KB – True love never ends (Part 1)

True Love never dies

Hey Guys, This is After Abhi gets to know Tanu baby truth.

Part1: ”A good friend knows all ur best stories, A best friend has lived them with you”

Today Its a really special Day for Pragya and she is very happy and why should´nt she be happy on her haldi cermony. But on the other side Abhi isnt really happy today, it isn´t because he is getting remarried to Pragya within two days but because everyone went to the haldii cermony except him. Daadi doesn´t allow him to go.

(He walks from corner to the other corner of his room thinking how to og to the haldi cermony.)
( After some times Purab came at Abhi´s place).
Purab: What happend bhai, why are u soo sad.
Abhi: Nothing yaar, I just wanna meet Pragya. Look I am your brother naa so plzz help me
Purab: NOOOO, dis isn´t possible.
Abhi: Why. ( in a worried voice)
Purab: yarr, why dont u understand. Daadi will scold you but with you she will scold me too. SO SORRY.
Abhi: No problem. Tu mere liye dadi se dant nahi kha sakta. Waise bhi Tu meri help kyun kare ga, tu toh muje apna bhai manta hi nahi hai na.
Purab: oho, Now stop ur emotional Atyachar. I will help you.
Abhi: Thanks Bro, I Love u, U r da best
Purab: Ab tu kiss toh nahi karne wala.
Abhi: Hug bhi nahi karon ga.
( Purab hugs Abhi)
Purab: Soo whats da Plan.
Abhi: Come I will tell u.
( Abhi tells the Plan to Purab and they both gave a high five to eachother)
Purab: U have everything we need.
Abhi: Noooo, But we can check in Mithali BHabhi´s room.
Abhi´s mind voice: Sooo my about to be wife, I can´t wait to see you. Get ready Fuggy, ur suniye is coming.

Precap: Two ladies come to Pragya´s haldi with their face covered with sari´s pallu and introduce themselves as Pragya´s college friends.

Sooo guys, should I continue. Plzzz leave ur comments.

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  1. It’s really funny & nice pls pls don’t use Hindi dialog.. I’m from tamilnadu any ppl from tn so pls. I think u can understand. Anyway it’s pretty cool

    1. THANK YOU SOO MUCH.. I will not use hindi dialog from now on

  2. Interesting track

  3. S its nice am too Tamil plz don’t use Hindi waist fr ur next update

    1. Yes, same here ! Don’t use Hindi as I could not understand…

  4. please continue it is interesting i am from tamilnadu please don’t use hindi dialouges

  5. Good start.. I m also tamil.. Pls dont use hindi ..

  6. hahaha funny episode that dialogue kiss to nahi karega is from movie Student of the year na awesome.

  7. Soooo cute n funny n that two ladies s abhi n purab only… Bt its really soooo nice continue with ur story… Then you I ur 1st episode very much…?

  8. Soooo cute n funny n that two ladies s abhi n purab only… Bt its really soooo nice continue with ur story… Then I like ur 1st episode very much…?

  9. I agree with sindhu..i am also frm tn.epi so intresting….nice going..

  10. Nice episode felt lyk reading more so pliz kip writing ur story.

  11. Its really superb ??

  12. Plz post in english ya. I’m also frm tn

  13. Hey nice epi but anybody will tell me how to create and post a fan fiction

    1. Top of the page there is written submit ur artical just click it and write your artical then submit it.

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course yaar…..continue……. its gng to be funny……. .

  15. super duper

  16. I am also Tamil… I know little Hindi so pls update in English but loved this episode so funny….

  17. amazing and funny and i wish that this become true after tanu truth

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