Kasam 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi Gives up on Tanuja

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Scene 1
Rishi is at Tanu’s house, his phone rings. Tanu says your phone? he is busy staring at her and says oh sorry, he sees Natasha’s doctor calling him, call cuts before he can take it, Tanu asks him to come inside. Rishi calls doctor again, doctor takes call and says Natasha is your daughter but he sees network not working and Rishi unable to hear it. Doctor says I will send these reports to rishi’s house.
Rishi says to Tanu that Abhi called me and asked me to bring Tanya here. Tanu says thank you. Rishi says Abhi taught you how to say thank you, you husband wife have this much formality, I am sorry if I said something wrong. Tanu says Naitra taught you how to say sorry, wish you could have said this sorry before. Rishi says time was less, I couldnt say it, I am sorry, really

very sorry, I kept following you, you were right, when I saw Abhi yesterday, he sees Abhi, Tanuja and Natasha’s photo and says this is what we call family, you tried to tell me that but I didnt understand, I just wanted to get you at any cost, I was being selfish. Abhi’s life is Natasha and Natasha’s life is Abhi so what I am doing inbetween? Mother doesnt see love, she just see happiness of her baby, she takes care of the reason behind her baby’s smile, I cant come inbetween Abhi and Natasha but dont think I have lost, you know I can get you in a blink, you know how crazy I am, I know there is love from my side and your side too, I can see it but this world is cruel, they wont let lovers get united so Tanuja I give you to this house and family, Abhi and Natasha needs you more than me, I cant separate a mother from her baby for my love, I cant do it, I just cant.. he wipes his tears and I am giving you up for this family and house, I am dying while saying it, humari adhuri kahan plays. Rishi says I am dying everyday in this love but I love you only and always Tanuja. Rishi says anything can happen but I will love you for births to come, we might be far far away but I will always love only you, I promise. Tanu cries hearing it. Rishi comes to her and says its my promise for our love. Rishi starts leaving, they both breakdown and cries. Rishi leaves her house. Tanu sobs uncontrollably.

Scene 2
Rohit asks Abhi if you want to do this deal? you will have to go back to London, Abhi says I have to do this deal, London business is falling apart, Abhi asks secretary to book his tickets, he thinks that If I have to go back to London then Tanu will have problem, Natasha’s education will be disturbed too.

Tanu recalls Rishi and Natasha’s moments, how Rishi saved her life, how Rishi gave up but confessed his love that is forever for her. Tanu comes out of house and calls out to Rishi before he can leave, she comes to him, Kal ho na ho plays.. she says Natasha.. she likes you a lot and loves you. Rishi says I know she likes me and you love me, I can see love in your eyes for me, you never said it, your silence always break my heart, Tanu looks down.
Abhi calls home, Natasha takes call, Abhi asks if Tanya is still with her? she says yes, he asks where is mama? she says she is not inside home, he says find her and ask her to give me a call, he ends call. Outside house, rishi turns to leave but Tanu asks him to stay.. he says you are asking me to stay now? why didnt you stop me two days back? Natasha comes there and says mama papa wants to talk to you, she asks Rishi to stay, rishi says I am getting late, Natasha says please stay, please please please.. rishi gives in.

Doctor calls Rishi’s home. Naitra is about to take call but Ahana takes it. Doctor asks if can talk to Rishi? Ahana says oh hello Doctor Khanna, its Ahana speaking. Dr. Khanna says I have to talk to Rishi urgently. Ahana says Rishi is not home, you can tell me if there is any message. Khanna says actually I… I am sending some important papers for rishi at your house, he left it there so I am sending you in hospital’s envelope so dont take tension seeing envelope, just give it to him, its urgent, Ahana says okay I will give it to him. Doctor thanks her and ends call. Naitra comes there, Ahana says doctor was saying Rishi left papers at hospital so he is sending it.

Natasha calls Abhi and says mama met Mr. Handsome. She gives call to Abhii. Abhi says why Rishi is at our house? why he doesnt leave when he comes home? he could have just send his daughter, Tanu says relax he will leave. Abhi says I am going to London for two days, Tanu says okay take care, Abhi says take care of my princess, miss you she says okay and ends call. Tanu turns to see Rishi standing there.

Courier guy gives envelope from hospital to Naitra, he asks her to give to Rishi, its important. Naitra thinks whats so important in this envelope?

PRECAP- Rishi says to Tanu that if I stopped you back then, then we would have made our small world, you didnt stop me, its too late now, I cant do anything, Natasha.. Natasha is Abhi’s blood.. Tanu looks at him in tears and says she is your blood.. your blood.. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The show would kill me. It’s so emotional ?
    But not to forget one naughty girl Natasha in it she is cutest

    Abhishek saying miss you and realising with fraction of seconds. Wow.

    It seems abhIshek falling in love and rishi Tanuja coming close to each other ?

    The show is really something.
    Nowadays I am really happy with Kasam.

    I wait for next epi.

    Now I am eagerly waiting for monday.

  2. Yes this is the best episode
    Finally the truth gets disclosed.
    Tanuja had revealed the truth to rishi that natasha is his daughter

  3. I luv ths but this drama should end quickly. Rishi should know the truth

  4. Cant wait for precap. I really just hope Rishi will know the truth without any twist.

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    scene 1 … the tears came ? … oh boy, Rishi finally confesses his love for Tanuja ? finally
    scene 2 … Abhishek said ‘miss you’ … wait, What ??? ???
    n that ms.wednesday Naitra ? am sure she’s gonna open the envelope ?

    Precap: me➡??? … Rishi➡???

  6. I hate kasam now tanuja gone mad she doesn’t tell ak about rishi and not tell to rishi she plays with both feelings if she want stay with ak so go back to London with him its another solution if ak and naitra left tanuja and rishi so after some time another prblm will came in their life and rishi again left tanuja

    1. mohammad farrokh lagha

      my friend kashish,the only honest and decent person of this page ,
      if they skip all these draggings and cheap nonesense , then there would be nothing left to continue, and make dead aditi,fake kasam,priya, akkie……
      what an ugly treatment for poor AK , as u said ,
      useless tanuja is dishonest with every one encluding her own daughter and rishi giving lecture regarding ,morality ,but never hasitated to go over in absense of poor AK.
      by the way ,what happened to that birth mark of R on sly tanuja? another base of story ,that ,
      has been sent to trash bin just for sake of dragging.

  7. I’ll hope that rishi comes to know about the truth of natasha & his relationship
    They make a small world in which rishi tanu natasha & tanyaa too hope that naitra & abishek come close & dont play evil games
    I hope to se naitra & abi in always good mood
    Tanu pls tell the truth

  8. /glad someone o
    is giving a written account of the episodes as we freeview followers have been left high and dry wish there was written episodes of all the soaps am really missing this vhannel as i cant agford sky

    1. Hope you don’t mind Lucia,But we have lost Rishtey and Colours channels.
      I still think the show is still slow,But the Magic between Rishi and Tanu is slowly coming back.
      Can I get Rishtey anywhere else ?

      1. mohammad farrokh lagha

        @Dave ,u can get rishtey Europe by spending a small fortune of monthly payment to Sky or virgin , another words,
        if you leave your present provider of your TV,phone and brodband package and become customer to Sky or virgin brodband Tv package.
        another way of ; milking europeans.

  9. When rishi and thanu live together?precap we saw that thanu is tell truth..i thought that that time thanu says i am saying lie..leave it..This not happen in monday..because the original father is rishi..i am waiting the episodes of rishi and thanu live together..lub u kasam and alse rishi angld thanu??????

  10. Tanuj will tell Rishi that Rishi has given blood to Natasha in the hospital that’s why Natasha is Rishi’s blood. Tanuja won’t say the truth to Rishi. I hope the doctor or Tanuja will tell Rishi the truth next week. What a performance by kratika and Sharad ? Sharad was outstanding in this episode. Kasam Rocks ?

  11. Rishi should know the truth without any twist. …Naitras mistake before 7 yrs must be unveiled… Rishi tanuja must be unite..A happy romantic life..Rest makers can continue the story….Further…But after some happy celebration…Tannu rishis marriage….Without any hurdle.. settle life….After that a honeymoon….We must want to see as a happy couple…And after that sone light melodrama

  12. Good news
    kasam new timing is 7pm
    we won

  13. Thanks to tellyupdates
    This is real thing that I want ….

  14. @sapna
    I really want it to be true. But are you sure ?
    I want kasam to be there. Would have loved it in 8-10:30max time slot.

    But something is always good to have then nothing.

    Dear how do you know it’s going to be on 7 pm. Please tell
    Me. So I can be at peace.

    Coz I am afraid many new shows are coming
    Bigg boss ( would take 2 shows slot)
    And I saw ishq mein marjavan promo
    And tu Aashiqui.

    These new things would take 4 shows space ?

    1. Salil sand has twitted
      he is member of balaje
      7pm pe bhi bohat acche trp ate
      saatiyan 7pm pe he atA us ke trp hameshaw.5 ke above rahte
      7pm is better than 10:30
      Plz reply

      1. Saatiyan ke trp 2.5 se uper rahte
        then kasam ke tho fans bohat I am shore ke trp 1.6 se tho zyada he ae ge 7pm

  15. @ sapna.
    Thanks dear. I read salil sand twitter…hope it’s true and official ?

    1. Did t think it is true???
      Salil sand sahi news dete hai kya????
      Plz reply

  16. @sapna
    No idea

    But wish it’s correct news

  17. @sapna
    No idea

  18. Thank you.. For telling new timing of kasam.. I also want this..

    Plzzz.. God’s it’s true..

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