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Scene 1
devika and Janki comes to mandir, Devika gets tensed, she starts to leave Mandir but janki stops her and says you cant go like this, today is your new life’s start, i brought you here so that you know that your trust was broken in past but in future, you would have so much self respect that nobody would be able to break, you are Devi’s blessing, forget all pain and these tears because you are Ambika from now on, Devika looks on.
Shweta and Parmindar are playing with Manju’s puppy, Manju comes there and says dont tease him, he just listens to me, he is smart, Shweta says he can be more smarter than you, Manju stares her, Parmindar says he is intelligent, we are raising him now and in future, he will serve us. Manju says just see when i will throw ball, he would bring it,

Shweta says lets bet if he will run or not, Manju says sure. She throws ball puppy runs behind it and goes to Sakshi’s room to find ball. Manju says why did he go there? Shweta asks her to go in and bring him, Manju says i cant go, she afraid, they ask each other to go and bring him out, three of them are sacred to go there, they listen puppy’s voice and says what to do? they decide to go in together. Manju opens store-room’s door slightly, Sakshi is acting like crawling and stares them, puppy comes out, they lock door. Manju scolds Jyoti for opening Sakshi’s room, Shweta says dont you know that Sakshi has become animal after Devika’s death, Manju slaps her and says dont take this name in this house, Shweta says you could have said this politely.
Devika says to Janki that Ambika is nice name, after Rekha chachi, you are most precious to me in this life, i like this name. Janki says you know why i have chosen this name for you? i found you in Ambe Maa’s mandir, Ambe Maa’s one name is Ambika, she took this name and killed the evils and enemies, i have given you this name so that you can accept it and take oath to finish evil, accept it with your heart and soul.
Ravi and Nivi arrives near mandir, Ravi says to Nivi that i will bring pooja plate then we will go for pooja, he leaves. Nivi is waiting in car, a beggar comes there and asks for money, Nivi clutches his fingers in her car’s mirror, he screams and leaves.
Ravi is buying plate, he sees dupatta and recalls how Devika used to wear it, he smiles, Nivi comes there and says shall we leave? they leave.
Devika smiles and accepts her new identity Ambika, she touches Janki’s feet, Janki says i will distribute food to poor.
Nivi is coming to mandir with Ravi, she thinks that i knew he would go in Devika’s memories again after going to Rekha’s house, i will never allow him to come to mandir again, i will keep him away from Devika’s memories. Devika prays to Ambe Maa that you have given me this mission so give me strength to fulfill this mission and not make me weak.
Ravi is going, he strikes with Janki, sweets fall from her hands, Ravi says sorry, Janki says these are sweets of my daughter’s naming ceremony, she has got new identity today, Ravi says i will pray that she get successful in whatever she does, Janki says my daughter is standing behind you, Ravi turns to see her but Devika has turned away so he is not able to see her face, Janki says her name is Ambika, Ravi says its nice name, Devika is coming there, Ravi leaves before she can see his face. Devika says to Janki that i forgot aarti plate in mandir, you go, sit in car, i will bring it, Janki says okay and leaves.
Ravi comes in mandir, he prays that bless me Ambe Maa so that i can fulfill Devika and her mother’s dream, she wanted to make school for her orphan kids, also i met aunty(Janki), whatever her daughter wants, fulfill that. Devika is standing adjacent to him and prays to Ambe Maa that bless me so that i am able to face and fight with Ravi as he is my biggest culprit, i have to be strong for this, she turns to leave, her dupatta falls on his face, Ravi feels Devika’s presence, he turns to look at her but Pundit comes there. Ravi says to Pundit that i have come here for my engagement’s pooja, Devika listens his voice and thinks that he is Ravi, i want to see him, Ravi says to Pundit that i have come to do pooja for my engagement, Pundit asks Ravi his fiance’s name, Ravi says its Nivedita Luthra, Devika listens it and thinks that this means Ravi has come here to put his engagement card in Ambe Maa’s feet for blessing, he has completely forgotten me and wants to actually be with Nivi, Ravi does poja for marriage, Devika looks at him in tears.
Nivi is waiting outside Mandir, she says dont know why Ravi came here, there was no need to come to mandir for engagement, i will make sure this marriage happens. Nivi calls Vikas, Shweta asks him to pick up call, Vikas says she is not prime minister, Shweta says she is, Vikas takes her call, she ask why did you take my call after so much time? Vikas says i was in washroom, you want to listen the details? she says shut up and you have catering responsibility in my engagement ceremony so i want you to makre sure nothing goes wrong in arrangements, Vikas says leave it on me, everything will be perfect, Nivi says if it is not then i wont spare you, Vikas says yes and ends call, Nivi says how dare he cut my call? he is illiterate. Shweta asks Vikas what did Nivi say? Vikas says she needs chance to throw tantrum around, she said that she is going to block your credit card, Shweta is shocked, Vikas says i was joking, you cant joke about my card, its my life, Vikas says this house is changed, no one has self respect or anything, all are living on credit cards and are controlled by nivi, Shweta asks him to leave, he leaves.
Devika thinks should i see his face? she thinks that i have to control myself and leave immediately. Devika starts leaving, her dupatta catches fire, Devika is leaving mandir and is in tears. Ravi comes out of mandir and sees from behind that Devika’s dupatta on fire, he asks her to stop, Devika gets shocked, she starts running, Ravi runs behind her and dozes off fire from her dupatta with his hands by sitting down on ground, he says i am asking you to stop but you are running away, your dupatta caught fire, Devika looks at him and covers her face with dupatta, Ravi gets up, Devika turns away before he could see her face, she leaves from there, Ravi is confused.

PRECAP- Nivi is waiting for Ravi outside mandir, she sees Devika crossingby, she is shocked and cant believe it. Nivi comes to Devika and stops her, she is shocked to see Devika alive, Devika is surprised to see her too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    all are copy cats

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