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Nandini gives Manik the pen and brings the document. He can’t sign as his hand is hurt so she holds his hand and helps him with the statement and sign. While doing so Manik stares at Nandini when the inspector comes and says that this is a witness form not a marriage and tells them to stand aside. He takes the document as it is signed. Manik says to Nandini that you need a chance to hold my hand. Nandini says to Manik that you need a doctor for that hand while Manik says that it is a small cut. Nandini says that you couldn’t even hold that pen and let the doctor decide about the wound.
Manik agrees but adds a condition that she will accept his apology. Nandini says that you are impossible, she tells him to get over with it and go. Outside Cabir thanks everyone for rescuing

him on the right time as he would have not able to see Harshad’s lock up face. Manik and Nandini come out; Nandini goes to Navya while Manik stands with the Fab5. Manik starts to talk when everyone points at Aliya who is crying. Manik gives her support and tries to calm her down. Cabir gives the idea of a group hug when Manik calls Dhruv who is standing at the back. Dhruv holds ALiya’s hand in the hug.

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Nandini is trying to make Navya stop crying when Muktii says to her that she will help her. Everyone is surprised when Muktii says that she got this in the rehab to do one good a day. Cabir mocks her but then supports her when Aliya agrees with her. Muktii leaves with Navya and while Manik is standing with Cabir, Nandini looks at Manik’s hand but leaves as he is with Cabir. Manik wants to talk about to what happened with his mother but Cabir says that he doesn’t wants to talk about it. Manik says that whenever you want to.
Aliya is crying when Dhruv comes to her. She takes a tissue out but it flies and falls on the ground. Dhruv gets a cup a tea and tells her that she clean her face with it. Aliya says that she can’t wash her face with it while Dhruv tells her to wait as he can cool it down. Aliya smiles and says that you are mad while Dhruv replies saying that if that take you to make you smile. Nandini comes to Manik and Cabir when Cabir mocks them again. Nandini gives Manik the phone while Cabir says that it’s his phone. Nandini tells Cabir to get Manik the dressing on her hand. Cabir agrees and keeps on mocking and predicting their future.
Nandini gives mile to Navya who is in her room and tries to cheer her up. Navya says that she doesn’t wants it. Nandini apologizes and says that I had to go with the Fab5 as you never listened to me. Navya says that my love and trust were all a lie. Nandini says that it was good as you found about him, Navya says that they went very far in their relation.
The Fab5 are enjoying when Cabir says that bear is the best solution. Muktii leaves saying that she is just happy as all of them are back together again. Cabir sits with Manik and keeps asking questions from him and says that you want to talk about Nandini. Manik says that he doesn’t wants to talk when Cabir shows him the message he sent him. Muktii brings some champagne to celebrate while Cabir says to Manik that you got saved. They are about to open the bottle when Cabir proposes that Nadnini should also be here.
Muktii agrees with Cabir while Manik says to her that don’t you hate her. Muktii says that don’t you hate her, Muktii agrees with Manik but says that Dhruv loves her and that is more important. She tells Dhruv to go and get her while DHruv says that can’t’ we just call her. Muktii says that go and pick her up and give her a surprise. Muktii brings flowers and gives them to Dhruv, Cabir says that Manik can pick her up while Muktii sends Dhruv. Cabir says to Manik that he tried. Nandini gets a message from Cabir saying that we did it. She almost sends a message asking Manik about the dressing but then she stops.Dhruv then calls her and tells her to come down as they have to go.
On coming down she sees Dhruv and Dhruv tells her to come to the party. Nandini says that it is Fab5 reunion and her being there will be awkward. Dhruv says that the party is because of you and you must come. Nandini says that Navya is very sad and she doesn’t feel like partying. DHruv says that you care about people a lot like Navya and Manik. Nandini says that he got hurt and says that you are right as I have a tension about everyone. She asks Dhruv if he is Okay and he says that what would happen to him.
Nandini says that they haven’t talked about it as she said no to him. Nandini thanks him saying that you never let you feelings got into our friendship. Dhruv asks Nandini if he should not have any hope for it, Nandini asks that if there is. Manik is waiting at the party looking at the clock.

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  1. ammy

    Dear parth….u r the best actor i have ever seen…..whether u lose or not doesn’t really matter…..we love u very much…..for me i had been ur fan since bff days,sadly u made an early exit from the show. Literally after u went I stopped watching it..cause it was not a little bit fun without u. And then I saw u in kyy…manik Malhotra has been brought alive by u….our parth is not only a pretty face looking guy- he has the charisma 2make it big….i can see in the mirror of futurity u will become a great actor…ur eyes have the intensity ro charm every1…ur deep voice makes us weak kneed and ur dashing look makes us mad…..u just cannot be compared with anyone else..
    . love u always.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • soundarya

      yes ammy,, u r right …. parth is such a handsome, lovely, cute, sincere , actor…. and parth , i ‘m sure that u will become a famous actor in bollywood,,, ( this will happen soon)…. And then u will compete with ur fav actor ……

  2. soundarya

    Guys 2day they didn’t show precap…… And 2day’s epi is awesome….. i like it.. Cabir do something to join MANAN…. *****MANAN Rockzzzzzz*****………..

  3. radhika

    Lovely epi.. inspector scene… awsum nd manik uneasyns while cabir talking abt nandini,,, wowww.. .. plz cabir bring manan 2gthr soon..

  4. ammy

    Actually I didn’t understand nandus answer…guys plzz explain me….nd i dont understand that after kissing alya.holding her hands….how can Dhruv still think he has chance with nandini….nd Manik should accept his love as soon as possible until it again gets bad……

  5. Amazing ep. Guys! And when nandini helps manik with the pen, awww…such a lovely scene! And ammy ur right! Kuch bhi ho jaye, manik n only manik is the best!!exited for the nxt ep..I think something special is gonna happen between the cute,lovely, rocking and sweet MANAN..!!..;-)

  6. ammy

    Auhona I am just angry wid Dhruv….alya is better dan him atleast-once she has realized her love fr druv she has stopped running after Manik….

  7. ammy

    Hi kajal & Ruchi…yes I 2 read dat Navya will get pregnant and Harshad will ifcourse abandon her….bt guys wat is surprising is dat cabir will marry her..!.!!! I always thought dat he and multi share a common bond…

  8. ammy

    Kajal after so many days I have found u online…..actually it happens dat when u come I go and when I come u go 😉

  9. ammy

    Bt it was written at telly chakkar…anyway cabir knws he is gay nd may be so he will marry navya …cabir is a great lad I think he will help Navya…

  10. ammy

    C’mon why r u telling srry…..always our times r nt going 2match…bt I really like talking to u….give ur best 2mrw…

  11. ammy

    Guys I 2 have my mocks 4rm Saturday…….i will be unavailable till 19th……I will miss all of u sooo much….our sweet kyy family..

  12. ammy

    I don’t knw…he went away without any notice leaving kabir alone when he needed him the most…probably he is nt going 2return back….

  13. ammy

    I 2 don’t have any siblings nd wish dat I had a sis like u..smday give me ur phone no. & I will contact u….

  14. Kajal

    I will also not be able to meet you all after 10 as my net pack date will be finished and don’t know when my father will charge it up. I too will miss you all.

  15. nikita

    Hi everyone here m also a fan of ky2 nd want to join ur group i really lyk your comments the way u discuss ky2 lovely specially ammy

  16. ammy

    Same condition here kajal only 80mbs left…..i have finished all my balance talking wid u people nd want 2 the rst before I leave 2day…

  17. ammy

    Hello Nikita , every 1 is always welcomed 2 our group cause it feels gr8 2 see new kyy members…….kyy rocks…..

  18. Kajal

    No problem ammy di i will always remember you my whole life as i don’t have any elder sister ya but i have a brother who is also in class 10 like you

  19. ammy

    Where do u live?
    Guys have u ever seen Anil kapoors 24series….there was a character named Nikita…..

  20. ammy

    Kajal…cmon u r will recharge ur net nd we gonna talk after 19th…dont say all these cause I am feeling really sad..
    I am a student 2 …..class 10…..a year junior 2 u 🙂

  21. ammy

    If kyy follows boys over flowers then maniks mom will not approve of his nd nandus relationship….in 24 I really liked Mandira bedi as niki…..she was awesome!!!

  22. Ya ammy, sry 4 late reply and really really gonna miss u if u cant talk wid us…and I am also a student of class 10..gonna really miss u sweetie!

  23. aish

    hi guyzzzzzzz today episode is nice.hey priya and deepika I am also a tamilian. where ru from?and are u a student?

  24. ammy

    Piyaadi just don’t want dis kyy 2end…may be season 1…season 2…season 3….bt dis should never end….cause nowadays I cant imagine anything widout manan nd u guys….

  25. aish

    ok guyzzzzzzzzzzzz bye gud ni8 sweet dreamzzzzzzz.now I am going to study for my practical exams.love u monster manik

  26. sush

    Hey guys they juzz now gv d precap .. so precap is out now.. it shows nandini is there at d party celebrating. .while manik opens d champagne n suddenly he threw some on nandini’s face enjoying n thn mukti says y dey behv wierd in frnt of each othr.. as she is unaware of d fact dat manik n nandu r so much in love..

  27. btw… i wud lyk to share one thng…
    rit nw d kyy was repeated n precap was…. manik was spraying champaigne at everyone n even nandini then manik n nandini hv a eyelock n dhruv notices it…. den mukti says dat dey both r behaving awkward sumthng is wrong between them….

  28. I am frm kolkata..n guys saw the precap at 10 pm…manik opens da bottle of champng and sprays it on everyone including nandini at last..they look at each other cutely, and mukti says to others that ”aren’t they(manan) behaving weird?”..

  29. ammy

    Guys okk buy….see u after 19th…..I will miss u vry much……gud n8…manan dreams….
    Guys I wish mukti gets sm wind abt manans relationship….she doesn’t like nandu much…
    Hope Manik will confess his love in the party
    Kyy rockzzzz……

  30. aswini

    guys i saw the latest ad of kyy…dhruv alya manik and nandu they were all telling smetng naa….i didn’t get it ri8 so can any1 tell pls?

  31. Ya guys I saw it too…the 4 of them say their feelings and at last theres a question that they will think from their heart or mind? Dil se ya dimag se?

    • soundarya

      manik send that message to cabir when nandhini told the fab5 about that harshad’s plan, i.e, before when harshad knows about nandu & fab5 ‘s plan. Or see the kyy epi on 2nd dec, 2014..

    • soundarya

      no kajal , u r wrong , when nandu tells fab5 about harshad’s plan in the music room , on sitting on chair manik messaged cabir not hearing to the plan. then mukti & dhruv told him again abt the plan, and manik convinced nandu not to go alone to harshad,,,, ………. ………. have u remembered now….

  32. so many 10th grade students???
    study well guyz……….. concenrate in studies……
    2day epi was not bad, expected more!!!!!!!!!!!
    guyz i will not be able to txt u for 2 days………. bye miz u alllll

  33. acc to me… mukti vl cum to kbw abt alya n dhruv… n in d precap whn she said dey r behaving weird she meant dhrulya nt manan n as cabir is hlpng manik, mukti vl hlp alya…

  34. We will miss u too daniela…and all the new comers are welcomed in our rocking family….gud nite guys..c u all 2morow…cute manan dreamz!;-)

  35. aswini

    guyz its like kyy will end soon :(wat do u think ? see everything is getting smooth na so may be it will end soon eh?

  36. nikita

    Gd mrng guys. …. U all r 10 th students here nd worried abt boards guys chill don’t take too much pressure jst work hard cos that will only pay u taking tension won’t help

  37. ammy

    nikita I thnk u r not worried abt ur test. It shows dt u r a bad student but we r not like u. we r serious abt our study

  38. nikita

    Ammy i was jst trying to calm u down it isn’t like dat nd i have got 10 cgpa in class 10 nd if u didn’t like dat then i m sorry

  39. piyaa

    Guyz no intrst in votngg .. yestrday parth lost.. n i m takng dep pils & cant control it .. so decided i wont chek also

  40. aswini

    @nikita chill dude 🙂 c’mon everyone are gud here…leave u had no intention to hurt her.but sometimes there will be some misunderstandings .. we have to overcome between frinds…sorry if i have spoken too much….

  41. hey ammy wt happen to u ???? y r u scolding me ???
    ya i told ,nw i got time nd thought to talk 2 u guyz???
    hello its public and u shud nt dominate otherzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ???!!!!!

  42. ammy

    Guys sm1 is using my name …….i haven’t commented any thing 4rm yesterday…….daniela & Nikita….plzzz understand its nit me who is misbehaving wid u…..atleast u people knw me…..i am nit rude 2 anyone….

  43. ammy

    Daniela plzz tell me wat 2 do wid dis fake ammy…..dis is soo low & cheap of him/her who is using my name 2carry out his selfish means….

  44. amrita

    I changed my name Daniela……..nd the one fake ammy stop using my namme ir I will complain abt u 2the site owners

  45. amrita

    Daniela u don’t need 2say sorry……previously 2 sm1 tried 2 use my name….i don’t know why sm people dnt want 2 keep it a healthy discussion place….

    • i ws really shocked by the msg that was sent frm ur name and thought hw cud 1 b lyk diz ….. but i feel bad 4 dat now amrita….
      sum culprit has used ur name to spoil our KYY family bond and FRNDSHP…….

  46. ammy

    sorry guys i m actually riya. new commenter. i was jst joking with u. sorry because of me u have 2 changed ur name

  47. amrita

    Daniela plzzz do me a favour…if Nikita comes online……plzz clear the misunderstanding…guys I will not be available till 19th……guys plzz don’t believe any1 who is trying 2 use my name……bye…

  48. MIZ U AMRITA……………… bye………………. try to cme in btwn and talk to us…..
    k if i c her i vill really convey it……….

  49. amrita

    Ohhh thanks god Riya u accepted it…….plzzz don’t do it again……anyway its okk….4rm 2day u can join the kyy rocks group 2 …..bye guys….

  50. anjum

    niti/riya whoever u are.. plz dont do this to anyone of us or others.. this is not joke.. its hurts…

    so its btr to think before u do anything…

  51. nikita

    hi everyone i read your comments now amrita, daniella itss fynn amrita if tat ammy was fake bt pls take care about who else uses your id as its not safe we r kyy fans lets be frnds lyk fab 5

  52. nikita

    riya/niti pls don’t dis again to anyone cos it really hurts nd now as u r a kyy fan too so welcome to our family

  53. qwert

    Heyyy…..der is smone new here n its meeee……..it wud b gud to talk wid u….i wud b grateful if i m welcomed in d grp

  54. qwert

    Btw kyy is nt gonna end so soon….did anyone c d precap???trust me worst one..i really feel nandani shud nw accept manik…..enough of punishing him n oll…..nw she thinks she shud pair wid dhruv….seriously!!!

    • deepika

      ya very worst one …….but i hope that they will reunite manik and nandini in 100th episode ..this is just a misunderstanding going on …….

  55. aswini

    Niti or riya pls dnt ever do this again…everyone are welcome to kyy group so why these fake id and all…so plss dnt do this again.

  56. remjo

    Yup saw it.. Bit shocking.. Wat is hapng with dhruv he cant c alya with manik and he had so much hope with nandini..

  57. kuhu

    yar manik take a fair decision. If u want 2 sacrifice ur love 4 druv then do and if u want 2 pair up with nandy then jst pair up. U r not taking decision

  58. qwert

    Manik is focused on gettin nandani he is nt interested in sacrificing nw…but abhi nandu is doin naatak although she loves [email protected]

  59. In 2dayz precap manik is sharin his feelings wid cabir while nandini wil think of pairin wid dhruv she sits beside him and lie on his shoulder while manik is watching them

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