigyasa. how can she live with him. vishesh says we have not got her address.

Precap-Vishesh says these cases keep coming. if you get emotionally attached to everyone how will you solve the case. aashi says you are talking like thos heartless ruthless professional lawyers. A lawyer in the end is a human.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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