Kasam 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Malaika asks tanu to take rest. Aahana goes to Maanpreet. Maanpreet turns back. Aahana says I’m proud of you. Maanpreet says really.Aahana says I don’t know you love Rishi so much. Maanpreet says I do a good work.Aahana says yes.Aahana and Maanpreet’s comedy starts. Maanpreet leaves. Divya comes and says you again fight with Maanpreet. Aahana says anyways I’m going to beeji and leaves. Divya too leaves with her.
Malaika thanks tanuja and promises her that she will do something for her.Malaika touches her hand tanuja shouts. Malaika says tell me who has done this. Tanu ja recalls Rano pushing her hand.Tanuja says I think while accident happen, it may be happen that time. Malaika says sorry. Tanuja says Don’t say sorry again and again.Malaika says it happen somtime and

hug her.
Rishi says to Maanpreet she wants that we get pain by seeing her face daily. she can plan easily for taking revenge, she wants to show that she has does favour on us. She wants to change hate against her into love.She is clever,avoid her.Maanpreet says stop, what are you saying? Rishi says you mean , I’m just saying! Maanpreet says I want to say that you forget your past and forget about tanuja.She has save our respect in society, we’ve to thank her instead of blaming her.If she wants take revenge, why she has to wait! that NGO woman said that tanuja say that they are wrong she will not spare them, tanuja can take revenge but she didn’t.She has do good for our family.If I’m wrong then beat me, but think once she has do good for us.No-one take me serious in family but now I’m serious, take it serious.
Aahana comes to beeji.Beeji says what happened? if again fig happen between you.Aahana says he has call em jalad biwi, Beeji says what? he says to me that you’re aafat ki purya.Beeji says I’m with you! Aahana says like all men in our country follow women , I want that maanpreet to do that.Beeji says then why you don’t say this to Hitler mean Rano, she can make agree raj after fighting with him.Let’s talk with Rano. Rano pass by door. Beeji calls her.Rani comes and says I want t tell you something I’ve take a decision.
Tanuja thinks of her and rishi’s scenes.Song plays tu aata ha sene mai….
Tanuja says what I’ve to do for Rishi, I’ve do.Now, there is no need of me here.It will better that I Leave from there.Oh god! take care of Rishi and his family.I’m going from there.
Rano says I want to make Rishi marry with malaika. I’ve talk to her and she likes Rishi.Beeji says but…. Rano says I know he don’t like any girl.At starting , papa Ji don’t like you, but then he starts loving you. I feel rishi’s luck is like you. but i dont want that after malaika come her as bahu Rishi live in his past.I want to make tanuja leave otherwise my dream will don’t turn into reality. I don’t want to see tanuja’s manhoos face.Aahana says till when you will confront di?
Tanuja was to leave but raj stops her.Raj says where are you going?Raj says if you want Rishi,I mean if you wnat rishi’s good.till case get solve, don’t go anywhere.I’m not forcing you.mistake is happen, and that’s why, I’m requesting you not to go anywhere.you live in house and my heart is saying ,if you live here, nothing bad will happen.Tanu nods.Raj leaves.Tanuja recalls scenes of her and raj. Tanuja says Tao Ji/Uncle.
Raj says when I give aashirwaad to tanuja, why I feel that I give aashirwaad to my daughter tanu.Why I feel that she is my daughter,tanu!
Tanu comes an sees moon from window.
Rano says I’ve always say that I never like tanu.due to Rishi, I accept her. otherwise I’ll never forget that due to her, Rishi leave me.
Tanu thinks why I can’t say not to Raj uncle.I want to go but can’t.

Precap: Tanuja sees Rishi coming towards her.Rishi comes to her and hugs her.

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  1. Nice episode… But OMG the precap is fab…I just can’t wait for 2morrow’s episode to watch to see how rishi gonna hug her….

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