KB story of faith season 2 (Episode 21)

ok guys thank you for supporting me thank u very much and here is your next episode and making you clear that please keep patience i am not going to separate anyone as i am also fed up of separation

The episode starts with Abhi teaching students about how to handle any music instrument for playing just then his phone rings and he takes excuse from there and sees it was Purab’s call Abhi answers…
Abhi: Hello Purab…

Purab: Abhi there is good news for you (in joyful voice)
Abhi: What good news you are becoming father again congratulation yr.…
Purab: Hey hold on yr. first listen to me Na… I am not going to become father again but yes you are going to become a rock star again…
Abhi: Don’t joke to me Purab how can you say so…
Purab: did you remember that party which I and Bulbul kept for your coming back?
Abhi: How can I forget that you and Bulbul made us drunk and in front of everyone you made our popat (stupid) …
Purab: hahah exactly that one in that party a producer was there and he liked your voice and dii’s to so he has decided to restart you rock start career he want you to sing in concert which he is organising and yes he wants to launch Praya dii.. also.
Abhi: really are you sure..
Purab : Yes baba and your concert is just after a week.. and now get prepare to back with a bang yr… all the best..
Purab ends the call and Abhi was full of joy his happiness was on cloud 9 so he decided to surprise Pragya and take something for children as a gift because of them my all happiness is coming back to me…. So he takes leave from the school at that moment only and goes to home while going home he buys something for children and Pragya……Abhi goes home and starts searching Pragya but he is nowhere so he goes to his room There Pragya was maintaining his wardrobe and Abhi comes in shouting.. Pragya .. fuggi fuggii fugiii…… and he lifts her in his arms and starts roming round and round with happiness in his eyes and Pragya shouts Areyyy what happened let me down otherwise I will fall and why are you so much happy but he doesn’t listens and keep taking round and looking him pragya also laughs and finally they fall on bed….. Pragya gets up and asks
Pragya : What happened today you came so early and why you are this much happy ???
Abhi: Guess what your rock star is gonna coming back girl…
Pragya : Really ( filled with joy expression) ???? when and how ??

Abhi tells her the whole incident and said that she is also going to start her career again.. Pragya becomes happy and she keeps her hand on Abhi’s hand then Abhi shouts in pain she looks at his hand and sees it was little bit injured …
Pragya : Arey what is this you have injured your hand what was the need of getting over excited… wait I am bringing first aid..
Abhi : Arey leave it na fuggii its just a small injury nothing else…
Pragya : Small injury hmm
She applies some tincture on his hand he shouts in pain like a kid and starts rolling over the bed that I will not show it … he starts behaving like a kid…
Pragya : So this is the small injury it is paining a lot and you are saying that this is small injury Abhishek why you always behave so careless you are saying that it is a small injury ask from my heart it knows whether it is small or big…
Abhi : Really then tell me Mr. heart whether this injury is small or big…(in joking manner)
Pragya stares at him : the injury is big as it is paining a lot ….
After bandaging him when she was leaving Abhi notices a small scratch on her hand and holds her hand then make her sit on bed again…

Abhi : see you are scolding me that I am careless and what you are see this scar is turning red come now I will bandage..
Pragya : Mr.. it is a samall scar only ok no need….
Abhi : Oho you are saying it small ask from my heart that whether it is big or small he knows very well..
Pragya : Hmm so Mr. heart tell me whether this scar is a big problem or small ..
Abhi : this problem is big…
Pragya : no this is small now leave me….
Abhi : No you treated me now its my turn I will treat you in my style.. wanna see my treatment style..
Praya : Style … hmm
Abhi : Yes the style… rock star style..
Pragya : then show …
Abhi takes an onintment and applies it on her hand and then he holds her face with his hand and hugs her he cares her hairs and about to come closer but Children come shouting ma….. and Pragya leaves pushing him back and laughing on him and says better luck next time mr rock star….
Abhi stares and smiles at her and says to himself have some more children then see what happens now you have 4 so you search time to romance with your wife as when she will be free to spend time with you when you have some more then see you will not be able to see her face also I think any ways lets go why these 4 are shouting ( aah abhi aisa kar thode ar bachhe le aa fir dekh kya hota hai abhi tere 4 bachhe hai tab tujhe teri biwi ko dhoondhna padta hai pyar karne k liye agar aur ho gaye to fir to beta tujhe uske shakal bhi dekhna naseeb nahi hogiiii chalo dekhe ye shaitan kyu chilla rahe hai..) he they both goes down and All were vey happy..
Pulkit : ma ma ma today I have a good news for you…..
Pragya : Really that’s great tell me what is it..
Prabhas : ma I also have one..
Abhi : oh really I think Prabhas and Abhigya you have become fighting minister or incharge of your school where ever you will see peace you have to their and incourage them to fight with each other right…
Abhigya and Prabhas in chorus : Oho it is nothing like that we fight because we know that no one will accept sweet sister and brother love as we are the children of Mischivious Abhi the rock star who always kept troubling ever one in earlier days.. right popsiiiiii…..
They share a high five… Abhi gets irked listening that popsiiii again…
Subuhi comes and sits in his lap

Pragya : if your fighting is over so may we know that what is the news you have got for us..
Pulkit : Ma there is a talent hunt competition in Mumbai where every school is sending best talented students so guess what ma we all are selected from our school..
Pragya : Really that’s a great news…
Pulkit : yes ma I am under 19
Abhigya drinking juice raises her hand : I am under 14
Prabhas : me also under 14 but from boys side..
Subuhi : I am in junior team …..
Abhi : heyy what a great news now I also have one…..
Pulkit : yes papa and you know the competition is just after two days.. by the way papa what is your good news..

Pragya : Your father has got contract of a concert now you will see the rock star again …..
All children gets happy and rushes to him and hugs him he says ok baba ok I know you all are happy so I have something for you let me give it … you all want gifts na.. they all get excited and Abhi gives them there gifts and it was watches there for every one all liked it and they decided to celebrate this moment so abhi said
Abhi : we will go for a dinner out tonight ok….
All gets happy…………….

Scene shifts to Tanu’s home she Is talking to some one on phone that tomorrow will be the best day of mine as tomorrow I will have earn much money because of those children… you arrange a show with huge guests and Nikhil will come to attend the function as I have some other work also… and she cuts the call and murmurs to her self that Abhi and Pragya start back counting your life as you are going to lose each other she laughs with a horrible voice….

It was 7 ‘O’ clock evening Abhi along with Pragya and Children was at a restaurant Subuhi was insisting to go In play area so Abhi let her go to the Play area and sent Pulkit along with her he takes a table and all sit there they all have their favourite dishes and have them Pulkit also have dinner then he again leaves to Subuhi as she was again insisting to go to play area after having her dinner so Pulkit went with her Abhi got a call so he takes excuse from all and goes out side the restaurant to attend the call as inside network was not clear……. Then Pragya also follows him as Prabhas and Abhigya also left with Pulkit for play area … Pragya comes out she sees Abhi and goes to her and Tanu was watching all this from some distance as she had planned to kill them so she gestured Nikhil to kill pragya and the flash back is shown..
Nikhil : But how can we kill them both as if both will die so easily then every one will be sure that it is a murder..

Tanu : so don’t worry we will kill the mother only as without mother no child can live …
Nikhil : But how will this become possible as Pragya is always surrounded by children ..
Tanu : you don’t worry we will do this tonight I have hired a person who is spying on them and according to him they all going to celebrate tonight so we will do this there and as the children are also going with them it will be more easy for us we will kidnap them from there and guess what no one will know that who is done this as we will only let those children come out only tomorrow night function till then they will stay in our custody……
Nikhil hugs her and says good plan dear so ready for this ….

Tanu hugs him back and says from always and the flash back ends…
Pragya was going to Abhi then Nikhil started his car and rushed towards Pragya but unfortunately by mistake Abhi came in between so Nikhil tried to apply power break so car stopped but striked Abhi and he fell down and his head striked to the stone which was near to him.. and his head started bleeding and he was having injury on his leg and head … Pragya saw all this and she rushed towards Abhi but because of Traffic she was not able to cross Tanu who was watching all this from distance saw this and fumed in anger and says to herself today you have to die Pragya no matters if Nikhil lose his chance of killing you but I am here always to help you …. You have to die Pragya… tanu gets inside the car and starts her car… on the other side road was clear so Pragya moved towards Abhi and Abhi notices a car coming in speed he gestures her not to come but she didn’t noticed the car and it was tanus car which was in full speed and finally Pragya hits by her car and her accident was really very bad she was in a pool of blood Abhi saw this and shouted Pragya but he was not able to wake up as it was paining to him… but then also he tries to get up and but he falls so he starts crawling and he reached to pragya she was unconscious.. Abhi also faints after reaching to her and holding her hand.. People were noticing this from far no one came forward to help them as everyone was thinking that who will answer the police… everyone was looking them even some of them were making the vedio of that incident…
Then after doing so Tanu sent her goons to kidnap children and she went to home the goons kidnapped Pulkit, Prabhas , and Abhigya they were going to kidnap Subuhi but then one lady in veil came and took Subuhi with her and goons follows her she goes and hid into the crowd and hides Subuhi in her arms… then the goons thought that she left so they also left then the lady saw that accident spot and noticed that no one is helping them so she helped them on her own she took them to hospital and admitted them there and called Purab.. but didn’t disclosed her identity she handover Subuhi to the hospital incharge and said that this girls family is coming and she left from there……..

Purab was shocked to hear that and he told this to Bulbul she was also shocked they both rushed to the hospital there doctor told them that Abhi was okay he will fine after some hours but have to live under observation but..
Purab : But what doctor..???
Doctor says Pragya’s condition is critical if she doesn’t get conscious in 72 hours then this will result dangerous for her. As the blood loss was high and if that lady didn’t bring them both here on time so anything worst could had happened ..
Purab : lady who was she doctor….????
Doctor : I don’t know the name but yes she left this girl here with us and she also signed these documents..
Purab looks Subuhi he comes to him and hugs him crying badly he handover her to Bulbul and she tries to console her….Purab looks on the document signed by the lady and he is shocked to see that name.. again..
He completes the formalities of hospital and Bulbul and Purab goes to see Pragya there as she was in I.C.U and Abhi was sleeping due to high dose of medicines… Bulbul cries seeing Pragya in that condition… Purab consoles her and sends her to Subuhi there Bulbul asks Subuhi about Pulkit Prabhas and Abhigya she narrated the whole incident and then Purab files a kidnapping case for Abhigay Prabhas and Pulkit as they are missing…

Its already four hours have been spent and Purab is sitting beside Abhi…
Abhi gains consciousness and finds himself in hospital and Purab sitting near him and then he reminds the accident and Pragya who was in pool of blood he starts shouting Pragya Purab opens his eyes and sees Abhi
Abhi : Purab where is Pragya how is she….(tensed)

Purab thinks how to tell about her condition : she is ok you take rest na… abhi you need rest..
Abhi : nO you are lying Purab I can see your face it is saying you are lying she is not ok my heart is saying she is not ok…
He starts shouting pragya and starts removing all equipments attached to his body then he tries to get up but he falls he again gets up but he falls Purab keeps on saying that Abhi you are not in a condition to walk pls try to understand..
Abhi : If you can help me to take to her then help otherwise I will go to myself
Purab : ok baba
He holds him and with his help Abhi goes to see Pragya he sees her in I.C.U her head and neck covered with bandages…… he gets shock to see her in such condition and tears rolled down from his eyes he asks to Purab in shock

Abhi : What happened to her…
Purab : her condition is critical doctor has said if she doesn’t get consciousness in 72 hours then it will be the most difficult task to save her…
Abhi : she has to come back she cant leave her family like this she has to come back for me for our children… she has to come back and she will come I know she will come …I will not let her leave us like this…..
Children … where are the children Purab they are ok na..
Purab narrated the whole incident and Abhi said I was sure about that something like this will surely happen as she is back and she cant return so normally and she is up to something now she has decided to use my children to earn money…
Purab : about whom you are talking Abhi who is back..

Abhi : Tanu she is back…..
Purab : What but how you was sure that she will do such thing….
Abhi narrated the whole incident of Nikhil coming home and all that….
Purab : so if she has kidnapped them so how will you find that where are they…
Abhi : do you have your mobile with you …
Purab : yes .. this is
Abhi puts some code in it and the mobile starts showing the vedio of that location where tanu has kept them ….

Purab : how did you did this how are you able to see their location..
Abhi looks at him and smiles a flash back is shown…
Abhi goes to purchase gifts for children and sees the watch where a hidden camera is fitted there in it and you can see the vedios recorded by cameras on anywhere and Abhi brought that for them and they were wearing it…flash back ends..
Abhi : they are my children Purab I know how to trace them and that idea struck in mind because I felt that tanu will surely do this after I had insulted Nikhil She is not back to me for a child but yes this was struck in my mind that if she is back she is upto something very terrible she is planned something else and you know Purab this time has changed now it is my turn to play games with her now I will show her what is the result of giving pain to someone what is the punishment of trying to separate children from there parents what is she thinking that her plan is working out no purab now my plan will work let her see the how it feels when some one tries to ruin your world….
Purab : All this is Ok Abhi but why are you talking about revenge ….. you can hand her over to police why you will take revenge…

Abhi : No I will because this time I have seen her doing crime so first I will punish her.. because she hadn’t kidnapped my children but she has almost killed their mother …
Purab : What are you saying … you mean the car from which dii is hitted it was..
Abhi : yes it was her car I saw her when she hit her by car… and passed that wicked smile when Pragya was in pool of blood now see I will make her life hell for this she will pay for her sins Purab now she will pay..
Purab : Ok but now what you will do as we know where are the children but you are not well I mean you should take rest first..
Abhi : No I have to go to them they are in problem and if you are talking about my pain then let me tell you it will be only cured when Pragya will gain consciousness infront of seeing her in this condition every pain is small yr come lets go she has kept them in her house come lets go before she change the location….
Purab and ABhi leaves for searching them while going Abhi goes to MM as he has already heard through that what is tanu going to do… so he takes some CD’s from there..and leaves they reach at Tanu’s home and sees that there she has kept security very tight…… Abhi and purab are looking from there car from some distance.
Purab : Abhi security is very tight how will you go and meet them ???
Abhi : no one can stop me Purab but at this time let me think some thing
Then he saw a man sat near the footpath and having blankets so an idea struck in his mind he says to Purab

Abhi : you have to do one work will you help me..??
Purab : with no doubt yr as they are your children then my also na…
Abhi makes him understand the plan and Purab says ok… just few minutes later Purab starts an acting of drunkard who is cursing Tanu all the guards of main gate rushed towards him to make him run away and in a meanwhile Abhi enters covering himself in a blanket from gate to back side of house there he sees that tanu has kept the children in the same room outside which he is standing so he gets inside through the window.. and sees that abhigya Prabhas and Pulkit are crying hugging each other…. He enters and prabhas notices that someone is entered so he asks who Is there he goes to see in that direction and he saw Abhi there.. he shouted
Prabhas : papa ….

Abhi holds his mouth and say to say in low voice They all rushes to see him
Abhigya : papa where were you papa see this aunty is keeping us here forcefully she is not letting us go papa ..
Pulkit : Papa pls take us out from here and she is saying continuously that ma and you are dead we were scared papa scared very much as I don’t want to lose my family again….
Prabhas : Papa she is beating us she is see we protest that we will not do any performance without your performance she beater us papa she slapped Abhigya and me and beated Pulkit dada badly…. Please take us out papa.

They all are crying he hugs them and he is also crying and fuming in anger too seeing violence done by Tanu on them then he breaks the hug and says to them
Abhi : I will take you out beta tomorrow you will be out of her claws but you have to help me for that .. will you help me…
Kids : Papa we will do anything for you and ma..
Abhi : that’s like my childs now listen I know she was talking about some show tomorrow night and she is taking high fees for your performances so just you have to do one thing waste that money.. waste that her money…
Abhigya : But how will we do this papa
Abhi hands over the mobile in which he has copied the vidios of CD which he brought from home and said

Abhi : look beta these are your answers you have to sing the same song and in same style it is sung in vedio and yes becareful you have to hide this mobile no one should know that you have a source to contact other wise it will be dangerous ok beta and yes don’t worry because I am keeping an eye on you through this watch make it wear all the time ok ….. now I am leaving as if someone saw me it will be dangerous ok beta be careful and yes tomorrow night you will be out of her claws
He hugs them again and leaves he starts the car and calls Purab ….. Purab comes and they leaves….
Purab : the work is done na..
Abhi : yes now wait for tomorrow as she is going to meet with a real devil….
They both passes a wicked smile.. and again leaves for hospital….

In hospital Abhi is resting as the pain has increased he is continuously thinking about Pragya’s condition.. just then the door of a room opens and he sees that this was Subuhi who was crying and came as Bulbul was slept
Abhi : Subuhiii… hey what happened bachha why are you crying …. Stop crying..
Subuhi : see you are injured and ma… she is not talking she is very much injured she is not opening her eyes and dada bhaiya and did are also not there
She starts crying hard….
Abhi : na bachha stop crying as this is just a small injury see papa is ok see I am talking to you na…. see..
Subuhi : I am not able to sleep papa as ma is not with me and I cant sleep without her lullaby….
Abhi : oh this is the reason then there is no reason bachha.. come papa will make you sleep come I will take you in my arms like this and I will sing a lullaby to my daughter so that she can sleep ok now lean your head on my shoulder and close your eyes….
But Subuhi is still crying so abhi tries to stop her from crying.. so he sings….

Dekhaa phuulon ko kaanton pe sote hue ( I have seen flowers sleeping on thorns)
Dekhaa tuufaan ko kashtii dubote hue ( I have seen the thunder sinking a ship )
Dekh sakataa huun main kuchh bhii hote hue ( I can see anything happening in this world)
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( but I cant see you crying )
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( no no I can’t see you crying)

Abhi stands holding her in his arms and starts roaming here and there even he is facing difficulty in doing so but he is doing and he pats he back so that to make her sleep..

Ek din bigadii qismat sanvar jaaegii ( see one day our destiny will change )
Ye kushii hamase bachakar kidhar jaaegii ( where will this happiness go from us after escaping , no where)
Gam na kar zindagii yuun guzar jaaegii ( don’t be sad these moments will pass out soon)
Raat jaise guzar gaii sote hue ( as the night has spent while sleeping)
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( but I cant see you crying)
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( no I cant see you crying like this)

Subuhiii was started feeling sleepy and Abhi took her out from the room and then he is continuously patting her back she is feeling sleepy then he saw Pragya and tears shedded out from his eyes and he is continuously singing.

Tuu bhii sun le jo maine sunaa ek din ( you also listen what I have listened one day)
Tuu bhii sun le jo maine sunaa ek din ( you listen what I have listened)
Baag me sair ko gayaa ek din ( I was gone to take a walk in garden one day )
Ek maalan ne mujhako kahaa ek din ( A gardener told me one day)
Khel kaanton se kaliyaan pirote hue( play with the thorns when you are making your life happy )
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( i but I cant see you crying)
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue (no I cant see you crying like this)

( in this para of song he is indicating Pragya as gardener and happiness as flowers and thorns resembles problems in life..)

Dekh sakataa huun main kuchh bhii hote hue ( I can see anything happening in this world)
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( but I cant see you crying )
Nahiin main nahiin dekh sakataa tujhe rote hue ( no no I can’t see you crying)

And as a result Subuhi was slept and Abhi took her back to the room which was allotted to him and make her sleep on bed … and he is crying remembering that incident )
watching this father daughter pain and love people who were hearing this praises him and Pragya’s luck also…..

Precap : No precap

Sorry guys i think you willl not like this episode but believe me next one will not so bad episode and sorry again
i think from todays episode a question will arise in your mind
Ques 1 Who was the lady in veil who saved Subuhi and Pragya whose signature were they to which after looking Purab was shocked.?
Ques 2 Who was calling and threatning Abhi?
stay tuned for knowing their answer and again sorry if you didnt liked the episode..
🙂 😀

Credit to: Surbhi


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    I think purvi or aliya , bye the way you rock again it was awesome episode very nice really heart touched story of husband and wife and father and children, brother and sister and friend always helping them I like it I don’t no how you think and write this kind of story hats off yaar 10/10 trp rate will get this story and please update next one also fast I don’t have time to keep patience just please upload it. my salute to you again *****

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