Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha thinking how to apply stamp to Thapki’s hand. She asks doctor to give them immunity strengthening injections as well with the regular checkup, as weather is changing. Doctor agrees. Preeti is scared, and Suman teases her. Bau ji asks doctor to give him injection first. Doctor asks what about your servant. Shraddha says yes, she works in our house, if she gets infection, it will be unhealthy for us, give injection to her as well. Vasundara gets puzzled. Doctor gives injection to Bau ji and others.

He says now luckily two injections are left, one for you and one for your maid. Shraddha says I feel nervous, so I will drink water first. He says don’t worry. She drops the water on the doctor and says sorry, you can go to washroom, I will clean the medicines.

She sends him to washroom and says I will dry your bag. He goes. She changes the medicines tags and keeps wrong bottle. He takes the bag. She asks him to give injection to Thapki. Vasundara asks Shraddha what is she doing. Shraddha says I did what I had to, that injection medicine, I changed it. Vasundara is shocked and asks what. Shraddha says I changed it with anesthesia to numb the body, see now when doctor gives injection to Thapki, she will get sleepy, I will put the stamp, Thapki will be fine, she will not remember what happened. Vasundara says fine, come.

Dhruv comes. Dadi stops doctor and says he has one injection left now, it should be given to any family member. He asks doctor to give injection to Dhruv. Dhruv asks what is it for. Preeti says its for immunity. Dadi asks him to get it done. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked. Dhruv removes his coat, and Shraddha stops him. She asks did he not get it done in office, you can take it in office with your staff members, there will be checkup done too, doctor is free tomorrow, you say your staff members are like your family, they will feel good seeing your concern. Vasundara says Shraddha is saying right. Dhruv says fine, doctor you come to my office tomorrow. He leaves. Vasundara asks doctor to give injection to Thapki. Doctor gives the injection. Shraddha smiles.

Mishra asks Diwakar to earn a living, as they got a roof now, but they have expenses too. Diwakar says Krishnakant will pay. Mishra says we have to show you are earning also, find some job. Manju says he is useless, what will he earn. Diwakar sees the model ad and says I will earn lakhs. Mishra asks will you do modeling. Manju says yes, he is like moon, let him do modeling. Diwakar says sure and takes her blessings. He says I will become famous model and goes to ad agency with them.

Thapki says I ironed the clothes, I will go out, Bihaan would be coming, whats happening to my hand. The clothes fall. Shraddha and Vasundara look on. Thapki says sorry, I don’t know what happened to my hand, I will press clothes again. Vasundara asks her to go and rest, sometimes it happens after taking injection, we kept you for work here, not to torture you. Thapki goes. Shraddha says see its wrong injection affect, I will put this chor stamp on it and she won’t know. The stamp falls down. Ram pyaari takes the stamp. Vasundara says if anyone sees it then… Shraddha goes to Ram pyaari and asks for the stamp.

Bihaan gives the treat to Thapki and asks her to start eating. Her right hand gets numb and she takes roti with left hand. He asks her to eat with right hand. She says she got injection, Maa said it happens and I will be fine after rest. He says it means Maa included you in family, Ghazab, have sweets. She could not eat with left hand, and Bihaan feeds the food to her. He says I got spices added as you like spicy food, drink water. Na na na na ……….plays………….. Shraddha prays to Lord to help. She says show me where is that stamp. Bau ji kicks the stamp unknowingly, followed by Suman and Preeti. Shraddha says please get the stamp back. The stamp reaches Shraddha. Shraddha bends down to pray and her forehead gets on the stamp. Chor gets written on her forehead. She checks it in her phone camera and gets shocked.

Shraddha says I will hide this mark on my forehead, and applies the mark on Thapki’s hand, while Thapki is sleeping. Bihaan asks Thapki about the sign and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow…. Thahaan rocked Today.. ?????
    Chudails plans backfired……. ???
    But precap is annoying me ??????

  2. superb thahaan scene but did thapki had that stamp on her hand too???

  3. Hahaha.

  4. Peak of drama. Tolerating only for Thahaan.

  5. Nice.shradha deserves everything but she is a excellent actor

  6. Thahaan scene was cute??? n shradha has got her punishment???

  7. Very good

  8. No problem…Thapki will have alternate as usual….shraddha when did she became a bhakth…sorry business partner with god…..she was offering 1001 rs for getting 50 rs worth stamp…wow!!!!and god fulfilled her wish as well as his wish….great……something going to happen in Friday…what a nonsense??? Vasu and shraddha made Thapki wear a pink bear dress…lol…..hope maid truth comes out….in front of sad..he is dreaming abt maaaaaaa…..he will get heart broken if he comes to know the truth….sure it happens…….

  9. New spoiler guys!!!
    Bihy saves Thapki from bear dress and then dance together….before rescue vasu have asked Thapki to kiss the first guest of the party… might be either bihy or Dhruv but I hope it will be bihy…..or may it not happen…..don’t know!!!!!!!but dance sure….

  10. Plzs add some romance in this serial its about time thapaki and bhian love each other openly and get sharradah out of druv life she is sickinng the show

  11. she deserved it..

  12. Ha ha ha now shraddha has got d right name actually…CHOR……she is always loosing dan why she is attempting again n again d same thing to ruin thapki’s life….i think she is shameless dat why may be….but i m n joying….love manish as always…

  13. N yess thahaan is simply supperbbbb…

  14. Today’s episode was good ghajab liked it that Shraddha learnt a good lesson 😛 but precap shocking today thahaan scenes were fab n I read somewhere that vasu will order Thapki to dress like a teddy and the Bihaan will come to her rescue n vasu will give challenge to Thapki to kiss the first guest which will turn out to be Bihaan that will be quite cute if true

  15. I am disgusted that the tortures of Thapki are never ending ,Shradha is doing all sorts of criminalistics fiddling with medicines and playing with someone’s life.She will never be exposed as that track doesn’t seem to happen ever.The story will go on and on and Thapki. I’ll keep loosing always.Even God doesn’t help her and Shradha all the time wins,

  16. We need some romantic scenes of tahaan……….stop this drama now.

  17. The New promo unbelievable.

    1. wat is the new promo?

    2. Promo new but story same yaar ….you don’t existing …..

  18. Worst concept….
    Paagal writer…

  19. A source shares, “In the coming episodes
    Thapki’s family will be seen celebrating the spirit
    of Valentine’s Day, where Thapki will be asked to
    dress up as a teddy bear and welcome the
    guests. But, one man, who will arrive at her
    rescue, will be her hubby dear Bihaan. After
    Bihaan will free Thapki from the given duty, the
    cute, young couple will have a romantic dance at
    the party”.
    But readers, there is a little twist in the tale.
    Before, Bihaan steps in to aid Thapki, Vasu will
    throw a challenge before Thapki that she has to
    kiss the first guest at the party.
    Oh no, so who will be the first one to arrive the
    place? Will it be Bihaan or Dhruv (Ankit Bathla)? I hope its our hero bihaan…..waiting for d episode…..

    1. really moni
      thapki is really gonna kiss??
      I hope this scene will be shown n the guy enter will be bihaan + the truth will come out infront of him n this maid track got over
      n last but not the least both thapki n bihaan fall in love with each other

  20. This is the most super-nonsense serial. What are they trying to show? Hideous storyline and super-stupid writer. Please stop this nonsense or may be PM will have to get involved to remove such unethical serials from Indian TV.

  21. End vasu and shraddha track soon shameless thapki but one good thing is that chor stamp got to her forehead as it is the truth

  22. After getting injection hands will become numb maa said. Is this Tapki educated or not. I think she is better to be a servant only.

  23. Yess ruhi its true….thahaan rocks

  24. Unending serial ridiculing the life of a vulnerable woman – Thapki. Better short serial and meaningful than unendinngly long boring serial that majors in purnishing an innocent person. The serial is losing its value fast!

  25. thahaan scenes was nice

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