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Scene 1
All are waiting for Ravi, Ravi comes there in distraught state. Nivi hugs him and says where were you? why did you go without doing engagement? Ravi says i couldnt find her. Nivi says we will do engagement now, she asks Pundit to start ritual, she tries to put ring in Ravi’s finger but Ravi moves back and says i cant do this engagement, she says why? you cant do this with me, Ravi says Devika is alive, i know she is Devika, she is angry with me, how can i engage someone else when Devika is alive? she is my life, my kachkach, i cant live without her, i love her, Maa i told you Devika is alive, how can i get engaged to Nivi when Devika is alive? this is wrong, he leaves while crying, Vikas is happy. Nivi gets angry and says Raiv cant do this with me, how can he leave me like this? i wont

let him do it, she break glass and says i wont leave him, Manju says listen to me, he was drunk and it happens in drunk state, leave him for sometime, Nivi says no dont come in my way, she leaves. Vikas says to guests that drama has finished, they can leave. Vikas says to Monty that i thought God will finally give celebration time to this house but that didnt happen, Shweta says you are joking in this situation, Vikas says i am going to sleep, you all enjoy, he leaves.
Nivi comes to Ravi and says why you are doing this with me? i love you but that doesnt mean i will tolerate everything you do, what i didnt do for you? i owned your family, i spent alot of money on them, i am taking care of everyone, i did all this for you, Ravi is drunk and is not able to listen her, Nivi says we had deal that i will make school at Devika’s property and you will marry me, i have fulfilled my promise but why you are not fulfilling your promise? its enough, i am not going to tolerate all this, i have put everything at stake and you have humiliated me infront of all, i wont remain silent now, i wont let you do this with me, answer me Ravi, she pulls him but he is too drunk to listen to her, she shouts that you cant move back without answering me, she sees that he is fast asleep, she recalls how Devika came in engagement, she gets angry.
Devika is lying on her bed, she recalls how Ravi and nivi were closely dancing in ceremony, she gets up and comes to dressing table. Devika takes out ring from drawer and recalls how Ravi gave it to her on their engagement, she says this is last memory of yours Ravi, that moment was so special but today you got engaged to someone else, this ring was related to my heart but today i will wear it again and this time my relation with it is just of revenge, this will keep reminding how much i hate you, today you got engaged to someone else, i felt bad, this is all joke for you, you snatched everything from me, my family, my identity and even my mangalsutra but still its shadow is with me, it will remain with me for life, you have taken right from me to wear that mangalsutra so i will snatch everything from you, i will put your life in hell, i hate you so much and i will keep hating you for life.
Ravi wakes up and says i need to talk to Devika. he looks at her picture in his phone and says i know you are not Ambika but Devika.. why you are so angry with me? just tell me and i will say sorry 1000times, i never believed that you are not alive, i can sense you Devika, you are not Ambika.. i used to feel your breaths and today i felt same when i met you then why did not recognize me? why were you so indifferent towards me? why Devika? he cries, ek tu hi naa jane haal mera plays. Otherside Devika cries too recalling her time spent with Ravi, she looks at her ring and cries, both are in pain and crying. Devika wipes her tears.
Nivi says Ravi cheated me, he went back on his promise, all because of that Devika. My emotions doesnt matter to him, dont i feel pain? Manju asks her to stop drinking, Nivi shouts if i am drinking of your money? did i ask to to stop me? Nivi says Devika.. Ambika whoever she was, why did she come here? i am sure she came here to snatch Ravi from me. She acts like crazy and looks in corridor and says why did you come here again? you want to snatch Ravi from me? she throws things in air, Shweta says there is no one here except us. Nivi says i did so much to separate them, i kidnapped Devika, i murdered Devika.. i even burned Ravi’s house to destroy devika’s memories, Manju and Shweta are shocked to listen that she burned their house. Nivi says i did everything but i couldnt burn down devika, i couldnt finish her, why did she comeback, she came in this house right? she put her feet here so i will burn this house, i will burn everything here, she asks Manju to bring kerosene and match-stick, Manju says i wont let you burn down house, Nivi says i will not leave this house, i will burn it. Manju asks her to control herself, Nivi says no dont stop me, i will burn it.. Manju tries to stop her, Nivi is hyper and angered and doesnt listen to her, Manju grabs her and slaps her to bring her to senses, Nivi is shocked that Manju slapped her. Manju says sorry, i just wanted you to come to senses, Nivi starts going from there. Shweta thinks that Manju finally showed guts and slapped her would be daughter in law. Manju says to Shweta that i did mistake. Nivi comes there with knife and grabs Manju, she says how dare you? how dare you raise hand on me? you will beat me? i will kill you, Shweta asks her to calm down.

PRECAP- Nivi says i am coming Devika to end you in your own house only, today this drama will end for sure. Nivi comes to Janki’s house and sees Devika’s picture there, she gets angry, she comes to devika’s room and stabs person lying on bed in darkness.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi.. Hope misunderstanding is solved at the earliest..

    1. Nooo the misunderstanding B/W Ravi and Devika will not solve easily . I think there will be much more drama ….
      But hopes that misunderstanding ends soon…..

    2. You must be joking this is the Indian writers wher they believe in porlonging story line without any bases.

    3. Ends soon writers don’t know meaning of that

  2. Nooo the misunderstanding B/W Ravi and Devika will not solve easily . I think there will be much more drama ….
    But hopes that misunderstanding ends soon…..

  3. Waiting for tmmrws episode

  4. Nice Episode, hope Ravi and Devika reunited and take revenge together without telling that they are together…….. would love to see there love story then revenge story.

  5. IT IS A TYPICAL EKTA KAPOOR SERIAL.Devika will take revenge they will drag soo much just like they dragged that kidnapping track previously,& story will proceed slowly

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