Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

FAB5’s flight landed on Mumbai airport at 1pm and the happiness of returning home was glowing in their faces.
Manik said gaining Cabir’s attension.
Kya hua?
Asked Cabir.
Vo,as far as I know Uncle and Aunty are out for some official work soo why don’t you join me for lunch?
Asked Manik.
Well that’s not a bad idea,waise Malhotra’s ka lunch mai kaise miss ker sakta hun!
Exclaimed Cabir.
Guys even my parents are out for some official work so what if I join you guys for lunch?
Mukti asked while busy typing something in her phone.
Well that’s great It will be fun even mom will be very happy to see you guys!
Exclaimed Manik.
Druv and Alya why don’t you join us for lunch?
Asked Manik.
Sorry our parent are waiting for us and we are veri axcited to meet them,I hope you guys don’t mind?
Alya answered looking at her friends.
Ofcource we don’t mind after all we are going to meet are parents after 2 years.
Cabir exclaimed
As they came out of the airport they found 3 gaurd waiting for them having name board of Dhruv,Alya and Manik.They all bid bye too each other and Manik,Cabir,Mukti left together while Alya and Druv went to their respective cars and left.
Nandu Nyonika bhabi ka call aaya tha!
Shashi said while arranging lunch in the table.
Oh…what was she saying?
Nandini asked while her whole consentration was on plone.
She said Manik is coming back today!
Shashi exclaimed happily.
The time stopped for Nandani as soon as she heard Manik was returning back.She remember the promise that they made while her best friend,her Manik was leaving for New York 10 years back.
Two children of around 8 years were holding hands and tears were continously flowing from their eyes.
Manik is it important to leave?
asked the girl holding Manik’s hand tightly.
Nandani if it wouldn’t be important I would never leave!
Exclaimed Manik who was Trying to control Nandani who was crying bad.
But when will you come back?
Asked Nandani.
After 10 years
Manik replied cupping her face.
10 years!!
Nandani’s eyes popped out.
What if you forget me?you won’t remember me na? you will make new best friends and leave me alone na?
Nandani asked looking directly in Manik’s eyes.
Nandu! I won’t ever forget you!even if I’ll make new best friends you’ll always remain my best friend and i’ll never forget you!
Manik replied cupping her face.
Ok then we will not talk and see each other in this 10 years and then I’ll see if you will remember me or not!
Nandani said angrily.
Nandu are you mad!
Manik asked all suprised,while their family who were standing at some distance with tears in their eyes they we completely shocked to seen Nandani’s sudden outburst.
No I’m serious and If you’ll remember me na, then you will definitely recognize me even if you’ll not recognize my face,my voice and I am sure I’ll recognize you so lets see if you’ll recognize me!
Exclaimed a angry Nandani.
But Nandani….
Nyonika said while Nandani cut her in between.
No nyo mom,I won’t even meet you in these ten years and that’s a Nandani promise!
Nandani said.
Fine then be ready because I’ll recognize you!
Manik said.
We will see Manik!Good bye!Have a safe journey!
Saying this Nandani turned and went to her car without wishing Manik bye properly which hurted everyone present their watching the duo and whatching Nandani walk away like that Manik turned to check in the airport without wishing bye to anyone.
A lone tear ascaped Nandani’s eyes remembering that day,she was busy remmembering the past when Charu shook her bringing her back to reality.
Nandu beta where are you lost?
Shashi asked.
Nothing nothing mom,what were you saying?
Nandani said while playing with her food that Charu as just served her.
I was saying I am going to meet Manik will you come?
Shashi asked.
Mom I have lots of work to do as tommorow is my first day at college.
Nandani said trying to hide her tears.
Ok beta you complete your work till then I’ll go and meet Manik.
Shashi said.
Nandani said lost in her own world.
A black BMW stopped in front of Malhotra Mansion from which Manik,Mukti and Cabir got down and run inside the mansion.
Mmmoooommmm!!!I am back!!!!
Nyonika heard the voice in which she was longing to hear from past two years. Nyonika rush down stairs and found her only son Manik and his best friends in the hall searching for her.
I am hear my son!
Nyonika said walking toward them when Manik came and hugged her tightly.
Mom I missed you!
Manik exclaimed.
I missed you too son!
Nyonika said while ruffling Manik’s hair.
Are Mukt,Cabir why are you standing their? won’t you give me a hug?
Nyonika said while faking a sad face in which Mukti and Cabir run to hug her while tears in their eyes.
Thank you aunty!
Both said in union.
For What?
Nyonika asked.
For making us feel we are at home,otherwise our parents are busy in their official party even after knowing we are returning today.
Mukti said while putting a fake smile in her face.
Aww,my baby don’t say that,maybe the party would be important for them to attend?don’t be sad come let’s have lunch.
Nyonika said lovingly while cupping Mukti’s cheek with one hand and placed a motherly kiss on her all children’s foreheads.
Yes aunty waise bhi mujhe bahhoooooot bhook lagi hai!!Jaldi chalo na!!Mere pet mai chuhe door rahe hai!!
Cabir said making everyone laugh with the stupid and funny face he was making.
Kamine kitna khata hai tu!
Exclaimed Mukti while hitting him on his head.
Ouch Mukti lagti hai!!Aur waise bhi mein kitna khaaun mera man!!Kyun aunty?
Cabir asked.
Ofcource beta!now come let’s have lunch!
Nyonika said.
All of them went toward the dining table and took their seats.

PRECAP:Manik meets Shashi(Nandani’s mom)

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