Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a bhajan playing in BG and temples shown. Ragini talks about the heart which can even control the mind and can’t even control itself. She says the heart beats for the person for whom they live and heart weakens the mind. She says heart breaks but it still beats. A woman is rushed to the hospital and nurse asks Ragini to allow operation of the critical patient. She says her husband did not come and money is not deposited, even consent form does not have sign. Ragini says first treatment and then money, I will sign on consent form. She signs on the form and goes. A man stops her way and says he was finding accounts department. She says he is on wrong floor. He holds her hand and thanks her. She says she is administrating head here. He says yes doctors are boring, you are so charming.

Ragini asks nurse to call Dr Verma and Dr Awasthi. The lady talks to Ragini and asks her not to do heart surgery and give any medicine. Ragini says medicine can’t help, we have best team of doctors. The lady says I have a husband, if he knows this, he will not be able to bear this. She says don’t tell him anything, he loves me a lot. She says even if I die, its fine, if he sees me like this, he will not bear. She says take money from me, but don’t tell him about my condition, else he will die. Ragini asks her to relax and if he loves her, he will support her.

Ragini comes and sees the man who flirted with her. The man hugs his wife and looks at Ragini. He asks why did she not tell him about her condition. He says he caught next flight and came to see her. Ragini thinks all mean are same, the lady does not know the man is playing with her heart. She says she hates the name of love, as men always uses women by love name. She says men can’t give love for love. She thinks there is no cure for heart wounds so she has shut her heart door forever.

She gets Aman Sir’s call and tells about emergency. He asks her to come to cabin. He asks her to help him in choosing a shirt as he is going in medical association meeting. She says wear anything and chooses one. She says you always stay confused. He says my parents were not sure to give me birth and I got this hospital from my dad, and I m still confused. She says she has to go home early as Nishi is in love with a guy and his family is coming to see him. The colleague gossip about Ragini’s home where even FM is not played. The maid at her home dances on the song Chaar bottle vodka.

Nishi and Aarav stop dancing as maid says Ragini is coming home. They change gets ups and look serious to her. She sees the dust on chair. The maid says she did not see the dust by her dark glasses. Ragini talks to her Nani who has memory problem, and does not remember she ever married and has any granddaughter. Ragini calls out Nishi and gets a call from Jignesh. She sees 17 missed calls. Nishi asks why did she check her phone. Ragini says he is coming here in evening, then why so many calls. Nishi says he is so cute. Ragini asks her not to use facepack. Nishi says she has used besan and haldi at home, as she wanted to know good infront of Jignesh’s family.

Nishi thanks her. Ragini says she hates illiterate people. Nishi gets worried thinking what will happen when Jignesh and his family comes. Jignesh and his family comes. Ragini does not like them. Aarav and the maid give them snacks. Nishi comes and greets them. Jignesh’s mum is very excited seeing her. Jignesh gets shy. Ragini asks them to talk about things before finalizing. The man says I don’t want anything. Ragini says I want dowry, the money I spent on my daughter. Nishi asks her not to joke. Ragini says I m serious. She says I spent lakhs on her and want it back.

She says she made Nishi have medical studies and can ask anyone about fees. She says her earnings went on her fees and she thought she can get it back by her earnings. Ragini’s mum stops her. Ragini says she wants to rest in her life, she worked since 20 years, she has done their upbringing alone. The man says even we did every need fulfilled of Jignesh. Ragini says I did upbringing alone. She says she wants to enjoy her life and it will be possible when Nishi makes her career and earn, but she wants to marry. Nishi says I will do job. Ragini argues and says she was 18 years when she got married. She asks Nishi to return the money. Jignesh’s mum cries bearing the insult. Jignesh tries to stop them. Nishi cries as they all leave.

Ragini is undeterred. Nishi says I can’t believe this, you have asked for money from them. Nishi calls her selfish and unable to see anyone’s happiness. She says she did their upbringing for her future. She says she is heartless and if dad was here, this would have not happened. I miss him so much, I never asked about him, now I know why is he nit here, as no one can be with you. She says he left us because of you. Its good he left you. Aman comes and says how can you call her selfish, you want your dad here, you are a fool, they asked for dowry to break the relation, as she does not want all this to happen with you, early marriage, then kids and then divorce. He did not ask about you and how she is managing you all. He says he has hurt her and she is unable to love anyone. He says she does not want money.

She says she works in my hospital since 18 years and gave her salary to kids studies. He tells her fees, half salary goes in fees and she works overtime for 20 days and saves money. Ragini cries. He says she took loan for your medical fees and want you to be independent, and make an earning on your own. He says shame on you Nishi. He says I m sorry to say a lot, I came to give these papers. He leaves. Nishi apologizes to Ragini. The maid uses facebook and talks to Nani. Ragini thinks about her husband and her divorce. She says she will do good upbringing of her kids. Her husband says he will never come back and his children will not identity her and her children will not identify him. He says everything over between us from today. She thinks about Nishi’s words. She breaks down and cries.

Jignesh requests Ragini to agree for marriage She likes his mentality but she can’t allow their marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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