ArChi- ROSE DAY (Part 1)


Aryan was extremely busy the whole day but one thing he did not forget. His love life was to be the best, thought he. This was an example of having a proper Valentine week after falling in love in an arranged marriage. It was after all his first valentine week. He missed her always, not a second did they spend without missing each other. He waited for the night so that he could make her happy once more.

Sanchi had no clue about anything of this sort; she was busy with the family and tried to live a calm life after all that that had happened, continuous attacks on her and on her Aryan. Aryan meant everything to her. She loved him and did not even think of losing him. Her heart would ache for him always but his professional life was also important.
As evening approached, Aryan was desperate to reach home and surprise Sanchi, his first and last lady love. His life was bliss after she had entered. The immature Aryan was now mature but still jovial. He just wanted time to fly so that their valentine week would start very soon.

Sanchi anticipated his arrival, she was waiting to get his glimpse after the whole day, and newlyweds were missing each other.
The family had a wholesome dinner and the newlyweds retired to their room. As Sanchi opened the room’s door, music played. Balloons were decorated the whole room. There was a table filled with a lot of cards. A corner was having many bouquets of flowers, all kinds of flowers.

“Aryan where are you??” exclaimed Sanchi
“Stars Are Bright As Bright As Your Eyes
Apples Are Red As Red As Your Cheeks
Snow Is White As White As Your Teeth
Dew Is Fresh As Fresh As Your Face
Night Is Black As Black As Your Hair
Breeze Is Soft As Soft As Your Voice
Roses Are Pink As Pink As Your Lips”
“Aryan…. ” Emotionally attached she was.
“Sanchi Happy Rose Day!!” He came out from behind the curtains.
“Aryan I Love You….Happy Rose Day ”
He had planned something really special for her. His life was after all filled with a rose.
“Sanchi…I have got you this red dress….with this heart cut of the back…please wear for me…. ”
“Of course Aryan”
Sanchi switched into the western attire while Aryan waited.
“How am I looking” She questioned
“Gorgeous” He was lost in her eyes.
“Aryan…” She broke the eye lock.

He moved around the room while she was clueless and in the end picked a box of donuts, Sanchi’s favorite.

“Sanchi…your favorite Donut….” He tried to feed her.
“And first bite is yours for all this…” But she feed him.
“Abhi baki hai Sacnchi!!”
“Wait and Watch”
He moved to the corner where all the flowers were kept. He picked a Green Rose and came near her.
“Sanchi….accept this rose of mine….” He handed her the green rose
“Sanchi green roses signify life growth and cheerfulness….I request for a fresh new start of our life by forgetting all the bygones”
“Aryan I take this rose….” She spoke as she took the rose
He picked an Orange Rose and came near her.
“Orange roses are for passion, desire and fascination….Sanchi I request your support through my life….for you are my passion and desire” He handed while he spoke
“Aryan I accept this rose and I would be your side always” She received it and thanked him.
He picked a White Rose and came near her.
“White signifies truth, purity and innocence…Sanchi you are my jeewan sangini and one who is truthful and pure….I love your innocence….your smile…Be mine” He handed her the While rose of peace.
“Aryan….Life wouldn’t be like this without your childish and innocent face…I am always yours!!” She accepted him wholeheartedly.
He picked a Yellow rose for her.
“Sanchi with this yellow rose I request you to be my friend though my life and be my sajhedhar” He put the rose forward and folded his finger for the sajhedhar’s pose.
“Aryan, life is meant to be bound with friendship and I bet I would be a better friend than a wife….and of course I am you sajhedhar….” She accepted and put her finger for the pose.
Aryan forgot to tell her that all of this was being recorded on the camera.
He then got a pink rose for his beloved.
“Sanchi….Pink shows that the person is cute, adorable and blissful….You are cute and adorable….You are bliss in my life…I LIKE YOU”
“Aryan you the one filling my life with memories and making it blissful….”
He now tied a cloth around her eyes and went and got a special rose.
“Ab kholo!!”
“Aryan yeh kya hai??”
“Sanchi….yeh red rose accept karo….I LOVE YOU”
“Aryan….You are my life and red rose toh mera hi hai…after all you are that red rose…..I LOVE YOU TOOO!!!”
“Toh ek dance??”
“Zaroor Mr Romantic!!”

They danced with the tunes and the light went off.

  1. Christie123

    awesome!! It was very sweet!????

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      thank u so much @Christie123

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      Don’t thank dear anyways I am meher.

  2. Fenil

    Awesome OS on Archi.
    Lovely moments of life wid love of life whether arranged love or love love.
    Hope to c u wid another wid sooon.

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      thanks @Fenil
      I m planning one more
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