Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryaman is applying the deodorant and is practicing in the jam room Nandhani calls Aryaman to come as she wants to talk. Aryaman shouts saying that Madhiam blackmailed her and she is telling him after she got suspended, Nandhani just glances at him and then says that she got the phone number of the driver and the company from the file, Aryaman asks how was she ale to do it but she says that she saw and immideatly memorized it. Aryaman says that he should handle it because it is dangerous but she says that she can handle it. She asks him to try the number but it is out of range then Aryaman sys that he will use his dad’s contacts to help her and calls him.
Madhiam is sitting with the administration guy and asks him that what did Nandhani do in the days she was president and also gives

him some money after which the guy says that she was looking in the datd room for some files Madhiam then asks him to bring those files .
Naviya brings some tea for Dhruv and sys that he is looking good while smiling and he should be that way. Dhruv takes somepctures with Abir and there is a knock on the door and Naviya goes to check it followed by Mukti leaving then with open mouths.
Nandhani and Aryaman go to the transport company and aks him about the details of twenty seventh may but he refuses to give it to them. Aryaman tris to bribe hi but he sends them away and then calls Nyonika and says everything as to how Nandhani claimed to be the president of the space and wanted to look for the driver but he did not told them anything and made them leave.
Dhruv says to the police that there is nothing and it was only a misunderstanding. The police ask that did he post the dad but he says that he did not and studies with them. He asks Dhruv to leave and after this he asks them as to who the baby belogs to nd he doesnot believe Naviya when she says that she is his mother but he asks them to tell him as to who is the father of the oy.
Hshad arrives and asks Nyonika as to what the matter is and she says that she is fed up with Nandhani because she went to the transport company from where she hired the driver that night. She says that she never wanted to hurt Manik and just wanted to kill her but everything got wrong. Harshad asks her to relax but really feels happy now that Nyonika is suffering from tension. Nyonika says that she wants to live in peace. Harshad says that she will not be able to get way and will make her pay but he says that he does not want anything with her.
Aryaman meets a guy who says that he was amazed to see him so fresh and then Aryaman gives him a face wash and says that if he uses it he will also lok fresh.
Aryaman and Nandhani are sitting on the stairs and suddenly Madhiam comes and asks as to what is the problem with her and what does she need with the data files but Aryaman asks him to leave. A peon comes and says to Madhiam that Austad Mukesh is calling him in the room. He goes there and sits in the class he does not listen to the lecture but tries to make fun of hm. Another student makes fun of him and when Austad Mukesh leaves Madhiam pulls him down and says that never insult Austad Mukesh again.
Aryaman gets the details of the driver and they both take off to find the house upon reaching the house they question the guy but he makes an excuse and shuts the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What the??!!! Where’s d precap??!!!!!!!! I so wanted that!! I watched d half pracep! Till nandu says fab 3 that its nyonika behind that fab 5 banned thingy n dhruv says that they’ll fab 5 back n to that mukti says somethin idk..uske baad there ws thunder n lightening here so i switched the tv off!! Koi bolo kya hua uske baad!!!

  2. They’ll bring fab 5*

  3. didnt watch epi but i,m sure it must be good as alwayzzzzz πŸ™‚

  4. M really scared!! Wid da news that PS is coming back, all da fans r feeling lyk they r on da top of da wrld…..including me!!!! M damn
    happy wid da news n m really feeling lyk m lucky!!!! Coz I used to pray everyday that PS shud come back………….. N now my prayer’s been heard!!! PS is coming back!!


    Sum ppl……………they will bash parth…..??
    Lyk that standsa did!!!
    Coz wen yuvi came there was a lot of bashing n blaming going on……..n now I juz hope that nthin happens lyk that wid parth……..

  5. I think this driver knows about manik and he will be shown through this man.
    Hope Nandini will find out the truth behind the blast & Manik will be shown soon.

    Waiting for manik’s arrival!!!!!

    Yeahhhhhh…………… finally Parth is coming back…
    M sooooooooooo happy abt it!!!!

  6. @ Natasha, dear plz donn feel m blaming u …..itz juz sumthing I wanted to say coz my heart wanted…….

    Yesterday the things u told Minnie……..
    Dear, Minnie is really a very big fan of parth……..n u know wat, itz coz of her that I too became a true parthian!!
    The love,the respect I have towards parth is coz of her…….I mean of course itz his looks,his expressions that kill me………but it was Minnie coz of whom I know parth……….

    I juz mean to say that lyk u she too is a big fan of parth! Indeed a very big fan……..n she has proved it many tyms………….

    The way u replied her……..I felt was a little hurting…………u cud have explained her a lill more softly…..

    Plz donn feel embarrassed or lyk m insulting u…….itz not that………..

    Hope u understand me……

    1. Yeah I can understand. I didn’t know that she is really crazy about parth. So I say sorry to her in yesterday’s comment page. And i am again saying I am very sorry Minnie.

      1. Thank you sooooo much Natasha! M really grateful to u!!!
        Thanks a hundred tyms!!!!!??????????

  7. And heck! Hw n y did police land in mukti n navya’s apartment!! Im goin mad n irritated by reading this history…v cant evn write our own as v cant change d history!! Yeh war woh war!! Yuckkk!! But v cant study these n cn kno a whole song perfectly..spclly MaNan songs…i kno all d songs played on them…heheh…

  8. I read an article sometime minutes ago…it said k if parth returns and if things works out yuvi will b outta d show…wtf do they think?? Yuvi is a toy? A puppet?? Leave yuvi..any actor is a toy? Jab chaho usse phone karke bulao n jab chaho usse kehdo k ab tumhara koi use nai hai tum show chod do!! Am srsly pissed off on those shitty articles!! N our PH isnt that stupid! I hope!! I would love to watch manik n maddy’s tashans onscreen!! I love them lots! Its fun to watch it!! But even in d previous show(bff) i supported parth(prithvi)..yahan bhi i’ll support manik!! Heheh…yeh yuvian itna parthian kaise ban gayi…coz yuvi understands things vry well…he believes understanding of life n values are above evrythin in life!! It ws his 3 n half year old interview…abhi bhi he’s a vry good person n he’s grown as a person n as an actor!! Dont think that i kno him personally..i hope u all are smart enough to get that! But i would love to kno him personally!!!
    Okay enough of my “yuvi yuvi”…i better store fr 2mrrw in d exam hall…lol…okay bye gunnyt manan/parth drmzz all…me yuvi drmzz…ONLY ME! But yest i had a manan dream!

  9. Precap is niyonika is talking to a man. She tells him that you have to do my one work. Dhruv and nandini was talking about bring fab5. Mukti hears them. Nandini is in road talking to someone in her phone. The man who is called by niyonika is in the car and came to nandini by driving in full speed.

  10. shifa(shakira)

    manik come back.v.god news.kyy2 rockz

  11. Today’s episode was good but I’m waiting for parth to come as I’m also a big fan of him………so can’t wait & please show the repeat episode at 1 pm because I have to watch it……please it’s a humble request…

  12. I think parth started shooting. Waiting for manik’s entry. Plz come back soon parth.

  13. arey parth wapis araha hai? sachi? new boht achhi hai yr, i fell in luv with him when he went away from serial, i know its awkward, by the way prads hi how r u? if u r here na m saying plz cum back on fb instagram n emails, yr missing u plz yr, u r my lil sis i cant be happy without talking to u

    plz let me post this comment kyyrocks

  14. I found this on fb that parth didn’t stared shooting today… he will start next week today he gone there to meet everyone….
    Idk if it’s true or not…. but hope for the best fingers crossed

    1. Waise achha hai woh wapis araha hai, he’s so cute

  15. guyzzzzz the kyy fc at twitter will hav chat @ 4 oct any idea abt that wht is this koi mjhe b bta de πŸ™

  16. bsss baki pics kal good nyt

  17. I think precap is amazing. Waiting for tomorrow episode. But m don’t want that nandini get hurt. And parth waiting for you.

  18. Anuuuuu u came here today ?????
    In yesterday’s pg comment I asked bout u cuz I was missing u n see u came… !!I always see u in swaragini pg only… acha leave all this how are u?? Do u remember few days back someone claimed to be our vidhya?? Remember??? I think she was fakey…. what’d u think ??m asking cuz today I was rechreshing our moments our old happy days our bff funny talks punku’s jokes how much v used to have fun na?? Then our fare well party to vidhya ???who knew after that v all will be torn apart remember our journey started from ss then v all met rest of our group on swaragini n here only on kyy v bid adeau to sru ???dunno y m saying this ….just got emotional after reading our old chats on ss and swaragini… hope u see this anu

    Hope this comment will be posted pls

    1. oye prads me bhi to hun yahan pe
      plz let me post this kyy rocks

      1. Haan…..haan…..pumpkin! Tumhe hum kaise bhool sakte hai!!! Main chahun toh bhi nhi bhool sakti!!!
        Vaise m feeling hungry!! Pumpkin!!!!????

        Plz let me post this comment kyy rockzz!

      2. pradssss dont make me cry….i truly miss u guys πŸ˜₯

    2. Prads, dear how cud I not come ha?? Though mistakenly,sum1 hurted u………n I wud not come…………!!! It can juz never happen……got that????!!!

      N Natasha is a nyc n understanding girl…….so prads……..I think u shud talk to her…….see, she told u sorry……

      M very glad that her misunderstanding got cleared…..!!!

      M fyn sweetie!!! Yep I remember that person………even I think she was fakey……..coz if she wud be our vidya,she wud have mailed us or sent a message on watsapp……….n she didn’t even cum after that!

      N yes,how can I forget yaar!! Those sweet talks,sweet comments,sweet nok-jhok,n the way we used to support each other from fakers…………..


      Tu,I request u to plz post this comment of mine…….pleaseee!

  19. Punkuuuu!!!! ??????
    I Didn’t saw ur reply before cuz I was posting that ???comment na….!!! And after this i saw u here ??at least v are in touch…. was missing our group badly… ?
    I was okok but after u n anu came m first class ??now tell me how are u m sure u will in mehbeer world right..??btw how’s ur fc n ff going on….and I will na join other social sites after few days….pakka then we’ll chat a lot on insta n mails….

    Pls let me post this comment its important

    1. i m fine, my fc is going gud, or mehbeer to hotstar pe shift hogaya it doesnt cum on tv now but written updates shukar ate hain, hmm jaldi ana i know u will cum, n m super happy on parth cuming back πŸ™‚

    2. We will be waiting for u!!!! #eagerly!!


  20. i saw those old epis of kyy of fab5 singing this song:
    yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai, yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai, koi to to raazdar, begaraz tera ho yaar, lovely episodes yr, i wish i also had this type of frnd circle in real life πŸ™

    1. Haww punku… then what v are remember our group ???dost dost na raha ???

    2. I too feel the same when i see those epis

  21. Guys i stoped watching ΔΆYY2 as parth is not there.today i got a news that parth is coming back. hurry!!! am so happy and desided to watch the show.some one plz breaf the story of kyy2 till now for me…

    1. ab navya ka baby hogaya hai mukti or navya ek ghar me rehte hain nandini elections jeet k president bn’na chahti h or jan’na chahti hai k cabir or manik ki car blast me accident k liye kon responsible hai neonika ne nandu ko suspend krdia h 10 days k liye coz she was caught on checking the files, n navya is taunted very much on being an unmarried mom, there’s a new entry of maddy n he too wants to be a president n he sings that song yaaro dosti badi hi haseen h n also tries to sing in manik’s voice, rishab is becoming fine now

      1. Thanq sara…:) wat abt druv &alia and aaryaman waha kya kar raha hi? is he became a gud guy now?

  22. prads mera vo matlab nhi tha, u r my frnds but real life me hum mil he nh sakte πŸ™ so m totally alone in real life

    plz let me post this comment kyyrocks

    1. Haan na yaar!! Sab alag alag jagah rehte hai…..,…..??

  23. Atlast!!! Kuch toh chattin dekhne ko mila iss page pe!!!!!!!! Thank god!! Koi toh hai jo yahan apne doston k liye aate hai!!! Really happy reading d chat…
    I too miss my family a lot!!
    Wt the!!??? Nyonikaaaa!!!!!!! That b*t*h!! She’s so damn disgusting!! I doubt if there is any other woman like in this world!!!!!!!! Genuinely hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. i,m new memb of ur kyy rockz family na πŸ™‚

  24. Manik come faaaaaast……….

  25. Kyy2 awesome n all d commenters here superb…

  26. Dhruv n alia r sumtyms together n gets romantic, they have luv between them but they r not in relationship, n yes aryaman is a gud guy now @priya

    @prads at least v get to talk on social sites, miss u n I hope u cum soon on other sites

  27. Yeah pari…ur too sweet u kno… Good frnz frm now na?? As in frm 2-3 days??? But i miss my oldie family a lot!! U saw d comment na..of thursday WU..”aish” comment she ws an oldie…frm now v both r vry good frnz na pari??
    Awww rimi..thnx fr d compliment!
    Its yaariaan…

    1. yup gudy good frndz plumpzzzz πŸ™‚
      kyy rockz manan rockzzz

  28. Pari..okay intro…we’ve made our intro…okay…
    Im plumpyyy..nt my real name..its a name kept by my oldie frnd…frm karnataka..studying in class 10…wbu? Are u on IF??

    1. i,m mahe mehar maa frm pak
      i,m 14 years old and in 9 std
      u can call me mahe or pari as u like it πŸ™‚
      and yeah i,m mananian like u hehehehe

  29. Thnx fr ur wishes guyzzz!!! My last exam went well!!! I hope there’s no lightening n thunder 2day…coz i missed d police wala part yest…utne mein hi i ws grumbling…huh…2day i dont want to miss d epi…its gonna b thrilling!! Wooo…….im desperately waitin fr d epi!!!
    Shifa…is it raining or thundering in padubidri??

    1. ohhh so ur examzz finish na πŸ™‚
      kyy rockzzz

  30. Im sooo happyyyyy…my frnz didnt like yuvi b4…like they were okay okay sa wid him…bt they always bashed him(to irritate me) n i used to bash their favs…do toh they r parthians so i kept my mouth shut…baki toh atif aslam..ek doraemon..shinchan..abb..they r kyyians they r liking yuvi a lot!!! Yippieeee yuvi ka jaadu mere kaminey frnz pe chala!!!!!!!!!!! Love u yuvvvvvvvvrraaaajjjjjjjjjjj ttthhhaaaaakkkkkuuurrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. plumpzzzz that one for u

      yuvi rockzzzzz kyy rockzzzzz
      plzzzzz publish thissssssss pzzzzzzzz

  31. shifa(shakira)

    helo pinky.kyy2 rockz

  32. Parth c’ming back? So excited

  33. m here aftr so mny days.. gud epi bt wer z d precap? yuvi z gud bt m ok wid it if parth cms bck..

    1. I posted precap in my comment. Check that.

  34. shifa(shakira)

    thundering.how is u r exam?.kyy rockz

  35. shifa(shakira)

    anu r u with me.kyy2 rockz

  36. shifa(shakira)

    anu r u angry with me.kyy2 rockz

  37. SARAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed u soooo damn much!!!!!!!! Where were u huh? Cud nt come here huh? Busy in schl??? Hw’s 8th goin?? Hw’re u??? Kya chal raha hai??? Is d whatsapp grp of our family still there?? U watchin ky2s2 na?? Arre i missed u soo much!!! Mujhe humesha sana k name se fool banane wali!! Heheh…ur back n m sooooo happpyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Love u lots sara!!!

  38. Okaye mahe..i’ll call u mahe n pari both..heheh…okay so ur younger than me!! And and! Ur my another pakistani frnd!!! Great!! N thnxxx a ton for that cute n sweet gift!! Aww i love the headboy juno…juno boy…i ws giving that expression of him while writing d exm 2day…srsly…i just remembered that expression…n u gave that pic only!! Thnxzzz
    yepp…yuvi rockssss….kyy roxz…ky2s2 roxz

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