Kasam 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naitra gets ready in her room excited for candle light dinner with Rishi.
There, Tanuja held Rishi’s face, he held hers. Both smile towards each other. Rishi runs inside as there is a thunderstorm. Tanuja stood outside, elated; Rishi looks towards her. She moves towards Rishi. Naitra watches them together, standing close to each other and runs into her room crying. Rano comes to her, Naitra cries and asks Rano to let her go to her mother. Rano asks if she would accept her defeat so easily, she can surely defeat Tanuja. Naitra shows her a determination to make Rishi as hers.
Rishi and Tanuja sit for dinner together. Rishi asks Tanuja why she isn’t always this way, Tanuja says she is always his. She tells Rishi about Katiani reading her birth chart some time ago, she told her that she was a curse

for him. Rishi jokes that Tanuja took over his business. Tanuja reminds Rishi about her demand for divorce after she heard Katiani. Rishi’s phone rings to interrupt, Rishi turns the phone off. Tanuja says he always asked why she never confessed her love for him, never told him where she had been in the twenty years that passed between them. Rishi corrects it wasn’t her, it was Tannu who wasn’t there. Tanuja qualifies, she returned after twenty years. This time Tanuja’s phone rings, it was Poorab. She goes aside. Poorab tells Tanuja he will get the Puna’s project tomorrow in the meeting, he got the information from other sourses and would win over Tanuja this time. Tanuja was shocked to hear this.
Rishi comes to Tanuja and takes her phone. Tanuja snatches her phone and walks away with Poorab’s words echo in her mind. She runs downstairs where the family was together and had good time. Divia went aside to speak to her mother, Tanuja snatches the phone and hears her mom, then apologizes her that Divia would speak to her later. Divia questions how dare she. Tanuja asks Divia who else she speaks, her anger has brought a lot to them. She informs the family they have almost lost Puna’s contract. Bee ji comes to Tanuja and asks about any proof. Rishi asks Tanuja what kind of a blame has she put on Divia and how she know they might lost Punia contract. Tanuja corrects herself saying they have actually lost it. She says the eldest daughter in law of this house stresses her husband so much that he can’t concentrate on his job. She tells Divia they had to give Ratnani’s 20% of Bedi enterprises to get this contract approved, does she know what 20% is. She tells UV that it’s his mistake as well, she would push them out of the house. Rishi takes Tanuja aside into the room. Rishi warns Tanuja not to misbehave with his brother’s again. Tanuja was sure they would lose the project this time, Rishi assures they won’t lose the project, its Bedi’s project and they will get it.
UV had packed his bags. Rishi comes to him and says Tanuja openly challenged him today, now he is going to Puna for the project. He was angry at Tanuja and says he would push that half-owner out of the house. UV agrees that Rishi is going to Puna now.
Tanuja comes to Raaj and Bee ji. Raaj asks Tanuja why she seems angry with Divia. Tanuja thinks Bee ji hasn’t shared Divia’s matter with him. Raaj assures Tanuja no one knows about their quotations, and they will surely win this project. Raaj notices Tanuja is hiding something. Tanuja says Poorab called her and warned to snatch the Poona project from under their nose. Raaj says this contract isn’t an aim of Poorab, they are the back stabbers. He called her for some other purpose, he would surely do something else.

PRECAP: Rishi appoints Manpreet and UV to keep an eye over Tanuja and leaves with Naitra. Tanuja fumes and tells Ahana and Bee ji, she is going to save Rishi from Naitra.

Update Credit to: Sona

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