Kaleerein 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera and Vivan Save Amaya

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Meera follows goons and hears them discussing they lost 10 crores worth drugs today and now have to cash in on NRI. She calls Vivan, but his phone is not reachable. She calls Amar and asks if Vivan is at home. Amar says no. Meera thinks where to find Vivan now. Someone touches her shoulder, she tensely turns and relaxes seeing inspector Brar. Brar asks what is she doing.

At home, Amar informs family that Meera went with inspector Brar to help Vivan and tells them whole story. Dolly reminisces Vivan’s misbehavior and thinks they misunderstood him, he was acting to save his family. Sweety asks where is Nimmo. Prince says he searched whole house and she is not at home. Nimmo’s boyfriend Balli ties her and shouts if he cannot get drug box, he will grab money from Nimmo’s sister

and jijaji. Nimmo says they were going on a date. He slaps her and she falls down.

Inspector Brar with his team and Meera follows jooded jacket wearing kidnapper. He throws stick on kidnapper, kidnapper falls down down. They surround kidnapper. Vivan reaches there with money bag and asks Brar if kindapper informed about Pammi and Amaya. Kindapper turns and he is just puppet and boss easily escaped ordering him to get money from Vivan. Meera trashes kidnapper to tell where Pammi and Amaya are. Kidnapper calls Vivan and laughs that he easily escaped, now Vivan has 30 minutes to save his family. Brar arrests puppets and sends him away with constables. Vivan says kidnapper is somewhere around, they should find him.

Vivan with Meera and Brar’s team searches for kidnapper. Meera sees temple and prays god to help them find Amaya and mummyji. They move ahead. Kidhapper calls Vivan and warns Vivan to find him in 30 minutes. Meera hears temple bell and informs them. Kidnapper prays in temple and leaves. Meera sees godown and says this only building here and they should search there. They enter godown and search. Vivan says there is nothing here, he will not waste time here. Meera insists that Amaya and mummyji must here and searches further. She finds Amaya shouts, enters room and is shocked to see Amaya hanging under boiling acid. She pulls rope and calls Vivan. Vivan rushes there and they both rescue Amaya. Amaya collapses due to poison. They hear kidnapper’s voice on speaker and says Meera has sixth sense and found his clue easily, he himself gave clue, Amaya is poisoned and Vivan should either search his mother in 10 minutes or save Amaya. Brar with Meera takes Amaya to hospital. Vivan runs out and searches Pammi on street.

Precap: Meera sees Pammi tied in a car and tries to free her. Vivan reaches and is shocked to see car blasting and shouts mom..meraa….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. this really bites man:(:( not sure what to say

  2. Can we ever expect our esteemed writers to do anything positive….At last Amaya was found but poisioned and we don’t know what will be the fate of Pammi and Meera in the vehicle blast….After keeping Vivaan on tenter hooks and the viewers as well,the suspense is still going on…we know for sure that Meera will come out safe as she is the female lead but the writers are capable of giving us extraordinary twists….Naz,do you remember how we expected Rani to come back after she met with an accident ..we had so much hope that Raja and Rani won’t be seperated…but everything was messed up ….I hope we won’t see that much cynicism here..Coming to this kidnapping drama,we are really eager to know who this guy is …what is that he has against Vivaan that he wants to destroy him totally by eliminating his family ….I hope the mystery ,when resolved ,will be worth all this wait …

    1. Oh goodness….. Do you think Meera and Vivaan would be separated? Now I don’t know what to think, don’t know how to guess what could actually take place in upcoming twists.. You know how I like to predict things… I’m biting my nails till Monday…hoping that it’s a dream or something else but not that Meera gets injured and she has to do plastic surgery and another actress takes her place… So much violence in these past episode, I’m sad for us, we aren’t getting to see much romance… Sigh??

  3. u know what in the upcoming episode meera will go to save pammi but due to some reason after the car blast pammi will disappear and meera will cry… Vivan will come and he will start shouting and the reason god knows ……. And he will also take ulte phere with meera. ??????????how discusting this man is yaar pata nahi kya sochta hai kya karta hai and pata nahi meera se pyar kata bhi hai ya sirf natak kar raha hai.
    He is really horrible ????????
    aur mujhe to laga tha meera ko kuch ho jaega phir vivan uski care karega aur maybe uski memory chali jae ….haa itna yaad rahe ki unki shadi hui aur roma pammi bagera bagera bhul jae hai na

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