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Scene 1
Ravi ask Navi why did you come herre? what you wanna prove that you are human? you want entertainment in life? Navi says i have come here for you, i mean your mom told me few things and i judged few things, i have understood that you should be seen with me in parties with me, so people will not understand what i have understood, i mean tell me truth that there is something more than friendship between you and Devika, Ravi says this is not true, Navi says right, i wanna give your favor back, you helped me last night, so i will help you now, we will behave here as couple so people’s doubt will go away then we will show that we have break up and will you go to different ways, she says just smile and i will do my work, she holds Ravi’s hand and says now look like couple.

grabs everyone’s attention in function, she says we can tell our heart things by singing, and singing cant be completed without with dancing so welcome our drama queen Sakshi. Sakshi comes center stage and dances on song Chori badi drama queen hai, she takes Pallavi with her, Navi tries to hold RAvi’s hand but he jerks it away, Pallavi, Tannu and Sakshi dances, all enjoy.
ananya in hotel listens someone talking on phone that he is going for Saket’s sangeet function, she confirms it from person, he shows her invitation card of Saket’s sangeet, Ananya is shocked and recalls how Saket said that he will be busy in meeting today, she says such a big fraud? she starts crying, she says enough of trust, he is marrying and hided it from me, he has to accept our relation, he has to give child his name, i will go there and will show his face to everyone.

Scene 2
Ravi ask Navi to leave him, Navi says dont do that, Dada and Shekhar comes there, Ravi says she is my boss Navidita, Navi says we are more than boss and officer to each other, Ravi takes her away and says stop this drama, you have come here to help me or to play games? i know you love to play games, Navi says how sweet, you understand me so well, dont become my boyfriend in real, Ravi says that will not happen ever, Navi says exactly i dont want that too, Manju comes there, Navi says i will give her happiness too and will comeback, she goes to Manju, Ravi finds Devika going to washroom, she drops her anklet from feet, he sees it, Ravi goes and picks it up, he goes behind Devika, he waits for her outside washroom, Saket is drinking and thinks that i wanna spend sometime with Devika alone, he ask where is washroom from waiter? Waiter takes him to washroom. DEvika comes out of washroom, she ask Ravi what you are doing here? Ravi says you dropped your anklet, i came to give it you else Savitri will scold you, she takes it, he turns so that she can wear it easily, she tries but cant bend, she says dress is heavy so i cant wear it, Ravi says i will make you wear it, he sits down, puts her foot on his thigh, and makes her wear anklet, Sadqe tere plays.
Waiter brings Saket to gents washroom, Saket ask where is ladies washroom? he says its on other side, Saket gets angry that she must have left till now.

Scene 3
Ravi says to Devika its done, he says lets leave, he says dont worry nothing will happen from my side, i came here as mother forced me, i will leave before anyone sees us together, he says you are looking very nice, she smiles, he leaves. Rekha is calling for waiter, Ravi comes and ask what you want? she says juice, Ravi says i will bring it, he goes to counter, Saket says whats your intention? why you are impressing people,Ravi says this is my nature not intentions and see what intentions you have behind doing this marriage? i am silent as i dont have proves against you but i will not remain silent, anything can happen tomorrow, Saket calls Devika there, Saket says to DEvika that all want to see bride and groom’s dance so lets go, he takes Devika’s hand, stares at Ravi, and leaves with devika.
Saket comes center stage and says today is our night so i will dance with Devika, he says to Devika that dont force me, Ravi comes there too, Devika gives hand to Saket, Ishq bulawa song plays, Saket puts hand on Devika’s back, he romantically dances with her, Ravi curtly looks at them, he then looks at away, he is about to leave but Navi comes there, he stands there quitely seeing her, Saket touches Devika body inbetween dance, he lifts her, all claps for them, Ravi angrily leaves, Sakshi thinks what kind of person is this Saket, Devika is helpless, i just hate him.
Ananya comes to Sangeet venue, she find board of Saket and Devika’s sangeet, she says i will teach that fraud lesson today, she goes in. Saket says to DEvika that i felt good dancing with you, as i was close to you, i am just waiting for Suhagraat now, Devika is stunned.

PRECAP- Ananya and Saket are in corner, Ananya says you are getting married? Saket says no, he finds Ravi coming there with Navi so hides with Ananya behind pillar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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