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Rishi tells Tannu he won’t be able to breathe without her, she must always stay with him like the breezes. He will die if she leaves him. Tannu shuts him up saying she can’t live without him, neither in this world nor in the other. She remembers her kasam of being with him, in all circumstances. They have been married for all the lives to live, she will fulfil her promise and is returning to him. Rishi was impatient, when and where. Tannu says the same place where she breathed her last, tonight at 10 om exact. Rishi was excited, he wonders how he will recognize her. Rano and Manpreet come there arguing to talk to Rishi, Tannu disappears while Rano and Manpreet were worried looking for Rishi in a crazy way. Rano tells Rishi that Tannu has left. Rishi insists she was here, he smiles that his mom won’t

scold her and calls her to come out. Rano cries enforcing over Rishi that Tannu has died and will never return. Rishi asks Manpreet if he trusts that Tannu was here. He tells Manpreet that Tannu is coming to the same place she left him, at 10 pm. He hurries to leave, Manpreet holds Rano back while Rano slaps him hard for not insisting on Rishi that this is his illusion. Manpreet asks Rano to give Rishi some time, he will get normal with time.
Bani was worried in the dark, Neha comes to her crying. Sandy appears from behind, Bani complains about not turning the light. Neha says they can’t turn the lights on, because they are in a hiding. Bani says the police and Raaj are questions them. Sandy points a gun at her for not opening her mouth. Sandy tells Bani that his friend has registered their marriage as well. Both Neha and Bani were clueless about it.
Rishi drives to the venue, he accelerates the car as only 5 minutes are left. He wished to live with Tannu forever, he will make sure everyone accepts that Tannu is here. He stops the car at the same point on highway, comes out to look around on road, and touch the floor where Tannu’s blood was shed. Tannu’s words echo in his mind about the promise to meet him. He counts that 3 minutes are left only. He walks to cliff shouting Tannu’s name.
The lady in temple notices the light around, she wonders what this new story is about. This light is about someone’s birth, who is to be born; whose love story will begin now.
Rishi shouts at Tannu’s name when an ambulance comes on the road. Rishi watches the ambulance getting out of order, it was exact 10 pm. The lady in the ambulance was about to give birth. Rishi looks inside, the driver struggles but the ambulance was unable to move. Rishi calls Tannu’s name again. The lady’s husband comes to ask for Rishi’s help as his wife is about to give birth. Rishi pushes the ambulance.
The lady in the temple was elated that they will meet again, and figures out that it is Tannu who will be with Rishi no matter whatever life they live. She wonders if this is possible, is this Tannu’s reincarnation. The lady asks her daughter to wait a little more, then wonders why she thought it would be a girl. The ambulance restart, the man helps Rishi and they hurry to hospital.
Bani scolds Neha for marrying Sandy. There hear gun shots, it was Sandy’s phone ring. Sandy says its Vikram’s call, Vikram says his sister in law is going to give birth and he must hurry to hospital. They hear police siren, Sandy says he can’t come there. He loves Vikram the most in life, Neha hurries Sandy to walk away. He tells Vikram about a good news that he married, there is a bad news as well. Police is behind him and will arrest him, he shot an innocent girl and is repenting now. He cries, Neha hurries him to go. Sandy tells Vikran to take care of Neha, she is innocent as it is all his mistake. Police arrives at the venue, Sandy couldn’t hold the gun but held his hand over it. Vikram tells him to hand himself to police, the inspector come to arrest him.

PRECAP: Rishi shouts that he is just coming, it rained while Rishi drives.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. We will be missing you the most kratika……. Today’s episode was nice specially tanu’s dialogues and tanshi’s pose….. Love you kasam

  2. Miss you and love you kratika……. Today’s episode was nice specially tanu’s dialogues and tanshi’s pose….. Love you kasam

  3. Esha6

    Feeling bad for rishi 🙁

  4. Siddhi

    Feeling very much bad for Rishi.How are u karma family?

  5. Misss uuu Kratika…..????

  6. we dont want new face for tannu….

  7. We miss u kratika

  8. I don’t like new face of tanu

  9. I am waiting for the episode in which rishi know that Tanu takes a new birth

  10. Miss u kratika…?? u r the best as tanu l♡v u…..

  11. Kratika come back…….

  12. Guys today the reporters were saying that after some time kratika can be back

    Plz if its true so it is great?

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah I think the new Tanu will meet with an accident and her face will get destroy so our Rishi would guve her the face of his Tanu of previous birth

    2. Siddhi

      Yeah I think the new Tanu will meet with an accident and her face will get destroy so our Rishi would guve her the face of his Tanu

  13. missing u kratika

  14. Really were did u read ot kashish…hopeso kratika is back…a very very gud newz im very much excited

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