Kasam 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika get stuck in cold storage room

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The Episode starts with Kritika thinking that she will die with cold if the temperature falls more. Ranbir is in the party and talks to the client. Akki tries to get closer to Ishani. Jiana comes to Ishani and asks did you see Kritika? Ranbir says I guess she went home. Jiana asks did she tell you? Ranbir says Yash told him. Kritika sees minus 2 and thinks if I stay here for more time, then I will die here. She thinks she shall do something and calls the waiter, but he doesn’t hear her and goes. She gets worried. Ishani tries to clean the stain off from her dress. Akki says it is a small matter and tells that Rohit Agarwal, the designer will make same dress as this. She asks really. Akki asks her to smile. Ishani smiles. Jiana thinks how can Kritika go alone without informing me. She thinks even her phone

is out of coverage and calls Pummy. Pummy asks if Ishani has cut the cake. Jiana says yes. She asks her to give the call to Kritika. Pummy says she didn’t reach home and gets angry thinking she left the party and went somewhere else.

Kritika tries to break the door and bangs on it. She shouts for help. Ranbir hears Kritika’s voice and asks Jiana if she heard her voice. Jiana says no and says you said that she went home. Ranbir says Yash had said that and thinks maybe he is hearing her being drunk. Malishka asks Shilpa if Ranbir left. Shilpa says party is over, but Ranbir is still here. She says there is no chance now. Malishka thinks her plan can’t be ruined. Ranbir feels Kritika is there and tells jiana that he will be back. Kritika tries to make her voice heard and sees waiters going. She panics and feels much cold. Akki asks Ishani if she likes to go to party. Ishani says my mum doesn’t allow me to go to party, but she allowed me as it was RBK party. He asks about her boyfriend.. She says she has no boyfriend. He gets happy and says wow. She makes it clear that she has no interest in him. Ranbir thinks why does his heart is beating so fast and says he can feel her presence here. Ishani says she don’t want to spoil her career. Akki tells her that he don’t think anything for you and tells that he has a girlfriend. Ishani says good for you. Ranbir thinks of Kritika’s words and thinks why do I feel her here. Kritika thinks it seems she will die here in cold and nobody will know, as everyone left. Ranbir searches for her. She lies down on the ground. Ranbir thinks nobody is here, I shall leave.

He is about to go but finds Kritika’s earrings there. He thinks Kritika is here and calls her. He sees her fallen on her and gets shocked. He opens the door and gets inside. Kritika asks him to hold the….(door), but before she could complete her sentence, the door gets closed. Kritika is shocked.

Kritika faints. Ranbir gives her mouth to mouth respiration.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The episode was full on dragging mode , but the,precap shocked me . Now kritika will again misunderstand ranbir , maybe she will slap or something when get to know and that cheap malishka will do something very wrong maybe accuse him , thats for sure . Everything against ranbir and a lot of negativity coming soon

    1. I think ranbir use bataiga he nahi …because kritika bhehosh hai..tho ose pata he nahi ke kya hora hai….what u think plz reply????

  2. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Man nikiten dheer would have fainted seeing that.

  3. Too much of negative Malishka and goons Yashu. Kratika is all over the place some girls are sitting together and she is all over talking to her self cursing Ranbiar. It’s like she is looking for trouble by isolating herself. Enough of her misunderstanding. She should appreciate that Ranbir found her.. Freezing in the freezer should teach her a lesson and thank those who help her. I think some pple and me are fedup with her negative attitude. Writers please enough of negatives. Stop playing games. THE party was nice but ending with negative is bad. Ranbir is saving this drama from going flat.

  4. Kasam Tere pyaar ki

    Pops ,Lilly and the undertaker Justen biber,Fake kasam ,Mona,Sana I like u guyz. U 6 have alwoyz told the things in comment which was in my mind in every comment. U r such a wise , thoughtful people. Lets be friends from now and lets form a kasam family in this page. And yeah we should swipe out the garbage like pooja who is completly mental and is an idiot from this page. We r brothers nd sisters from now in this page and we r kasam family from now.

    1. Kassm tere pyar ki mind ur language..who is mental? U is mental always bashing kritika character..if want to read tis updates, u should read, shout ur mouth n go. Dont try to degrade others..then u will get d same.

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