Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima acting and scolding Karan. Bachcha Singh says he is videographer, he is doing his work, everyone will be recorded and all people want to come in camera. Neelima says she does not want to get clicked. Karan says sorry. Bachcha Singh asks Karan to click as many pics he wants. He calls her frustrated woman. Nisha talks to some guests. She asks Watan why did he forget she is with him, and acts in love. Lakshya gets angry. She goes this to show to Lakshya and make him hate her. Watan smiles seeing Lakshya watching them. He thinks so she is doing this drama to show Lakshya. Watan touches Nisha. Lakshya drinks wine. Neelima comes to him and sees Nisha and Watan.

Tanu talks to Arjun and he acts rude. Arjun sees Poorvi and smiles. He thinks she is jealous seeing them. He talks to Tanu and asks her name. She smiles and says you also came on line now. Arjun says he is asking name, not flirting. She says Tanu, people respect me and add shree. Tanushree….. Arjun leaves. Tanu says he is solid. Arjun comes to Poorvi and she asks him to go and talk to Tanu. Arjun says he was not flirting but talking about marriage. She says how dare you. He says he is joking. She says is this a joke, don’t joke like this again, I can’t imagine you with someone else. I will die. He holds her and says he is only hers. He says he will die if he marries someone else.

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He promises they will be always together and no one will come between them. She says don’t joke that you will marry someone else. He says he has done advance booking with her for seven births. She says its good, if you find any option, I will not leave you. He says your family always threatens me, kill me, take my life. Karan records Bachcha Singh, Bhanupratap and Delhi MP‘s deal. Lakshya holds Nisha as she slips, and she scolds him. Watan looks on and smiles. Watan asks is Lakshya teasing her, she is my wife and I have right on her. Lakshya says he has no interest in his wife. Watan laughs on him. Gauri talks to a man and thinks she will expose Poorvi now. She bumps into Karan and the envelops of memory cards exchange.

Poorvi greets happy birthday to Tanu. She says my parents know your dad. Tanu says she likes to make guys dance on her fingers. Poorvi says she is a one guy woman. Tanu laughs and says you will want a one woman man, such men are not found today. Poorvi says no, I got someone who loves me. She says her brother is waiting and goes. Karan gives the envelop to Neelima and says now no one can save them. Neelima thanks him. Karan says this is my duty, I work for you and you are fighting for truth. He says he wants the criminals to be punished. Gauri says she will show this video to everyone. She plays the video and sees the party video. She says how did this video come and thinks of Karan.

Someone comes in dark and Poorvi tensely asks who is it.

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