Kasam 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir refuses Balraj’s suggestion

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The Episode starts with Malishka asking Kritika to end her friendship with Ranbir and asks her not to double-cross her. She says if you cheat me then it will be very bad. Kritika asks her to relax and asks her not to doubt on her honesty. She says how my friendship is related to the case. Malishka gets angry and asks her to end her friendship with him. Shilpa calms her down and tells asks her not to let her professional and personal life mix. Malishka asks her to decide. Ranbir comes to Balraj and tells her that his girl came to meet Malishka. Balraj says that’s why she thinks you wrong. Ranbir tells that she trust him, and likes him, but works for Vikas Sharma. Balraj tells that they shall agree to Malishka’s demand and give their house to her. Ranbir refuses to give their home to Batra and her. Akki shows

his room to Ishani. Ishani says Ranbir’s room is much better. Akki offers her something to eat. Ishani asks about his girlfriends. Akki says he has no friends and is lonely as all girls like Ranbir. Ishani says you are not lonely now as you have me now and tells that she is a serious type and not an ordinary girl. She gets a call. Akki gets happy thinking Ishani proposed him.

Ranbir tells Balraj that he will not give their house. Balraj says they have to give the house to end the case so that he can get Kritika. He tells that first love will also be remembered and asks him to leave the house if he wants his girl. Ishani tells that she will tell her after coming home. Jiana asks her. Ishani makes an excuse. Kritika comes and says her work is done and she will go home. Jiana says my both sisters are lying with me. Kritika sees Ranbir and smiles. Ranbir also smiles. Kritika thinks of Malishka’s words. Ishani tells Akki that she got mom’s call and she shall leave. Akki asks if she is serious about whatever she said? Ishani smiles. Akki gets happy and asks if he can call her in the night. Ishani says yes. Kritika, Ishani, and Jiana are leaving. Ranbir tells that he needs to talk to Kritika. Kritika says she will talk to him after the case ends.

Ranbir stops her again. Jiana takes Ishani with her to get auto. Ranbir asks why she doesn’t want to talk to me. Kritika asks him to understand her situation and says she can’t talk to him until the case is over. She says she is fighting this case against him so she shall not talk to him. Ranbir says I will wait. Malishka hears them. Kritika thinks why she is listening to Malishka and not to her heart. She turns to Ranbir and waves him bye. Jiana gets the auto and calls Kritika. She sits in auto and leaves. Ranbir thinks about how I will live without her.

Pummy tells Jiana and Kritika that her daughter will marry in Kapoor Mansion. Jiana thinks she is talking about her. Pummy asks Kritika and Jiana to congratulate Ishani and says Akki and Ishani love each other. Jiana and Kritika are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh what a worst of talented actor/actress. I think Kratikas charector will go down as dragging angry revengeful charector on Indian televasion. She was made to repeat everything over and over again.A good actress who was given nothing to say but repeat and dragging the drama to a gutter. It was presented as a love story but the warrior princess had no love for the man she was.supposed to love except to show se*tual desires and mistreating the man. She was brought in as aprotector but most of the times she was the one always in trouble and needed protection. They say a movie or drama makes u or breaks you. I might be wrong but this will break her career. The CVS failed her. They even failed her style the style was flat even as Tanuja they dressed her on special occasions, other times those who are not leading ladies looked far much better than her. I think Ranbirs career will flarish from Rishi, his character was colourful had a lot to do as a bussiness man. But Tanuja was made to look stupid,stuborn, arrogant and revengeful,dragging like she is doing right. As Kratika it was even painful to watch but CVS just ignored the fans. It seems they were going no where still dragging with Malishka scenes like Netras. I have never seen anything like it. I can’t call Kasam a love story the love we saw was Rishi/Ranbir catching Tanuja falling and rolling her eyes real just eye contact it’s desires not love. Love is caring but the Worrior Princess didn’t care for him. Shame on you CVs for destroying her career and turning this unique story to a laughing stock. Even now you still dragging is Malishka like Netra your relation to keep her on the show dragging the drama to rubbish bin.

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