Kalash 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Janki asks Shweta why you were taking Ambika’s pictures? Shweta says you are saying as Ambika is heroine, i was taking pictures of everyone, Janki says i will prove it now, she opens her phone and shows her Ambika’s pictures, why were you doing it? Manju takes Shweta from there for dance, Janki thinks why was she doing it? what was her mission? one thing is clear that she is planning something against Ambika. Devika comes there and says Ravi and Nivi are looking so happy, they got engaged after so much drama, its time to give them gift which we prepared for today, Jankii says it will come here soon, Devika says Nivi will remember this day whole life, i would love to see their reaction, police comes there with a man, man hints towards Janki showing she has planned it. Police comes to Nivi, inspector says we are doing our duty, Nivedita you have to come with us, we have arrest warrant against you, Nivi says what i did? inspector says man will tell, man says we gave you contract to build bridge, that bridge fell down 4months ago and we did investigation then we found out that your company used cheap material in bridge making so you have to get arrested, Monty says you are mistaken, Manju says its her engagement today, dont destroy it, she is very nice girl, inspector says we have proofs against her, Manju says dont do anything, if she gets angry then it will be bad for you, inspector says you are threatening me? will i take you instead of her? Manju says no, Ravi says there is misunderstanding, inspector says tell it in police station, Devika thinks that i am feeling relieved seeing all this, she could have gotten arrested for murdering me but its good now, Nivi thinks i have to stop it, i cant get arrested tonight. Nivi says i am not owner of that company which got contract, i dont have anything to do with bridge contract, i had made subsidiary company for that contract and Monty Garewal is running that company, Monty whispers to her that what are you saying? Nivi slaps him and says i did so much for you, i gave you company and you did this? you used to cheap material and had put lives at risk just for some money, dont know how much corruption you did, you could have asked me for money but you didnt think about my reputation, you deserve to be in jail, Monty says but i didnt do anything, Janki says to DEvika that she changed game totally, DEvika says but she is lying. Nivi asks inspector to take Monty, man says we didnt get any document that proves that Monty is running company, Nivi says i have that document, once you see it then you will have no doubt, i will bring it, she goes from here. Gurvindar asks Monty if he did something wrong? Monty says she is lying, he goes behind her. Devika says Maa she is lying, Monty doesnt have company, Nivi did all this, she was involved in this bridge case, Janki says she is just taking time to think what to do, she will come and say she will submit papers tomorrow and will get Monty arrested tonight, Devika says but police wants real proofs, Nivi doesnt have proofs against Monty, only Nivi will get arrested.
Nivi is tensed, Monty says why you did it? why you are punishing me? you handled that project and now you are alleging me? my career will be destroyed, her manager gives her papers. Nivi asks Monty to sign them, Monty asks what are these papers for? Nivi says these papers say that you are owner of that company and you handled bridge project, Monty says my life will be destroyed, i always took your side, i am your loyal employee, i did so much for you, Nivi says and i have done so much for you, you are normal employee but i made you accountant, i gave you everything, anyone can do what you did for me, this is time to prove your loyalty, why you are thinking about your career? you know i can fulfill your dreams but now you have to take this allegation, sign papers else i will throw you out of company and will throw you out of house too, i will destroy your life, your have two options, if you sign papers then i will change your life and will make you wealthy and if you dont sign it then i will make you beggar, i will bring you to streets, i will bring you out of jail easily but if you dont take my side then dont expect anything, Monty thinks that maybe this is only way to prove that i am bigger loyal than Ravi, she will bring me out of jail for sure, he says okay i am signing papers, she says good, i will bring you out of jail, Monty thinks that i will have to sit in lock-up for 2,3days only, he sits down and signs papers, Nivi have sigh of relief.
Man says to Jankii that i did as you said but what is Nivi doing? what if she has papers? Janki says she is wasting time only, make sure to get her arrested. Manju says what is Janki talking to man? Shweta go and listen. Shweta comes near them and listens their talk. Janki changes talk and says Nivi cant do this, she is our business partner. She comes to Shweta and asks her to tell man to not arrest Nivi. Shweta says to Man that Nivi did mistake but she wont do it again. Nivi comes there and says shut up Shweta. She gives documents to man and says i told you that i didnt have interest in that company, i dont have original copy of documents rightnow, company was in Monty’s name, he checks papers and says yes Monty is owner of that company, Ravi says Monty cant do this, inspector says Monty is arrested, they drag Monty from there. Devika is tensed seeing all this and thinks that Nivi trapped Monty today. Gurvindar is trying to stop inspector but police takes Monty from there.
Gurvindar says to Manju that Nivi uses everyone for her benefit, Monty dis so much for her but she sent him to jail, she will go to hell. Manju says calm down, if Nivi listens then she will throw us out of house, only she can take Monty out of jail, Shweta says she will do something for Monty, Gurvindar says dont lie to me, why you dont understand that we are not respected in this house, she keeps taunting us and what we do? just for some money, we have lost all self respect, from the time Devika has gone and this Nivi has come in our lives, our lives have become hell, Manju asks her to calm down, Gurvindar says you dont understand pain of mother? open your eyes , remember in our old house, we didnt have servants but people used to respect you so much, you killed Devika for money, you got wealth but where is glow f your face? when did you smile last time? you just keep thinking to impress Nivi, she has made us her servant, our kids have become servants too, see Ravi too, he is so talented, he could have gotten anywhere in career but he is stuck to butter Nivi too, Vikas is so good, he doesnt earn much but still he doesnt have to be dog of Nivi, this is just start, we will have to payback for our deeds, our kids will get in this fire too, whats my fault? you kiledd Devika, i didnt take your side, you made Sakshi mad, you locked her in room for days, i didnt take your side but why i am paying for all this? Manju says you are right but calm down, Gurvindar says have some fear of God, killing Devika was sinm locking Sakshi in room was sin, oneday you will have to payback, this diamond necklace in your neck will become your noose, this is just start, your punishment is near, when God will send his wrath then we all will be destroyed, she leaves, Manju is tensed,

PRECAP- Ravi comes in police station, Devika hides seeing him. Ravi feels her presence and looks around.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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