Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soha gives the peon the chit with the powder, to be given to Nandini, with purple bag. There Nandini gives her bag to Navya, as soon as the peon gives her the chit she opens it and gets sneezing. She leaves for outside, Nandini follows. Soha watches Navya feeling nauseatic and regrets that the packet went to Navya instead of Nandini. Nandini comes to Navya and asks what happened to her, Navya says she know while pregnant one feels nauseatic. She says she will take rest and be alright, and asks Nandini to go to auditorium and perform principal’s duty. Soha comes to the washroom, enraged.
Manik says to everyone that the position on stage isn’t a problem, he asks Dhruv what is the problem. Dhruv says it is Aaliya, she thinks he is being a jerk. No body asked him why he is moving, the

floor is uneven, he is unable to move the guitar. Mukti tells him that he could have gone behind. Manik suggests he can take the centre stage, and do the lead beat. Dhruv says he didn’t mean that, he doesn’t want to play his piece, it is just that… Aaliya begins to continue.
She says he disliked what she had said, Dhruv looks away. Aaliya says I am sorry and it is a very important performance. Cabir bucks them all, that it is a really important performance. Dhruv finally smiles and joins hand with them all. The fab5 goes in. The principal comes to the cheering crowd and says he doesn’t want any disturbance here, and asks the guard to get the floor empty. This album will prove to be a prestige for college.
Soha comes in Nandini’s way hitting her in shoulder, and moves on. Nandini is hurt.
In the hall, everything is ready. Cabir begins the performance, Manik notices that Nandini isn’t in position and asks him to wait. Pandit ji says to Principal that his performers are stars before performance. The principal asks Manik to begin but he denies. Nandini comes inside, Manik asks her to stick here until the performance ends. Nandini asks what has happened to him, Pandit ji gets impatient and says thank you as they all helped him waste the half an hour of his life. Cabir says in microphone, that the delay in their performance is because of him. He comes to Pandit ji, and says seeing their face he might think that they don’t listen to classical. But they know he is very punctual and doesn’t perform until he is confident and they wanted to do the same as they got nervous after looking at him. He gets to his feet, Pandit ji gives 1 min. Nandini sends Manik, she was coughing. Manik says they need to talk after performance. Nandini says he is right.
Nandini’s cough gets worse, she runs out. Manik stops singing. Nandini runs to the washroom, Soha was inside a compartment and comes asking if she is ok. Nandini stammers, but Soha tells her not to worry as she will be fine. Nandini asks her what she is doing here, she says she will know it soon. Nandini says this performance is very important for Manik, she begs her not to do anything wrong to him. Soha holds her shoulder and says she came for her here, as she loves Manik. She is lingering between them, and I want to move her out from between them. Nandini says she is going out of the town, but Soha takes an injection and says that isn’t enough. Nandini holds her hands, and resists while Soha still holds her. Nandini shouts for help, Soha holds her from back and removes the cap of injection. She inserts the injection into her arm, but fell off. Nandini gets dizzy and sits on the floor, her vision blurs. Soha watches here, as Nandini cries.
Manik is disturbed while the performance. He calls Nandini on phone, during performance. Soha gets her phone, Nandini resists but isn’t able to get it from her. She feels weak.
Soha flushes Nandini’s phone. The group notices Manik disturb, he abruptly stops his performance. Manik leaves the performance in the middle and goes looking for Nandini, everyone else follows. Soha takes Nandini out, when a teacher asks Soha what happened to her. Soha says she got her to the washroom, as she is unwell. The teacher says what are they doing on this floor, as there are performance going on. Soha says she is really unwell, the teacher says she must take her to sick room. She helps her.
Manik comes out, he says Nandini is missing and Soha is in the college for sure. Everyone asks Manik that their performance is more important right now but Cabir asks and Manik says Soha threatened to kill Nandini. Soha is unwell right now, and wild. He goes looking for Nandini, Aaliya says he loves her. She says Manik loves Nandini, Cabir says that is like that and tells them to find Nandini.
Navya was lying in the sick room when they take Nandini there and makes her sit on the sofa. Soha looks around, as the teacher tells Soha to wait with her and she will bring the doctor. Soha thinks how she should take her out of here, watches the wheel chair nearby and puts Nandini over it. She moves the chair out, while Navya was asleep. Soha thinks about hiding her with Navya’s blanket, then covers her face with a nearby lyng scarf. In the corridor, she takes Nandini to a store. Nandini’s bracelet fell down, Aaliya and Dhruv come there. Aaliya and Dhruv argued about it was Nandini’s fault.
Dhruv was about to open the store room’s gate, but Aaliya asks him to see in terrace.
Soha asks Nandini holding her face, how she thought about coming between her and Manik. She told her but she had to come between them. She takes a reel off and spreads it around her. She was talking to Nandini continuously, saying she isn’t going to leave her today.
Manik comes looking for Nandini. A peon passes by Nandini’s bracelet, takes it and goes on.
Soha says she knows everything, as she covers Nandini with the reel and sprinkles kerosene around her. She says these roll are highly inflammable, takes a match box but it doesn’t light. She goes to get another match box. She meets Manik in the corridor, he asks about Nandini. Soha says it doesn’t matter, she is here and can do whatever Nandini can. Manik gets enraged, takes her to a wall and says he will kill her. Soha says he will kill her, but Soha smiles saying if he kills her he will never know where Nandini is. He gets calm and asks where is she. Soha gets rid of herself and asks him to say I love you to her. He asks is she mad. Soha asks him to forgive Nandini, and heads to leave. Manik holds her back and says ok, he says I love you. She smiles and asks seriously, say it again. He says it again.
Soha touches him, he asks where is Nandini. She says how does it matter, now that he loves her. He shouts at her, then says she promised to tell him. She says he is so innocent, but is shocked to see someone on the other side and shouts how did she come out. When he looks there she pushes him and runs away.
Cabir and Mukti wait there, Mukti was shocked if Manik really loves Nandini. Cabir says he does, Mukti says they both are so different. Dhruv wants to ask Aaliya why she dislikes Nandini. Aaliya says she was right all along, he had feelings for Nandini and told her that she was insecure. It hurts, he says they will talk about it later.
Mukti asks Cabir how he can do so, Mukti was angry and says she never knows what is going on between them. Cabir says there were so many problems, they will discuss them some time.
Aaliya and Dhruv still talked, Aaliya says he cheated on her all along, he could have told her the truth. Dhruv says why is she so moved, she says she isn’t over reacted, she feels cheated. Dhruv says he as well, and he thinks she isn’t over Manik.
Manik regrets as Soha has run away, he tells himself to relax where she can go. She can’t take Nandini away. He watches the peon with the bracelet, and asks where he find it. The peon says he found it near old store room.
Soha runs to the store room, Nandini wasn’t there. She was standing with the help of a stand. Soha says she must sleep, this way she will feel very less pain. She doesn’t know what it burning, it is very painful. She must sit there, and lights a match stick. She calls Bye Nandini and drops the match stick, the fire spreads all around. Manik comes there and asks Nandini. Soha tells him she killed the villain of love story, Manik peeks at Nandini lying between the fire. He shouts her name.

PRECAP: Soha says she always knew he loves her, but Manik shouts I love Nandini. He wakes Nandini up, and holds her out of the fire.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. remix queen

    Yes dey will n the perf will rock…u shud have seen manik doesnt start the song till nandu is der…cabir starts n he says 1 min n walks aside…den goes runnin to her n asks whr were u stay here only ok…n den hes smilin n lukin at her wen hes singin n den she disappears n his eyes r searchin fr her…so awesome yaar

  2. Nutz

    Thnx shar n sana di fr ur quick update:-)
    bt tell me da first break, i think thy shw ads frm 6:45-7:00 so long, seemd nvr endng, i got tired of waitng at dat tym, will dis hppn again tmrw?

  3. Nutz

    Hi princess! Hw r u?
    Hi neha di ! Hw r u di? Di if u want u can see da rest update in 6th feb’s update pg, sharmin n sana di had gvn update der

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    Princess relax, nothng hppns to nandu, manik savs her n da best part, he takes nandu in his arm n yells at soha dat he lovs nandu !!! Yipee!

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    so now frm my side i did all i could to make u inderstand
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    nd yes u din tell me wht d hell i did yesterday
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    carron sis,,this site was introduced by my friend,i don’t watch kyy,guys we have better things to do than watching serials,first thing impressed me was her name,then her comments
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    but she seems short tempered! though its cute

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    Sam sry to say but fairy was r8 fr dat past few dys evn i cudn’t find da kyy family magic we had, remembr decembr n luk at us nw

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    Nice story bhai , write a book –

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    gio, u r quite different 4m other. I told u so much bt u did’t said anythng even u r much senior than me.

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    Its ur mind. Do wat ever u want. Only thng is that u talk politely. That u r dng.
    Don’t force her 2 luv.

  71. gio

    she is studying in international school,srilanka is a such a small island,,so how many will be thr

  72. Nutz

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  75. sam

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  76. sam

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    Vaishu shud ignore dos nonsense, no need fr her to feel depressd, it’s dat guy who needs to feel bad nt our vaishu

  91. Drama queen

    Arre nutz actually o vaishu Ke or past mine koreye dichhe….erokome kono senior emotionally nd mentally manipulated her….evn gv atohotya threats nd ora police cmpln kore tar jonno oke Sri Lanka chadte bolo!!!and she has to leave or babake..nd or khub chinta hochhe ki wat vil happen Jodi ir maa Jane Ki ekhame erokom hochhe

  92. Drama queen

    Hmmmmmmmm……hmmmmmmmmm…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….nw Sam will come probably………..hmmmmmmmmm.
    ……gotta mail carru

  93. Nutz