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The episode starts with Chhotu crying hard and Abhi is trying to stop him everyone in home have done their effort but chhotu is not stopping crying and his face has turned red as he is continuously crying hard and since all of them faced failure to make him smile so this time Abhi is also little bit emotional as he was unable to handle him and Subuhi Prabhas and Abhigya were more emotional looking him crying like this
Abhigya : Papa why he is crying please stop him by someway na
Prabhas : Papa call maa she will definitely make him stop crying
Subuhi : papa why he is crying badly ( little bit crying voice )
Abhi : Nothing to worry I am trying na (looking at chhotu rubbing his back) enough beta how much my child will cry in one day enough bachha see your brothers and sisters are also crying looking you like this please stop crying beta

Chhotu was sobbing now but didn’t stopped crying Then Aliya who was just came from her work listens that crying voice and rushed inside and looks that everyone was trying hard to make chhotu stop crying but he was continuously crying she rushed to them and takes Chhotu from Abhi
Aliya : Bhai give him to me I will try…
Abhi hand over him to ALiya and Aliya took him with her in garden and takes out her mobile and plays a song then she again goes inside after sometime and by that time Chhotu was silent he was sad but silent and as he looks Abhi he widens his arms to take him Abhi does so and then he rests his head on Abhi’s shoulder Abhi was surprised that the thing which they all were trying to do from long time that Aliya did in just half an hour so Abhi asked
Abhi : How did you do this I mean we all were trying hard to stop him from crying but he didn’t and you did it in just few minutes..

Aiya smiles : Bhai he is missing Bhabhi as he hasn’t got her lap today and he doesn’t saw her also so he was missing his mother and when I took him with me and make him sit on my lap and hugged him and played that voice recording then he felt comfort in my arms as he is in Bhabhi’s arms so he stop crying and now as till he haven’t seen Bhabhi so he is just sad about that now you make him happy and I will make these children happy ok
Abhi : wait a minute which recording you are talking about ???

Aliya smiles and flashback starts
Pragya was in her hotel room and becoming restless she was feeling like there is some problem in home someone is not happy and she was again and again reminding about children that they must be feeling bad chhotu must be crying her all concentration was on home her body was there but mind was in home so she decided to call at home then she reminded that there all will tell her lie about the situation so she decided to call Aliya and that time Aliya was in car she got call from Pragya and asked..
Aliya : Bhabhi you all ok na.
Pragya : Actually Aliya all is not ok
Aliya : why bhabi what happened ??
Pragya : Aliya I am feeling very restless I feel like some of my child is not happy one of them is crying hard..

Aliya : Bhahi I know a mothers heart will never get satisfied if she is far from her children you don’t worry Bhabhi I will look as I am going home I will see and you don’t get tensioned I know bhai will handle everything very well and tell me one thing why didn’t you called at home as you will get to know na that all is ok
Pragya : I know that Aliya but please at least for one time…and I didn’t called at home because I know that everyone will lie to me that all is ok there
Aliya : Ok bhabhi relax I will look there and tell you…

Flashback ends
Aliya : so that’s it when I came in I saw that Bhabhi was right and Chhotu was crying so I took him out and make him listen Bhabhi’s lullaby which she sent me so he got little bit relaxed
Abhi : hmm she is not here but she still knows that what’s going on here I can’t understand her that how she use to do so
Dadi : you are not a mother na that’s why
All laughs and Aliya takes children to make them sleep and Abhi takes Chhotu to his room to make him sleep Chhotu’s face was extremely sad he was missing Pragya a lot and then Abhi makes him lie on bed Chhotu was holding his shirt and was not ready to leave him so Abhi sat on bed and makes him lie on his lap and start talking him

Abhi : oho my chhotu is sad haah missing maa a lot
Chhotu puts his hand in his mouth Abhi removes his hand from his mouth
Abhi : oho so papa did wrong hmm I have done a mistake I shouldn’t have forced her to go there she was right my little chhotu is so much sad..
Chhotu was about to cry but Abhi without wasting time took him in his lap and hides his face on his shoulder and said Don’t cry beta we will meet ma tomorrow ok and he sings a song for him and Chhotu after a long time slept Abhi was with him then he called Pragya and as Pragya answered the call there was a silence for a minute…
Pragya politely : not slept yet
Abhi : Not feeling sleepy why didn’t you slept
Pragya : how can I sleep so calmly when I know that my loved once are not slept yet
Abhi smiles : so you know everything about that but how you use to do this
Pragya smiles : it just happens I can’t describe
Abhi : hmm so still worried about tomorrow
Pragya : yup as it is first time na by the way where are the kids I want to talk to them..
Abhi : they are slept and nothing to worry about tomorrow Fuggy as I will be there with you tomorrow morning ok don’t worry ok I will be there but…
Pragya : but ?? Abhishek complete the sentence please

Abhi : kids won’t be able to come there as they are going with Aliya to some fare
Pragya gets sad : Arey but you said that you all will come then sudden how this fare come in between as no one told me about this earlier
Abhi : yes actually they told me in evening when Subuhi brought passes and showed me then only I came to know that some fare is there in their school and they all wanted to go there so I also didn’t insisted them and Aliya said she will take them with her so she will take them..they were saying that they will look you at TV so…
Pragya was extremely sad : Ok then but you are coming for sure na
Abhi smiles : yes baba I will be there as I can’t leave my fuggy’s first concert so I will be there at any cost but why am I feeling that my fuggy is sad
Pragya : No nothing like that I was just feeling sleepy that’s why
Abhi : Hmm so you are feeling sleepy right ok then go and take rest I will meet you tomorrow
Pragya : hmmm
Abhi cuts the call and thinks I know you are very much sad Pragya but after you will see your surprise I am damn sure all your sadness will turn into extreme happiness and screen shifts to Pragyas face she was very much sad as her children were not coming to see her performance her first live performance…

Next morning Abhi left for Nagpur to Pragya leaving chhotu with Aliya and said to kids that tell ma that you all are not coming if she call you ok all of them nods and Abhi leaves after few hours he was in Nagpur at the venue where the program was to held all the crew members greet him and he asks about the program so one of them replies that all preparations are done sir we have told madam about the sequence also she chose one song of her own and one is from our side she said third one she will prepare and if she will not be able to do so then she will accept our song Abhi says ok and asks about Pragya and they told him that she is in her vanity so Abhi goes there and Pragya was with hair dresser where hair dresser was insisting her to put wig on her head as her hairs are very much long according to the concert and Pragya was looking with a sad face at her and saying no but as the hair dresser was insisting continuously Abhi was looking from back and then he said no need of that as hairs are the second thing after her specs which increases her beauty then Pragya turns back and looks Abhi was standing there with a smile and hairdresser says as you wish sir and leaves from there Abhi looks at Pragya and goes near her and he was stunned looking Pragya as she was wearing a white tee with black quoted jacket and a black jean with black knee length boot she was looking stunning in this attire and no one can say that she is mother of five children in that look of her Abhi was lost in her mesmerising beauty because he himself has saw Pragya like this for the first time in his life otherwise he has saw her either in suit or in saree or in gown Pragya goes forward and hugs him then only Abhi came back in his senses
Pragya : Why you came this much late I was waiting for you from long time… you know how much I missed you…( little bit emotional voice)

Abhi hugs her back : I miss you too you know how those 12 hours were for me without looking your face I was not feeling good
Pragya : then why you sent me alone with Vijay here
Abhi : hey fuggy now leave it I am with you this time na then what’s the need of becoming emotional anyways someone is looking hot in this attire
Pragya : really If someone is hot then someone is looking cool
Abhi wraps her in his arms: hmm so should I know who is looking cool..
Pragya : My dearest rock star husband and now may I know who is looking hot..
Abhi : Of course my fuggy…
Pragya smiles and keeps her head on his chest and he in reply hugs her tightly
Abhi : Fuggy ..
Pragya : hmm
Abhi : you have prepared well na which songs you are going to perform..
Pragya : I can tell you only one that is the retro one which I have to perform with someone his entry will be in last but they didn’t told me that who is he and the one is surprise and the last one I didn’t thought yet
Abhi : Ok so I will wait for you then as your first call out is there you have to leave
Pragya : hmmm but you will stay here right..

Abhi : No actually I have to go as meeting is here in Nagpur and I will directly come to you before your performance get starts
Pragya : Oh so you are here for your meeting not for me hah
Abhi : No baba actually I am here for you only but while I was coming here I got a call from one of the sponsors so I have to meet him and I promise I will be there before your performance get starts ok now smile and go there as they are calling to you
Pragya smiles and so does the Abhi they both left and Pragya goes to stage there was full darkness as according to her plan everyone was hooting for her Razia Razia full place was ecoing with this voice then she started singing and everyone was only able to hear her voice no one was able to see her she sings.. and before singing her words were are you ready guys crowd shouted yes and then she said so this is my first song for the one whom I love most for the one who supported me on my every decision my every way my every step and today if I am here so it is only because of him Abhi was looking all that and was shocked as he was here to give her surprise but she surprised him announcing her first performance to him Pragya continued that I know you are not here but I am sure you will be here and I know where ever you are you are looking at me so here I go it is for you only crowd was overjoyed and the Pragya started singing..

tu jo mila sab mil gaya (when I found you, I found everything.)
dil ki namaazein jaake (the prayers of the heart)
pahunchi falak se aage (went beyond the sky,)
to jaake paaya tujhko (it was then that I got you,)
mere rehnuma… (O my guide..)

mujhko mera rab mil gaya (I found my God.)
baahon se aage teri (beyond your arms,)
duniya nahi hai meri (my world doesn’t exist )
rakh le mujhko yahin (keep me here only,)
mere rehnuma… (O my guide..)

Her first performance ends and then she takes a mike and there was still dark and talked to the crowd
Pragya : so want to meet your Razia for the first time
Crowd shouted yes
Pragya : wanna see her
Crowd shouted yes
Pragya : but first of all I want to confess one thing there is no one named Razia as who sung those songs was me but I didn’t disclosed my name as I don’t wanted to trouble my loved once and I was scared that you people will not accept me so I launched those songs with a false identity so guys will you forgive me for that
Crowd shouted : we want to know who are you

Pragya : really you want to know will you accept me
Crowd : yes as we are great fans of that voice magical voice
Pragya : so here I am
And the spot light falls on her everyone was shocked and then after a minute of silence all again shouted hooting Rockstar Abhi’s rockstar wife with overjoy one of them took mike and said mam we always heard that your voice is melodious and wanted to hear but we didn’t knew that you are the one who made people mad with your voice that time we are extremely joyful mam that we are hearing you today and all the rest of the Public agrees with him and started shouting with joy Pragya was extremely happy and thought where are you Abhishek why are you getting late see they accepted your Pragya come soon na Abhishek.. then she again looks at the crowd
Pragya : so let’s begin our next performance

Crowd shouted again and all the lights got off then one spot light fall on Pragya she was standing showing her back and as he light falls she turns around and coming forward she starts singing and as she was singing one by one lines the light was following on full stage she started

Pragya :
Mujhko hui na khabar (I didn’t even get a hint)
Chori chori chhup chhup kar (Secretively and silently)

Crowd shouted on her entry

Pragya :

Mujhko hui na khabar (I didn’t even get a hint)
Chori chori chhup chhup kar (Secretively and silently)
Kab pyaar ki pehli nazar (When the first sight of love)
She remembers her first attraction towards Abhi and when she was getting attracted by his politeness her caring behaviour for everyone and when she fall in love with him she was remembering that whole moments

Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)
Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)

Pragya was singing and was remembering that when she was trying to propose Abhi but was unable because she was feeling hesitation and Abhi was remembering his time that he wanted to propose Pragya but was unable and he was laughed on her antics as she was looking like that old Pragya who use to enjoy the songs a lot and remembers that day when she was drunk and wear his jacket and taking his guitar was making fun of him he was looking her whole performance on the mobile.

Pragya :

Pyaar ki pehli pehli is aankh micholi mein (In this first game of hide and seek in love)
Pyaar ki pehli pehli is aankhmicholi mein (In this first game of hide and seek in love)
Bin soche ja baithi main nainon ki doli mein (Without thinking I went and sat down in the presence of everyone’s gaze)
Ab lagta hai mujhko darr (Now I feel fear)
Chori chori chhup chhup kar (Secretively and silently)
Kab pyaar ki pehli nazar (When the first sight of love)
Le gayee le gayee (Took away Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)
Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)
Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)

Performance of Pragya was about to end and she looked at Abhi he was not there yet he was not returned yet so she gets little bit nervous but didn’t stopped singing then suddenly lights got off all stops there but suddenly a voice came from back and everyone was looking that from where did the voice is coming then the spot light falls on the stage and everyone looks that someone while singing was coming down he was hanging on the harness and tied with the cables was holding a guitar and slowly coming down and all started shouting and Pragya was shocked after looking at his face because he was none other than Abhi his entry was grand all the crowd started cheering for him and he started singing going towards Pragya and she was shocked to see him it was a big surprise for her because Abhi said that he is going for meeting and now he was there like that

Abhi :
Mujhko hui na khabar (I didn’t even get a hint)
Chori chori chhup chhup kar (Secretively and silently)
Kab pyaar ki pehli nazar (When the first sight of love)
He holds Pragyas hand and make her turn round then she came into senses as she was extremely overjoyed looking at this surprise of Abhi he holds her hand and then she also joined him

Abhi :
Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)

Pragya :
Le gayee le gayee (Took away)
Dil le gayee le gayee (Took my heart away)

They both thanks to audience then Abhi takes the mike and says
Abhi : so howzat
Crowd : superb
Abhi : so how was the surprise
Crowd : superb
Abhi : So how was rockstar Pragya rockstar wife
Crowd : superb…
Abhi : yeaa that’s what I want to listen so you liked the surprise and I am sure that my love also liked my surprise
Pragya looking at Abhi with smile nods yes then Abhi says
Abhi : But the surprise is not end here as there is one more surprise want to look that
Crowd : yes we want
Abhi looks at Pragya she was looking at him clueless Abhi smiled on her and requested people to give way so that they can come crowd leaves the way and Pragya was again shocked to see that they were Subuhi Abhigya and Prabhas she became happy looking at them and kneeled down spread her arms trio rushed to her and hugs her tightly Pragya looks at Abhi and said Thank you in gestures Abhi said

Abhi : arey hold on one more surprise is left there see there
Pragya looks and Crowd turns to see what the surprise is and Pragya became emotional and happy to look that surprise as the surprise was Chhotu he was coming to her by his own feet holding Pulkit’s finger he was walking towards her holding Pulkit’s finger and Pragya was feeling at cloud nine at that moment she again spread her arms and Chhotu tries to run in excitement but falls then Pulkit holds him and take to her and Pragya lifts him in her arms and kisses him on his cheek chhotu was laughing after going in his mother’s lap and tears rolled down from her eyes Aliya was looking all this from far as she was the who took them here according to Abhi’s plan Pragya said thank you to Abhi and Abhi said
Abhi : so this Is my family for the first time I am introducing you all with my children you know my wife Pragya they are our children our world my happy world
Pragya smiles at him then Prabhas Abhigya and Pulkit along with Subuhi whispers in her ears looking gorgeous maa… Pragya kisses them in reply then she takes Mike from Abhi
Pragya : this was my best surprise I have ever got you know I have to sing three songs here and I was confused about third now I know what I have to do so Mr. Rock star would accompany me
Abhi : yes madam why not
Crowd shouts yeaaa….

Pragya : so lets the fun begin..
All the lights got off as she said that then a spot light fall on Abhi he was playing the drums for her and then on Pragya she started singing holding the mike

Pragya :
Mil gayi… aaj aasman se (Met the sky,)
Aa gayi aage main jahan se (Today I came ahead of the world,)
Yeh kya hua (what has this happened..)
tries to express that she is feeling out of this world now she is cloud nine as she was full of happiness her world was there with her

Pragya :
Udi, neendein aankhon se (flew, sleep from eyes,)
Judi, raatein khwabon se (joined, nights to dreams,)
Mudi, ye jaane mein kahan (this turn, where did I take?)

expressing that she is that much happy that she will not be able to sleep now because of her happiness

Pragya :
Paon zameen pe hai ya baadal pe (Feet are on the earth or on a cloud,)
Uljhe sitaare aake aanchal se, (stars came and stuck in my scarf,)
Jee li umar saari is pal mein, (In this moment I lived my whole life,)
Kuch bhi nahi ab mere kal mein (Now there’s nothing in my tomorrow..)
expressing that she has lived all the ages in this one moment as she got the best surprise and she looks at Abhi he passes smile to her she looks at children they were extremely happy looking at her and looking there happiness she was very happy

The concert ended successfully and now Pragya was extremely happy she was jumping in excitement
Pragya : Abhishek you dont know how much happy i am today aahhh this surprise of yours i am very happy today there is no limit of my happiness as see all are here
Abhi was looking at her kiddish behaviour : hmm dont you think that someone is getting more happy that doesnt even thinking that what will children think..
Pragya : Arey let them think what they want to but today i am extremely happy
she lifts chhotu and starts taking rounds and says to him Maa is saying right na chhotu he also was enjoying as he was feeling that he is swing then Abhigya and Prabhas said to Abhi
Prabhas : Papa it seems like maa is gone today
Abhigya : Yes papa control i have heard that this much happiness causes heart attack
Abhi Pats their head gently : Oye idiots both of cant say something good about your parents whenever open your mouth say something bad always

Pulkit : Papa we have never seen this face of her but today she is not looking like she is our maa
Subuhi : she is jumping like a small kid see
Abhi : My dears because this is my fuggy my chashmish my Pragya which was lost somewhere i was desperate to see that Pragya again and see her today she is my fuggy
Aliya : Bhai is saying right…
Abhi was smiling at her then she said
Pragya : Abhishek let’s celebrate this moment
Abhi : but this time look at the time where we will celeberate..
Pragya : No i dont know i want to celebrate that’s it what you guys say we should go na
All said yes and then Pragya said now see all are agree please please lets go somewhere for doing fun
She started insisting like a child and then all laughed and Aliya said
Aliya : Bhai handle her as you wanted that Pragya to come back na so now see
Abhi : Ok ok we will go somewhere but first at least you change your clothes
Pragya : why is am looking bad in them
Children shouts no
Pragya : see they are ok with it so i will come like this
Abhi : Ok then come we will go somewhere…
Pragya along with all shouts yippie.. we are going to have fun
Abhi laughs on her antics and then they all leaves..

Precap : Pulkit leaves for training

Ok guys how was the episode did you liked rock star fuggy or not please leave the comments and yes all the silent readers all the regular readers commenters TTHHHAAANNNKKKK YYYYOOOUUUU soo much yr keep supporting because we are heading towards the change in the story yes lets see which emotion is hidden in further episodes for that stay tuned and yup now a days i am going to miss someone badly yes it somiya she is not able to upload episodes for two weeks and i am going to miss it badly and her also 🙁 somiya return soon yr….
Now last but not the least dont forget to comment and for further story stay tuned….

Credit to: Surbhi

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