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Scene 1
Savitri comes to Manju that what you are still doing in sangeet? have food and leave from here, Manju says i dont want to be here, Navi wants to stay for a while so we are staying, Savitri says ask that Navi to control your son else your dreams will shatter.
Ananya ask Saket why did you lie to me? you are marrying and you cheated me, Ravi sees them talking, he hides behind curtain and listen the convo. Saket says to Ananya that trust me i am doing all this for ourselves, Ananya says ok i will trust you, go outside and tell everyone about our relation, can you do that? no you cant do that but i will do it, i will go out and will tell everyone about relation, Saket stops Ananya, Ravi thinks if this girl is showing so much right on Saket then there must be some relation, Monty comes to Ravi

and ask what you are doing here? Ravi hides with Monty, Saket listens Monty’s voice and goes out to see but finds non one, Ravi leaves from there with Monty, he ask Monty why did you come here? Monty says i am teasing that Sanjay, i called him elephant, come with me, we will have fun, Ravi says i have important leave from here, he leaves, Ravi again comes to listen Saket and Ananya’s convo, Ananya says to Saket that i dont trust you, i will take action now, you will remain silent and i will do work now, Ravi thinks i dont have to do anything, this girl will tell everyone truth, i wanna see faces who alleged me when i told them truth, now real truth will come out.
Rekha says to Shekhar that i am not feeling well, i thought i will dance in Devika’s sanget but now i am not liking others dance even, i am trying to make my heart agree for this marriage but i can understand anything, Shekhar says Devika is like our daughter and we both know Saket is not right for Devika, we both wanted Ravi for Devika but we cant change fate, if Saket is in her fate then we cant do anything and if he is not in her fate then nobody can force her for this marriage, have faith in Ambe maa, Rekha says you are right, Ambe maa cant let anything wrong happen to Devika.

Scene 2
Ravi thinks i have to inform Devika about Saket and Ananya’s conversation but where is she? i have to be patient, soon that girl will come here and will tell them truth then they will know that i was right and Saket is wrong, he smiles at Savitri, Savitri is confused, Manju comes to Ravi and says dont look at her, else evil caste will fall on you, Ravi says evil caste have already fallen on their fake dreams, soon their bubble of happiness will burst.
Rekha comes to Devika that dont know how you became so big, will you forget me in your in law’s house? will you come to meet me? Devika hugs her and cries, Rekha says dont forget me, SAvitri comes and ask her to not cry, Rekha says will Devika forget us? Savitri says why will she? she is getting married not losing her memory, all smile, Ananya comes there, all are shocked to see her, Saket comes there too, Gayetri ask Shweta how this girl came here? Sakshi says this is same girl whose picture Ravi showed with Saket, Rekha ask Ananya what you are doing here? Ananya ask why you all are behaving as if i am ghost, i want to clear some doubts so came here, Saket is my relative so i had to come in sangeet function, cant relatives come to attend ceremony? Rekha says but you were going to london? Ananya says yes i was going but Saket called me and asked me to come in function so i came here and he told me too that our relation was wrongly projected so i thought to come and clear all this, who ever thought that i have affair with Saket is very cheap person, he saw girl and guy together and thought they have affair, i couldnt come before but now i have cleared everything so now you all believe or should i show you some more proofs? Savitri says no we all trust Saket, Saket says DEvika questioned me so i had to clear all this, he ask ananya will you leave now? Ananya says no now i will attend your marriage, Savitri says no problem, be comfortable here, Saket makes her meet Devika, Ananya says Saket keep talking about you Devika, nice meeting you, Rekha ask Shweta and Gayetri why you seem tensed? your relative have come, will you not meet her? Rekha says to ananya that you must know Gayetri and Shweta and who are they to Saket? Saket says what kind of joke is this? Rekha says let her answer, Ananya is confused about them, Ananya says ofcourse they are my relative, they are mother and sister of Saket, shekhar says lets have some food.

Scene 3
Savitri ask Ananya to have some food, Rekha thinks why i am feeling this girl is lying. Manju comes to Ananya and says you are our relative too, lets have some dance, Ananya says no i will not dance, Manju says i cant force you but i want to make you meet someone, she is from london too, Savitri thinks why she comes inbetween everything, Saket ask Ananya come and have some dance.
Ravi is in tension, he says how is it possible, what did Saket say to her that she lied to everyone or maybe that girl is saying truth, if Monty had not come then i would have listened their convo, she was shouting on Saket, she cant be saket’s relative else she would have not met him in room, i missed some part of their convo, how to prove that Saket is lying, Sakshi comes there, he looks away, Sakshi ask Ravi why you are not looking at me? this means you are wrong and Saket is right? Ravi says i am not wrong, Sakshi says then why were you silent then? why didnt you say earlier that you have seen Ananya and Saket as lovers, Ravi says you think its all easy? i know Ananya is lying but i cant do anything, i dont want to be in bad light anymore, my one step can ruin DEvika’s life, i dont want to hurt her, Sakshi sys so you will sit quitely? Ravi says i have to bring proofs, she ask when you will bring proofs? when she will get married? Ravi gets tensed.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that you cant win over me as i have sharp mind, dont try to compete with me, its good that functions are going on else i would not have left you like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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