KAPOOR SISTERS beyond love part-1

This the story of four sisters. They are very different from each other but they are eachothers soul. Their died in a accident in a young age from that time they are eos strength.

Charecter sketch

Preeta kapoor- A physiotherapist elder among them.  But she has a two minutes younger sister. She is calm and cool in nature but very strict. She lives in andheri with her husband karan luthra. They are very happy couple.

Ragini kapoor- She is just two minute younger than preeta. She is a singer. She is very innocent. Married to Sanskar maheswari. She is blessed with a baby. Lives in juhu.

Shrishti kapoor- she comes in third. She is a organiser of event management. She is single, but flirty type. She is very naughty & chulbula by her nature.

Swara kapoor- she is youngest among them. Very bubbly and sweet & a very big prankstar. She is a rj. She has love interest with laksh.

Karan luthra- Preetas husband. A cricketer. Very brodminded. Loves his wife from heart.

Sanskar Maheswari- A buisness tycon. Raginis husband. Love his family & vry sweet by nature.

Sameer Rathod- A doctor. He loves shristi secretly. He is preetas friend.

Laksh maheswari- Swaras boyfriend altough he is brother of sanskar. He is also buisness tycon but a painter also.

Rakhhi & mahesh luthra- parents of karan.

Sujata & ram maheswari- parents of sanskar & laksh.

Kritika- sister of karan.

Janki- the one who take care of the sisters after their parents death.

Hope you will like the story. Nexy epi coming soon.

Thanx a lot

With love


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