Waaris 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Amba finds a new alliance for Simran

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The Episode starts with Rohan coming to talk to Harjeet. He says we shouldn’t get Simran married to anyone, as anyone can take advantage of her innocence. Harjeet slaps him. He gets his belt and beats Rohan a lot for sympathizing with enemies. Amba asks whom did you get Jagan. Sukhi says we lied to Jagan that just Simran can give him blood, if he knows this. Jagan asks what. Babli says nothing, he is saying nonsense in fear. Amba says you kidnapped Amrit, Harjeet will not leave you.

Amrit wakes up and says this is not right. Jagan says I don’t care, she will stay here till we get Simran home. He ties up Amrit. Amba says we have to make Amrit reach home safely. Rohan recalls Harjeet’s slap and takes wine. Simran comes and stops him from drinking. He asks her to leave and pushes her. She gets hurt and cries. He stops and says show me what happened. She says I won’t talk to you and goes. He angrily throws the bottle.

Raj worries for Amrit. Mannu asks him not to say anything, nothing will happen to Amrit. They have an eyelock. Sukhi and Babli go to free Amrit. They see Jagan sleeping and smartly take the keys from him. They free Amrit and drop her home. Mannu and Raj see Amrit coming. Raj asks where did you go, we were so worried. Amrit goes inside the house. Nihaal comes to Mohini.

Mohini says I know Amba got another guy. He says yes, so did you think what to do next, tell me. She tells her plan that Amba and her daughters will put the trap in their neck. Harjeet hears her and praises. She says I want your support. He says I m always with you. She says then say yes for the alliance Amba gets in panchayat. He looks at her.

Guard asks Amba to leave. Rohan asks what’s happening here. Amba says I got a good proposal for your Bhabhi. He gets angry and says I won’t let this happen. She asks why, you are in love with Simran, can you tell your feelings to Harjeet. Mannu hears this and gets shocked. Amba says go and tell Harjeet that I got an alliance for my daughter, I won’t be scared of your threatening, I will take Simran and make her life better. Mannu stops Amba. Amba says this marriage will happen, I have right on Simran’s life. Mannu says why do you think the guy will keep Simran happy. She argues with Simran and says I won’t let this happen, I will get against you and call panchayat if needed.

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  1. nice episode,
    now mannu and raj will fight together, keep it up waaris team 🙂

  2. why no one write here any comments
    no one likes waaris or what ?

  3. Hi Tessy
    Waaris has gone down the tubes with so much abuses on women and men being utterly silly and chauvinists. Each time I watch this serial it leaves em highly annoyed. So sometimes I come here, read the written updates and then comment if I can.

  4. My ? set got stolen so I depend on utube for watching waaris and only get 3mins of the program, I just read the written updates now …. sometimes don’t even bother as there are other full episodes showing in utube .

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