Kalpi ‘s Raghav (EMA) Episode 4

Scene 1

Raghav and kalpi are suprised to enter the room. The room is very beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. Both are smiling at it. Raghav comes to kalpana. she

is very nervous. He holds her hand( dina na na… plays). He kisses her and lights go off……..

Kamla, vittal and pakiya are going home from temple in a auto. Kamla says I had prayed god that kalpi’s wedding should be done without any hurdles. I am so happy for

kalpana. Let lord bless her with all the happiness she deserves. Vittal says you are right kamla. Immediately kamla’s auto meet with an accident. All three are hurt

severely. Pakiya wakes up and see Kamla and vittal unconscious and immediately calls ambulance. He calls up Raghav and informs the same.

Raghav and kalpana rush to the hospital and are waiting for kamla and vittal to recover. Doctors come out and says. Nothing serious. God’s grace they have escaped with

minor injuries. You can discharge and take them home today itself.

Kalpana runs to kamla and vittal. SHe cries very badly. Raghav consoles her and hugs her and tells her that they are fine and not to worry. Kamla scolds pakiya, what

was the need to tell them immediately. we could have managed. Kalpana interferes and tells. Mom I deserve to know it. Raghav also tells, kamla ma please dont talk to

us like a third person.

Raghav drops them in chowl. He says let Kalpana stay here with you for some time. I will pick her up later. Kamla says no issues raghav baba. We are fine. Raghav says

but kamla ma, kalpana would find it good to stay here at this time with you. Raghav says bye to kalpana and leaves.

Scene 2

Pakhi comes to the chowl. SHe hugs kamla and cries kamla maa. What has happened to you? I am sorry kamla ma. I behaved very badly with you yesterday. I realise my

mistake now. Please forgive me kamla ma. Pakhi comes and hugs kalpana and also asks her to forgive her. Kalpi says, leave the past Pakhi. Mom is more than happy now to

see you happy and relieved. Kamla says thank god. Whatever happens, happens for good only.

Pakhi says ok kamla ma. I shall meet you in the evening. Now I have to leave to office. Everyone is shocked. Pakhi asks why is everyone shocked to know that I am going

back to work. Is there anything wrong that I should not work in Raghav’s office after Raghav and kalpi’s wedding? Kamla says nothing like that child. You leave now or

else you would be very late. Pakhi leaves to office.

In the office, Raghav enters and sees Pakhi in her seat. He thinks in his cabin that he should be talking to Pakhi and know what her intentions are to come back to

work after all the incidents that happened. Just then Raghav recieves call on his mobile and it is kalpi. kalpi asks Raghav if he has reached office and tells him

about Pakhi. SHe asks him to let her continue working. Raghav asks, are you sure? kalpi says yes and Raghav says ok mam as you say. Sammy , pakhi and all other office

memmbers enter Raghav’s cabin and congratulate him on his wedding. Raghav thanks everyone and says, he will soon be keeping his wedding party.
Sammy asks so how did you come back to office soon. did kalpana let you go? Raghav tells him about the accident and sammy says so unforturnate.

Scene 3

Raghav comes to chowl after office. He enquires kamla and vittal’s health. They both tell him that they are absolutely fine. kalpi offers raghav juice. He is drinking

and looking at her. She is also seeing him. Raghav thinks how to ask if i can take kalpi with me in his mind. Kamla and vittal see them both and are smiling. vittal

says kalpi leave all that and get ready to leave. raghav baba is waiting for you. kalpi says, so soon papa. I shall stay with you people for few more days until you

are completely alright. Raghav says yes papa. let kalpi staty here. I just came to enquire your health.

kamla smiles and says no raghav baba. we are absolutely fine. please take her with you. he says but kalpi… kamla says kalpi will be ready in few minutes. kamla goes

to kalpi and says you have to go now kalpi. you got to take care of gauri tai also who doesnt keep well often. kalpi says ok and sees raghav. She gets ready and they

leave for home.

(to be continued….)

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