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Scene 1
Saket says to Navi that dont try to double cross, i am an old player in this game, you will caught in this trap eventually, he leaves.
Ravi asks goon to remove cloth from his mouth but goon says no you will start fighting again.
Vikas comes to Manju and says there is a bad news, Ravi got kidnapped by goons too, Manju cries, Rekha says dont worry, everything will become fine, we have to believe in Lord, Manju says i dont care about Devika, she can die but Ravi should remain safe, Rekha says enough, you used to like DEvika at time of marriage but now? why is that so? because of her property? Manju thinks that i am saying anything these days, Parmindar says nothing like that Rekha, she is just tensed about Ravi.
Goons are taking Ravi and Devika through jungle, Devika falls down,

she is feeling dizzy, Ravi asks goon to give water to him for Devika, he says we are in middle of jungle and you are thinking about water? goons tie around tree and leaves from there to be not seen my police. Ravi and Devika looks at each other, Devika thinks that i am so lucky that i got you, i know you are hurt to see me in pain, thank you for helping and loving me so much, Ravi thinks that i am sorry Ravi i couldnt save you, i promise to be with you always, Devika thinks that i always want to live with you, now we dont have time so i want to live every moment with you, i wasted alot of time but now i want to tell you how much i love you, Ravi thinks that we will live together, once we get free from here.
Sakshi and Monty comes in factory and doesnt find anyone there, Monty says there is no one here, Sakshi sees ropes there, Sakshi says this means they were hear, Monty says they must be around only.
Goons come to Ravi and Devika, he take them from there. Sakshi and Monty arrives in jungle and looks around, Sakshi says i feel like Devika and Ravi are around, Monty says i feel same, they go to search them. Goons are taking Ravi and Devika. Monty shouts for Ravi and Devika. Ravi listens it, Goons says it must their family members, he hides them behind bushes, Ravi tries to make noise but goon says if you do anything then i will attack your wife. Ravi sees Monty and Sakshi finding them, he thinks that if i try to make noise then goon can hurt Devika, i just wish Monty and Sakshi sees us.
Navi says to Saket that dont forget your limits, dont forget who i am, i am Rakesh Luthra’s daughter, i can make or break MLA’s like you, Saket says you can destroy yourself too, i am a self made person, even if my seat is gone, i will get ways to live but you are daughter of rish father, even he wont be able to support you, Navi says its not time to fight, we have to think of way so that we are not caught in all this, Saket says we have to put blame on someone, someone who can get benefit from Devika’s kidnapping, Navi sees Manju calling and says i got person, we can put blame on Manju, she never liked Devika and also she wanted Devika’s property so we can put blame on her for kidnapping Devika for property, Saket smirks. Navi takes Manju’s call, Manju says sorry for disturbing you, Navi says no you can call me at anytime, Manju says goons have kidnapped Ravi too, Navi acts surprised and says dont worry, i will come to you rightnow, we will talk about it, she ends call. Saket asks Navi if she ever thought about acting? Navi laughs.

Scene 2
Monty and Sakshi leaves from there. Goons take Ravi and Devika from there.
Navi comes to Manju’s house, Navi asks her to sit too, Manju says you respect me so much but Devika thinks about property only, Navi says we cant change anyone’s nature, Navi thinks that i know your greed about money and property and i will use it now, Manju says Devika just think about property, Navi says you love everyone so much, you must have loved Devika too, Manju says dont know where Devika must be, navi says even if Devika doesnt return, i am here and i am like your daughter, Manju gets impressed, she says i wanted to ask you something, dont get me wrong, do you have feelings for Ravi?
Gons bring Ravi and Devika to other godown. They tie Devika to pillar and Ravi on otherside of pillar, goon takes off clothe from their mouths. Ravi says to goons that you have found a really good place, you are intelligent, goon says i tried working in films but people kicked me so i became goon, Ravi says i will make you get work in Balaji production, i know people there, Deepak says to goon that you talk to anyone or everyone, lets go to eat food, Ravi says bring food for us too, Deepak says you wanted to kill us and wants me to bring food for you, we are giving you time to spend with your wife, be happy, Ravi says i cant even see her, goons leave. Devika says to Ravi that i am feeling tensed, you dont know these goons, they will kill us, Devika says to Ravi that i want to go out from here, Ravi says do you trust me? she says i trust you more than anyone else, Ravi says then just believe me, i will take you and myself in single piece from here, Devika smiles, Ravi says i can fight with anyone to see you smile, Devika says i will keep smiling, Ravi asks true? she says nods.

PRECAP- Devika takes out pocket knife from Ravi’s pocket, Ravi says now slowly cut ropes around my hand with it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ab kidnapping ka drama bhut long ho raha hai…

  2. This kidnap drama has become too boring… So tired of these scenes now… These writers don’t know when to stop such nonsense, they just make the show more stupid…

  3. OMG wt hapnd to creative team in kalash! Come on yaar please use littl brain. U guys have krip and aparna yaar! Both r talented plz dont waste their efforts naa!

  4. such a boring show….!!! the lead actress is such a weird bimbo.. doesn’t have brains at all. And the hero is OK, but sometimes wastes his brain. as per the serial, they are from well to do families, have good education and jobs. But they act as if they are from outer space.. bakwaas stuff…Waste serial close it soon….

  5. abbey yaar bas bhi kar

  6. Really boaring yrrr this kidnapping dama is running since one month ..very boaring series

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